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Temporary Anchorage Devices Are More Effective in Preserving Orthodontic Anchorage Than Conventional Anchorage Devices For Treating Class I or II Malocclusion With Dentoalveolar Protrusion (CAT#3492)09/19/2022Octavio Garcia
Root Proximity is a Major Surgical Factor of Orthodontic Mini-Implant Failure. (CAT#3490)06/09/2022Susan Kim
Following Endodontic Microsurgery, It Is Unclear if Grafting Will Aid in Greater Reconstitution of the Cortical Plate (CAT#3472)12/09/2021Jon Hartley
Root Canal Treatment Is a Predictable and Successful Option for Patients with Cracked Teeth (CAT#3475)12/08/2021Nicholas Dybdal-Hargreaves, DDS, PhD
Retention of Periodontally Hopeless Teeth Has No Detrimental Effect on Adjacent Teeth When Periodontal Treatment Is Completed (CAT#3484)12/01/2021Ellen Piehl, DMD
Hydroxyapatite Toothpaste Is as Effective as Fluoride Toothpaste in Preventing the Development of Caries Lesions (CAT#3471)11/22/2021Thais Phillips, DDS
Insufficient Evidence Exists to Determine if Application of Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) to Deep Carious Lesions Provokes an Inflammatory Pulpal Response (CAT#3466)11/12/2021Zak James, DMD
Sealant Therapy, Along with Good Oral Hygiene Practices, Can Prevent the Formation of White Spot Lesions in Fixed Orthodontic Patients (CAT#3451)12/03/2020Simi Mathur, DDS
In Mature Necrotic Teeth, Apical Preparation <0.5 mm Results in Favorable Outcomes for Regenerative Endodontic Procedures (CAT#3458)12/03/2020Gautam Shirodkar, BDS MS
Lesion Sterilization and Tissue Repair (LSTR) Favors Pulpectomies when Preoperative Root Resorption Is Present (CAT#3457)11/30/2020Nima Moaven
Bioceramic Sealers Have Similar Success Rates to Nonbioceramic Sealers for Endodontic Cases treated with Nonsurgical Root Canal Therapy (CAT#3456)11/30/2020Ryan Raouf
Differential Attachment Mechanisms Of Oral Mucosa Onto Titanium Implants May Increase Susceptibility to Peri-Implantitis (CAT#3450)11/25/2020Mashael Al Thunayan
For a Patient Seeking Orthodontic Care, Stronger Shear Bond Strength (SBS) May Be Achieved by Not Bleaching the Teeth Before Bonding Brackets (CAT#3432)05/11/2020Paxton Short
The Altered Cast Impression Technique Does Not Offer Significant Advantages Over Conventional Single Impression Techniques (CAT#3431)05/02/2020Robert Stabio
Water Flossers Are More Effective in Reducing Gingival Bleeding Around Implants Than Conventional String Floss (CAT#3430)04/30/2020Aziz Saqr
Stability Is Improved When Lower Fixed Lingual Retainers Are Bonded to All Six Anterior Teeth (CAT#3427)01/25/2020Erin Kauffman
Vital Pulp Therapy using Bioceramic Materials Is a Treatment Option for Patients Presenting with Reversible or Irreversible Pulpitis (CAT#3417)12/16/2019Pei Wang
Autologous Platelet Concentrate Does Not Yield Greater Root Development After Regenerative Endodontic Treatment (CAT#3407)12/04/2019Panchali Patel, DDS
EndoSequence Root Repair Material Is Not Superior to Mineral Trioxide Aggregate as a Root-End Filling Material in Endodontic Microsurgery (CAT#3412)12/03/2019Arianne G. Buniag, DDS
Regenerative Endodontic Procedure in Mature Teeth with Closed Apices Is a Promising Treatment Option (CAT#3405)11/26/2019Ahmad Rayyan, BDS, DDS
The Hall Technique Has a Similar Rate of Effectiveness as Conventional Restorative Treatments in the Primary Dentition (CAT#3399)11/26/2019Cody W. Calame, DDS
Willems Is a Relatively Accurate Method of Dental Age Estimation as Compared to Demirjian (CAT#3391)11/22/2019Jayakumar Jayaraman, BDS, MDS, FDSRCS, PhD
In Primary Teeth with Deep Carious Lesions, Indirect Pulp Caps and Pulpotomies Are Acceptable Treatment Modalities with High Rates of Success (CAT#3393)10/31/2019Kirsten Fox, DDS
Canine Substitution and Prosthetic Replacement for Patients with Missing Permanent Maxillary Lateral Incisors Provide Satisfactory Long-Term Results (CAT#3371)03/18/2019Amber Clark
Applying Fluoride to Root Surfaces of Delayed Replanted Teeth May Reduce Resorption (CAT#3376)02/26/2019Amie Heim
Triple Antibiotic Solution Promotes Similar Antibacterial Effects as Calcium Hydroxide/2% Chlorhexidine When Used as an Intracanal Medicament (CAT#3361)11/20/2018Bracken G. Smith, DMD
Dental radiograph as an opportunistic screening tool for a colorectal cancer syndrome (CAT#3342)11/16/2018Camila Pacheco-Pereira
The GentleWave Procedure may serve as a useful adjunct to improved healing of periapical lesion (CAT#3357)11/13/2018Gary Benjamin, DMD
Endodontic Microsurgery (EMS) Has a Significantly Higher 4-Year Success Rate When Compared to Non-Surgical Endodontic Retreatment (CAT#3339)11/12/2018Andrea DuFour D.D.S
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) Plugs and Regenerative Endodontic Procedures Provide Equally Successful Outcomes for Patients with Necrotic Pulps in Immature Teeth (CAT#3356)11/12/2018Biraj Patel
The Socket-Shield Technique Might Improve the Clinical Outcome of Immediate Implants (CAT#3336)11/07/2018Amanda Morris, DMD
Cone Beam Computed Tomography Has Greater Diagnostic Value for Evaluating Maxillary Impacted Canines Than Conventional Radiography. (CAT#3347)11/02/2018Laith Abu Qdais
Vital Tooth Bleaching Is Considered Safe for Pediatric Patients (CAT#3324)09/18/2018MATTHEW CARRAWAY
The Periodontal Ligament (PDL) Injection for Anesthesia of Primary Mandibular Teeth is Less Traumatic and as Effective as the Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block (IANB) Injection (CAT#3326)09/13/2018Dona Taherizadegan
Sealants and re-sealings are recommended for Molar Incisor Hypo-mineralized (MIH) teeth especially when applied using 5th generation adhesive systems. (CAT#3325)09/06/2018Nessa Pathiyil DDS
Dentin Bonding Agents Can Be Used to Reduce the Amount of Tooth Discoloration From a MTA Pulpotomy (CAT#3329)09/05/2018Badi Misaqi, DDS
Papacarie is More Effective in Removing Caries in the Primary Dentition and Results in Less Pain Perception by the Patient (CAT#3323)08/22/2018Alaa Al Jameel, BDS
Findings Are Inconclusive as to Association Between Implants and Development of Vertical Root Fractures in Adjacent Teeth (CAT#3315)07/19/2018André T. Jones
Smear Layer Removal Improves Treatment Outcome in Pulpectomy of Primary Teeth and Seondary RCT (Retreatment) of Permanent Teeth (CAT#3316)04/25/2018Hossein Zarezadeh
Silver Diamine Fluoride Therapy Provides More Relief From Dentin Hypersensitivity When Compared to Traditional Desensitizing Agents (CAT#3309)02/07/2018Amir Pirzadeh
Zirconia Crowns Are Less Abrasive on Opposing Enamel Compared to Metal-Ceramic Crowns (CAT#3310)02/07/2018Shayda Sarrami
In Patients With Progressing Periodontal Disease, Occlusal Adjustments Do Not Contribute Significantly to Treatment Outcomes (CAT#3277)12/11/2017Jenna Hyer
Clear aligners Successfully Treat Patients with Open Bites (CAT#3304)12/11/2017Sana Banday
The presence of different irrigants in the root canal system can affect working length determination during root canal treatment. (CAT#3301)12/11/2017Sukhpreet Sandhu, DDS
Early Prediction of Maxillary Canine Impaction is Possible in Panoramic Radiographs by Using Geometric Measurements and Sectors (CAT#3297)12/11/2017Corbin Clifton, D.D.S
Vital Pulp Therapy for Adult Patients with Deep Carious Lesions Is a Viable Short-Term Alternative to Root Canal Therapy (CAT#3280)11/20/2017Julie A Anderson
Splinting of an avulsed tooth with a mature apex is recommended for no more than 14 days to facilitate periodontal healing (CAT#3288)11/16/2017Tyler Hawkins, DMD
Regenerative Endodontics Shows Promise for Treatment of Mature Permanent Teeth With Periapical Pathology (CAT#3286)11/15/2017Theodore Young Tutwiler
Pre-pasted flash-free orthodontic brackets reduce bonding time and the need to remove excess adhesive compared to conventional orthodontic brackets and bonding techniques. (CAT#3290)11/14/2017Wesley Gass, D.M.D.
Presence of an Isthmus Decreases the Success Rate of Surgically Treated Molars (CAT#3282)11/13/2017Ahmed Alelyani
Dental water jets have not been demonstrated to be more effective than floss at removing interproximal plaque. (CAT#3279)10/31/2017Hillary Key
Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Is Not Indicated as a Routine Replacement or Adjunct to Intraoral Full-Mouth Series Radiographs in the Diagnosis and Management of Periodontitis (CAT#3274)10/16/2017Dr. Michael S. Luna
iPhone Applications Can Increase Oral Hygiene Compliance in Adolescents (CAT#3258)08/04/2017Radhika Singh
Using Platelet Rich Fibrin Following Surgical Extraction of Third Molars Reduces Incidence of Alveolar Osteitis and Promotes Soft Tissue Healing (CAT#3253)05/18/2017Josue Vega
Gutta-Percha on a Plastic or Metal Carrier Lowers Success of Post Space Preparation (CAT#3232)05/18/2017Robert Hermann
Resin Infiltration of White Spot Lesions is a Minimally Invasive Treatment to Improve Esthetic Appearance (CAT#3213)05/02/2017Dori Kohler
Antibiotics Do Not Lower Pain or Infection with Acute Apical Abscess (CAT#3216)04/29/2017Penny Wong
Vitamin D and Calcium Supplementation Along with Oral Hygiene Show Positive Affect on Periodontal Health (CAT#3161)04/26/2017Samantha Champion
There is Significant Difference in Pain Perception Between Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block Technique Compared with Vazirani-Akinosi Technique (CAT#3241)04/26/2017Mariyam Shah
Mandibular Advancement Appliances Used in Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment for Mandibular Recessive Class II Patients Increase the Pharyngeal Airway (CAT#3186)04/21/2017Brent Collins
Best to Delay Implant Treatment in Pediatric Patients Until Skeletal Maturity Is Complete (CAT#3170)04/13/2017Kirsten Fox
Nonsurgical Root Canal Treatment Is an Appropriate Alternative to Extraction in Patients with BRONJ and/or on Bisphosphonate Therapy (CAT#3220)04/10/2017Andre Jones
Piezocision-Assisted Orthodontic Treatment May Increase Root Resorption (CAT#3160)04/05/2017Alexander Harris
Root Surface Application of Bisphosphonates Reduces Root Resorption of Implanted Teeth (CAT#3174)04/03/2017Thomas Nguyen
Laser-Assisted Endodontic Debridement Does Not Improve Healing Compared to Conventional Endodontic Disinfection for Patients With Pulpal Necrosis and Apical Periodontitis (CAT#3200)03/31/2017Nicholas Dybdal-Hargreaves
Prophylactic Extraction of Deciduous Maxillary Canines May Be an Effective Interceptive Treatment Option for Successful Eruption of Palatally Displaced Maxillary Permanent Canines (CAT#3191)03/31/2017Samantha Sackos
PTSD Is a Risk Factor for the Development of TMD and a Decline in Oral Health Conditions (CAT#3189)03/29/2017Bolivia Hurtado De Mendoza
Wire and Bracket Combination Can Influence the Efficiency and Consistency of Orthodontic Therapy While Minimizing Pain (CAT#3184)03/28/2017Wesley Cooksey
The Use of Laser Irradiation in Adjunct with Calcium Hydroxide Treatment of Direct Pulp Capping Procedures Leads to Higher Success Rates than Calcium Hydroxide Alone (CAT#3149)03/23/2017Taylor Kauffman
For Postmortem Identification of Incinerated Remains, Amalgam Is More Resistant to Morphological Change when Compared to Resin Composites (CAT#3144)03/23/2017Heather Burbick
Prefabricated Zirconia Crowns Are More Retentive When Compared to Stainless Steel Crowns in the Anterior Primary Dentition (CAT#3158)03/21/2017Jordan Ardoin
A Fixed Dental Prosthesis Supported by a Combination of Implant and Natural Tooth Abutments May Have a Lower Success Rate Than That of a Fixed Dental Prostheses Supported By Only Implants, But It May Be Used as a Secondary Option (CAT#3162)03/20/2017Jake Malone
Contrary to Popular Belief, Consumption of Mineral Waters Does Possess an Erosive Potential, Although Less Than That of Soft Drink Beverages (CAT#3146)03/16/2017Anthony Q. Nguyen
Chlorohexidine Is Effective at Decreasing Postoperative Pain After Root Canal Therapy in Teeth with Pulpal Necrosis (CAT#3143)03/16/2017Erin Kauffman
Treating Early Smooth Surface Caries with Resin Infiltrate in Conjunction with Fluoride Treatment Is an Effective Method to Prevent Caries Progression (CAT#3141)03/15/2017Shanta Veeramachaneni
Ovate Pontics Shape the Soft Tissue Emergence Profile of Anterior Extraction Sites (CAT#3134)03/06/2017Wendi Parks
Eating Disorders Negatively Impact Oral Health (CAT#3097)02/22/2017Anavel Trevino
Extraction Patients Who Receive Additional Postoperative Information on Drug Disposal Programs Are More Likely to Dispose of Unused Opioid Pills (CAT#3131)01/03/2017Joel Elizondo
Chlorhexidine (CHX) May Improve Bond Longevity and Reduce Failure of Resin Composites (CAT#3128)12/28/2016Daniel Yates, MS
Triazolam Does Not Affect the Success Rate of an Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block (IANB) (CAT#3125)12/01/2016Saeed Bayat Movahed, DDS
Orthodontic Treatment of Incisors with Resorbed Roots due to Impacted Canines Has a Good Prognosis (CAT#3123)11/21/2016Megan Laughinghouse, DDS
Chewing Sugar-Free Gum May Reduce Orthodontic Pain Associated With Fixed Appliances (CAT#3121)11/21/2016Calvin Tardy, DDS
Clear Removable Aligners Cause Similar Rates of Orthodontically Induced External Apical Root Resorption Compared to Conventional Fixed Orthodontic Treatment (CAT#3124)11/21/2016Hala Alsalman, BDS
CBCT Appears To Be More Accurate than Intraoral Radiographs in Detecting Artificially Created Recurrent Caries (CAT#3112)11/21/2016Nada Kordab, DDS
Long-Term Use of Triclosan in Dentifrice Does Not Develop Oral Bacterial Resistance for Patients with Periodontal Disease (CAT#3098)11/15/2016Maylee Figueroa Rodriguez
Regenerative Endodontic Procedures Increase Both Root Length and Width of Necrotic Immature Permanent Teeth Compared to MTA Apexification (CAT#3103)11/14/2016Jenny Sun, DDS
Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Provides Greater Accuracy Than Conventional Periapical Radiographs in Detecting Periapical Lesions in Patients with Vital Teeth (CAT#3111)11/10/2016Koyo Takimoto, DDS
Osteogenic Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy Shows Potential to Regenerate Dental Tissues for Whole Tooth Replacement (CAT#3108)11/10/2016Hee Sun Kim, DDS
Splinting of Mobile Teeth Improves Outcomes in Guided Tissue Regeneration (CAT#3100)11/01/2016Kyle Trobough, DDS
Coronal Pulpotomy Can Be an Effective Alternative to Conventional Root Canal Treatment (CAT#3044)04/29/2016Octavio Garcia, MD
Lingual Orthodontic Treatment with Lingual Brackets Results in Fewer White Spot Lesions (WSLs) than Conventional Orthodontic Treatment with Buccal Brackets (CAT#3018)04/26/2016Bradley Leiker, II
Coffee May Have Beneficial Effects on the Periodontal Health of Adults (CAT#3051)04/26/2016Tao Zhou
Methamphetamine Use Is Associated with a Greater Incidence of Dental Caries (CAT#3072)04/13/2016Christopher Gibson
When Maintenance of Two Remaining Contralateral Mandibular Teeth Is Possible, Patients Report High Satisfaction with Tooth-Supported Direct Abutment Overdentures and Moderate Satisfaction with Removable Partial Dentures (CAT#3047)04/13/2016Arden Holbein
In Conjunction With Zirconia Restorations, Resin Cements Exhibit Superior Qualities in Comparison to Other Luting Agents (CAT#3022)04/12/2016Lauren Melendez
Tooth Loss Is More Prevalent in Adults with Major Depressive Disorder (CAT#3054)04/04/2016Omar Salinas
Dental Crowding as a Risk Factor for Caries Is Yet To Be Established Due to Insufficient and Contradictory Evidence (CAT#3064)04/01/2016Melody Tenorio
In Patients with Chronic Periodontitis, Scaling and Root Planing with the Adjunctive Use of Ozonized Water Subgingival Irrigation Is More Effective in Improving Clinical And Microbiological Parameters than Scaling and Root Planing Alone (CAT#3056)03/31/2016Emily Lao
Implant Restorations Have a Probability of Developing an Open Mesial and Distal Contact That Can Be Detected 1 Month to 12 Years After Placement (CAT#3004)03/29/2016Chris Schuchart
Children With Caries In Their Primary Dentition Pose a Higher Risk of Developing Caries In Their Permanent Dentition (CAT#3035)03/29/2016Holly Ardoin
Clear Aligners are Effective in Controlling Some Orthodontic Tooth Movement (CAT#3078)03/23/2016Reuel McIntyre
In A Xerostomic Patient, Fluoride-Releasing Restorative Materials Are More Successful At Preventing Future Secondary Caries Than Amalgam, Unless The Patient Has Good Oral Hygiene That Includes Daily Fluoride Gel Application, Making Both Fluoride-Releasing and Non-Fluoride-Releasing Materials Comparable (CAT#3032)03/22/2016Alexis Keaton
Arginine-Fluoride Dentifrice Is More Effective Than Standard Fluoride Dentifrice In Preventing Dental Caries In Children At Risk Of Caries (CAT#3068)03/22/2016Eliana Melendez
Inconclusive Evidence Supporting a Significant Correlation Between Periodontal Disease and Tooth Loss with Esophageal Cancer Risk (CAT#3057)03/15/2016Tyler Orn
Molar Intrusion Using Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) Is a Viable Option for Closing Anterior Open Bites (CAT#2993)03/14/2016Adam Solomon
For Patients Who Receive A Mandibular Posterior Implant Restoration, A Higher Incidence of Loss of Proximal Contact Between Implant Restoration And Adjacent Natural Tooth Was Observed (CAT#3038)03/13/2016Ariel Marder
Regenerative Endodontic Procedures and Apexification Procedures are Viable Options for Treating Immature Teeth with Pulpal Necrosis (CAT#3042)03/13/2016Rose Duong
Effectiveness of Clear Aligners at Controlling Minor Anterior Intrusions is Comparable to Straight Wire Orthodontics (CAT#3033)03/12/2016Jason Poon
Pulse Oximetry Testing in Primary Teeth Seems to be as Accurate as Electric Pulp Testing (CAT#3034)03/12/2016Shravik Sethi
Simple Maxillary Teeth Extractions Can Be Successfully Performed Without Including a Palatal Injection (CAT#3007)03/11/2016Christian Lopez
Removal of Anterior Lingual Retention Causes Relapse in Post Orthodontic Treated Patients (CAT#3014)03/10/2016Patrick VanCura
Continuous Force Application Leads to More Root Resorption Than Intermittent Force Application in Adolescent Orthodontic Patients (CAT#2984)02/29/2016Maxwell Oldham
Biomechanical Preparation of the Canal Space is Unnecessary with Pulpal Regeneration Therapy (CAT#2916)12/31/2015Maryhen Arrieta
Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) Supported Pontics Prevent Bone Resorption in Young Growing Patients with Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors (CAT#2964)12/10/2015Michael Schulte
Survival of Implant Supported Crowns is Significantly Higher Than That of Intentionally Replanted Teeth (CAT#2965)12/08/2015Hayrapet Sahakyants
Removing The Smear Layer With MTAD During Endodontic Treatment improves The Apical Seal (CAT#2966)12/08/2015Ahmad Al-Salman
Root Canal Therapy on Infected Teeth Can Be Done In Single And Multiple-Visits With No Significant Difference In Post-Operative Pain Or In Healing Rate (CAT#2915)11/24/2015Constance Quintero
Use of MTA Over Geristore for Repair of Teeth with Furcal Perforations (CAT#2908)11/18/2015Nidhi Kotak, DDS
Fluoride Reduces Dental Erosion (CAT#2933)11/12/2015Elizabeth Allinson, DDS
Guided Tissue Regeneration Techniques May Be Beneficial in Improving Outcomes of Surgical Endodontic Treatment of Large, Through-and-Through Periapical Lesions (CAT#2939)11/02/2015Mathew Dennison, DDS
Endodontic Re-Surgery Results in Success Rates That Are Similar to Initial Surgical Intervention When Modern Methods and Materials Are Utilized (CAT#2959)11/02/2015Darrell M. Curtis, DDS
Transplanting Teeth with An Apical Foramen Size of 1mm Allows Revascularization (CAT#2919)10/28/2015Michael Schulte
Irrigation Devices Used in Endodontics such as EndoVac and EndoActivator Result in More Efficient Removal of the Smear Layer in the Root Canal System (CAT#2957)10/22/2015Lara Henderson, DDS
Risk of Failure for Fiber-Reinforced Resin Post and Cores Is Higher With Lack of Coronal Walls than With No Ferrule (CAT#2945)10/22/2015William Slack, DDS
CBCT and CT Allow Identification of the Posterior Superior Alveolar Artery (PSAA) Canal, but Whether This Identification Alters Dental Implant-Related Treatment Planning and/or Treatment Outcome Is Uncertain (CAT#2941)10/22/2015Lea Al Matny, DDS
Buffered Lidocaine Does Not Improve the Inferior Alveolar Block Success For Mandibular Posterior Teeth With Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis (CAT#2946)10/16/2015Ruchika Joon, DDS
Pre-Treatment of Enamel With Fluoride Prior To Orthodontic Bracket Placement Can Lower The Shear Bond Strength (CAT#2932)10/15/2015Shadzi Jebraeili, DDS
Silver Diamine Fluoride May Be Better Than Sodium Fluoride Varnish In Arresting and Preventing Cavitated Caries Lesions (CAT#2924)10/13/2015Shahad Abudawood, DDS
Diabetes Mellitus is Associated With Significant Reduction of The Success Rate of Endodontic Treatment of Teeth with Periradicular Lesions (CAT#2913)09/26/2015Hayrapet Sahakyants
Use of An Electronic Apex Locator May Lead To Significant Overestimation in Working Length During Endodontic Retreatment (CAT#2914)08/20/2015Robert J. Loftus
The Interaction of Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Two Commonly Used Endodontic Irrigants, Forms a Potentially Harmful Precipitate That Causes Obliteration of the Dentinal Tubules and Discoloration of the Root Canal System (CAT#2907)06/29/2015David Quaid Faltys
Polyphenols in Green Tea and Coffee Show Anti-Carious Effects (CAT#2837)04/16/2015Mimi Law
Patients Suffering from Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) Symptoms Are Found to Have More Non-Functional Tooth Contact than Otherwise Healthy Individuals (CAT#2865)04/09/2015Natasha Impink-Hernandez
Adenoidectomy and/or Tonsillectomy has a Beneficial Role on Occlusion of Permanent Dentition in Preadolescent Children with Hypertrophic Adenoids and/or Tonsils (CAT#2895)04/03/2015Suzette D. Laing
Wind Instrument Playing is Not a Major Etiologic Factor in the Occurrence of Malocclusion (CAT#2862)03/31/2015Lauren Flynn
Periodontal Therapy on HIV Patients Undergoing HAART May Provide Slight Benefit in Periodontal Health (CAT#2849)03/31/2015Mariam Ahmad
In Pediatric Patients, Use of Removable Orthodontic Appliances May Lead to an Increased Risk of Dental Caries (CAT#2816)03/30/2015Beatriz E. Fortanely
Root Canal Therapy Within 14 Days of Replantating an Avulsed Tooth Reduces Likelihood of Root Resorption (CAT#2860)03/30/2015Devon Fulbright
Most Herbal and Citrus Fruit Teas Have a Low Erosive Potential (CAT#2863)03/27/2015Byan Zaidan
Success Rate of Single Molar Implants is Similar to Root Resections in Patient with Furcated Molars (CAT#2876)03/25/2015Vincent Hsu
Large Anterior Overjet Increases Risk of Traumatic Dental Injury (CAT#2854)03/24/2015Austin Paul Farmer
A Biopsy Is Necessary to Distinguish Pathological Findings Around Impacted Third Molars (CAT#2809)03/17/2015Kristin Goodwin
Ferric Sulfate Provides the Same Clinical and Radiographic Results as Formocresol When Used for Primary Tooth Pulpotomies (CAT#2819)03/17/2015Kim Do
Sugar Substitutes May Reduce Tooth Demineralization in High Caries Patients (CAT#2817)03/17/2015Huy Le
Preemptive Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs May Increase the Success Rate of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Blocks in Mandibular Posterior Teeth with Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis (CAT#2807)02/25/2015Gary Middleton
Silorane-Based Composite Resin Bonding System Is More Resistant to Chemical and Enzymatic Degradation In Vitro than Traditional Methacrylate System (CAT#2795)12/11/2014Stephen Lambert, DDS
Endodontic Microsurgery has Higher Success Rate Than Traditional Endodontic Surgery (CAT#2798)12/07/2014Priyanka Joshi
Composite Resin with an Epoxy-Based Monomer System May be less Susceptible to Failure Than Traditional Methacrylate-Based Resins (CAT#2794)12/02/2014Wesley Shute, DDS
Rubber Dam Usage Increases Success When Placing Prefabricated Posts in Endodontic Treated Teeth (CAT#2777)11/25/2014Lilley Gharavi, DMD
Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) with Voxels < 0.2 mm3 have Superior Sensitivity to Diagnose Vertical Root Fractures, Despite No Greater Specificity than Periapical Radiography (CAT#2779)11/20/2014Jeffrey M. Adcock, DDS
Full Cuspal Coverage Restorations Improve the Long-Term Survivability of Endodontically Treated Posterior Teeth (CAT#2782)11/19/2014Kelly Ramey, DDS
Immediate Post Space Preparation Leads to Less Micro-leakage in the Root Canal System Compared to Delayed Post Placement (CAT#2773)11/18/2014Petrina Gerogianni, DDS
Biodentine is an Effective Alternative to Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) in Pulp Capping and Direct Pulp Capping Procedures (CAT#2778)11/18/2014Brandon Pitcher, DDS
Periodic Application of 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish is Effective in Reducing Root Caries (CAT#2767)09/16/2014Janet Garcia
Two-Visit and One-Visit Endodontic Treatments for Necrotic Teeth with Apical Periodontitis Have Similar Success Rates (CAT#2755)08/18/2014Ryan Gonzales
Laser Doppler Flowmetry and Pulse Oximetry are the Most Accurate Pulp Vitality Test after Trauma (CAT#2751)08/09/2014Emese Tokos
Insufficient Evidence Supporting the Efficacy of Intentional Replantation as a Modality of Endodontic Retreatment Over Extraction and Implant Placement (CAT#2750)07/23/2014Amana Farrkh
Laser Use Reduces Post-Endodontic Re-Treatment Pain and Neuropeptide Production in Patients with Symptomatic Apical Periodontitis (CAT#2756)07/21/2014Shauna Jones
Oil Pulling as an Effective Adjunct to Brushing in Reducing Plaque-Induced Gingivitis (CAT#2754)07/21/2014Jeffrey Holt
Traumatized Anterior Tooth with Pulpal Calcification Can Be Treated with an Esthetic Restoration and Radiographic Follow-Up (CAT#2747)07/10/2014Leigh Veilleux
Cast Posts Provide Higher Fracture Resistance Than Fiber Posts, but Greater Risk of a Non-Restorable Outcome (CAT#2742)06/25/2014Mohammad M. AlJameel
The Use of Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Liners Does Not Significantly Reduce Dentinal Hypersensitivity (CAT#2727)05/13/2014Daniel Beruvides
No Increased Risk of Root Resorption of Endodontically Treated Teeth During Orthodontic Treatment (CAT#2714)05/09/2014Cameron Lamb
No Significant Difference in Relapse of Anterior Crowding in Class I and Class II Malocclusions Treated with or without Premolar Extractions and Retained with Hawley Retainers (CAT#2706)04/09/2014Mylinh Duong
Motor Driven Instrumentation Causes Dentinal Cracking (CAT#2712)04/06/2014Ethelyn Thomason, DMD
Limited Evidence to Support the Use of Tooth-Colored Bonded Restorative Materials as Replacements for Stainless Steel Crowns (SSCs) After Pulpotomies on Primary Molars (CAT#2694)04/03/2014Atish K. Patel
Tooth Surface Loss in People with Gastroesophgeal Reflux Disease is Much Greater Than Those Without This Disorder (CAT#2679)04/03/2014Catherine Garza
Orthodontic Retention with Fixed Mandibular Retainers is not Detrimental to Periodontal Health in Patients with Good Oral Hygiene (CAT#2696)04/02/2014Linh Quach
Dental Anxiety in Adult and Child Population is Positively Correlated with Tooth Decay (CAT#2699)04/01/2014Scott Fischbuch
Comparing "Streptococci" DNA on the Salivary Residue of a Bite Mark with That From a Suspect’s Teeth Could Possibly Be an Option to Identifying the Biter Within Reasonable Certainty (CAT#2651)03/31/2014Jaime R. Gomez, II
Regular Toothbrushes are Better Than Finger Toothbrushes for the Removal of Plaque Throughout the Complete Primary Dentition (CAT#2496)03/31/2014Jennifer Rosales
A New Prosthesis Alone May Not Improve a Patient's Nutritional Status (CAT#2671)03/27/2014Charles Majdalani
For Healthy Patients with an Asymptomatic Tooth Fracture Limited to the Enamel, There Is a Lack of Evidence to Suggest That Placing a Full-Coverage Restoration Upon First Observation Is More Effective at Increasing the 10-year Prognosis of the Tooth Than Waiting Until Symptoms Develop (CAT#2698)03/27/2014Susie DeKoch
Dental Caries Prevalence is not Significantly Higher in Autistic Children Compared to Non-Autistic Children (CAT#2693)03/26/2014Bridget Espanol
Which Implant Overdenture has a Better Prognosis in Edentulous Maxilla: 4 Implant or 6 Implant Supported Overdenture? (CAT#2692)03/24/2014Brad Seddighzadeh
In An Immature Tooth With Pulpal Necrosis, Regenerative Endodontics and MTA Apexification Methods Are Viable Treatment Options (CAT#2662)03/22/2014Pooja Sukumar
Fortification of Juices with Calcium Helps Decrease the Risk of Dental Erosion (CAT#2663)03/17/2014Tanvi G. Patel
Risk of Severe Apical Root Resorption During Active Phase of Orthodontic Treatment Can be Predicted (CAT#2705)03/14/2014Hooman Abdolisereshki
In a Healthy Adult, The Incomplete Removal of Caries When Compared to The Complete Removal of Caries May Result in Reduced Fracture Resistance of Restored Posterior Teeth (CAT#2675)03/13/2014Aida Ghazvini
In a Patient Requiring Endodontic Therapy, The use of N2-Sargenti Paste Proves to be Much More Cytotoxic in Comparison with Other Endodontic Sealers (CAT#2676)03/13/2014Elan Lee
For Patients with Pulp Necrosis of Immature Permanent Teeth, Revascularization is More Effective Than Ca(OH)2 or MTA Apexification in Increasing Root Length and Width as Well as Improving Overall Survival Rates (CAT#2677)03/13/2014Taj Ibrik
Laser-Activated Irrigation is More Effective Than Traditional Irrigation at Removing Endodontal Bacterial Colonies (CAT#2666)03/12/2014Ramon Ray
Resin Composite Restorations May be Promising Esthetic Alternatives to Stainless Steel Crowns in Pulpotomized Primary Molars (CAT#2691)03/12/2014Roger Flippen
Unsealed Mandibular Premolars are Less Susceptible to Occlusal Caries Than Unsealed Permanent Posterior Teeth (CAT#2670)03/11/2014Andrea Bakke
Presence of Periodontal Disease in Pregnant Women Increases the Risk of Developing Preeclampsia (CAT#2704)03/08/2014Artesha Porter
A Partial Pulpotomy is an Effective Treatment for patients with Complicated Crown Fractures (CCFs) of Young Permanent Incisors (CAT#2674)03/06/2014Benjamin Hanks
Energy Drinks Cause Enamel Erosion at Much Higher Degrees Than Other Drink Options (CAT#2659)03/03/2014Alisha Hernandez
Flowable Resin Composites Reduce Microleakage When Applied As a Liner (CAT#2634)02/26/2014Courtney Schwind
Direct Resin Composite Restorations on Posterior Teeth Requiring Cusp Replacement Have a Similar Success Rate to Indirect Resin Composite Restorations (CAT#2642)02/25/2014Adam Furman
Laser Activated Teeth Whitening Systems May Cause a Greater Rise in Intrapulpal Temperature Compared to Other Heat-Activated Bleaching Techniques, Potentially Resulting in Pulpal Damage (CAT#2638)02/24/2014Katarzyna Szozda
Perceived Oral Quality of Life Predicts Nutritional Status in the Elderly (CAT#2610)02/23/2014Steven Reed
For Patients Requiring Posterior Class II Restorations with Gingival Terminations in Dentin, Glass Ionomer Provides Superior Marginal Adaptation Compared to Resin-based Composite (CAT#2597)11/08/2013Helen Oboro-Onuora
Coronectomy of 3rd Molars is Associated with Less Inferior Alveolar Nerve Damage Than Complete Tooth Extraction, When Potential Nerve Complications are Present (CAT#2596)10/31/2013Andrew Newman
Die Accuracy is Similar for Full-Arch Custom Impression Trays and Dual Arch Plastic Trays for Single Tooth Fixed Restorations (CAT#2591)09/24/2013Marina Protopopova
Cone Beam Computed Tomography is accurate in identifying multiple canals in the mesiobuccal root of maxillary molars. (CAT#2514)08/18/2013James Cullen, DDS
Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) can be useful in diagnosing Horizontal Root Fracture (HRF) (CAT#2524)08/13/2013Ali Alaqla, BDS
Patients with Cracked Tooth Syndrome, The Bite Test is Not Conclusively More Effective Than Transillumination in Diagnosing Tooth Fractures (CAT#2548)08/07/2013Tim C. Tran
Logicon Caries DetectorTM (a computer-assisted caries diagnostic tool) may provide improved sensitivity for detection of caries that extends into dentin. (CAT#2531)08/07/2013Martina Parrone
Pilot Data Suggests Use of Ultrasound Will Be Effective in Diagnosis of Incomplete Crown Fracture in The Future (CAT#2551)08/06/2013Dionte R. Moncrief
Electrical Pulp Testing Has Not Been Shown to Be Superior to Cold Test in Diagnosing Pulp Vitality (CAT#2533)08/05/2013Sara Fayazi, DDS
When Placing Implant Crowns, Both Metal and Ceramic Abutments Provide Excellent Functional and Esthetic Service (CAT#2519)08/03/2013James Moore
Patients Suffering From Dental Trauma May Have Altered Responses to Vitality Tests and Extended Follow up is Recommended (CAT#2530)08/01/2013James Ball
Apex Locator Gives Similar Results as Periapical Radiograph for Working Length Determination in Endodontic Treatment (CAT#2539)08/01/2013Wan Zaripah Wan Bakar
Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) Can be An Adjunct in Diagnosing Anklyosis in The Primary Dentition (CAT#2517)07/31/2013Jeremiah Whetman
Fluoride Retention Greater if no Post Brushing Water Rinsing Routine is Used (CAT#2493)07/25/2013Amelia Stoker
Whitening at Home: Strips vs Gels (CAT#2510)07/22/2013Elizabeth Ann McElhinney
Longitudinal Efficacy of At-Home Teeth Whitening Systems (CAT#2500)07/08/2013Crystal Kelso
Esthetic Perception of Direct Composite Veneers are Preferred over Porcelain Veneers (CAT#2478)05/07/2013Danny Sluyk
Individuals Suffering From Diabetes Are More Susceptible to Root Caries But Not Coronal Caries Compared to Those Without Diabetes (CAT#2483)05/07/2013Sana Khimani
Fissure Sealants Arrest Caries Progression in The Primary Dentition With Non-Cavitated Occlusal Caries (CAT#2451)04/08/2013Brian Benito
Lithium Disilicate Porcelain Is Weaker Than Zirconia When Comparing Fracture Toughness Of Dental Crowns (CAT#2417)04/01/2013Michael Salas
Limited Evidence to Support The Concept That The I-Bar Clasp Partial Removable Dental Prosthesis (PRDP) For Kennedy Class I and II Conditions Is Clinically More Effective Than The Circumferential Clasp Design (CAT#2472)03/27/2013Walter C. Daniels, DMD
In Adult Patients, Diabetes Mellitus Type II may be an Influence in the Success of Root Canal Treated Teeth (CAT#2421)03/27/2013Mayra Fuentes
Pulp Testing May Demonstrate Pulp Vitality Effectively In Patients With Full Coverage Restorations (CAT#2375)03/18/2013Mary Grace Camp
Does Dycal Stimulate Secondary Dentin Formation More Efficiently When Compared To Ultrablend Plus When Treating A Direct Pulp Exposure (CAT#2428)03/15/2013Brenda Rodriguez
Whitening Mouth Rinse Is More Effective At Tooth Whitening Than Whitening Toothpaste (CAT#2368)03/08/2013Susannah Payne
In-Vitro Evidence Shows That Milk May Be A Better Medium Than Coconut Water for Storage of Avulsed Teeth When Immediate Re-implantation Is Not An Option (CAT#2389)03/07/2013Sheela Farooque
Antibiotics Help Improve The Clinical Outcome of Non-Surgical Therapy (Scaling and Root Planing [SRP]) in The Treatment of Periodontitis in Smokers (CAT#2458)03/07/2013Vy Pham
Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution is a Better Interim Medium than Milk for Avulsed Teeth (CAT#2463)03/03/2013Jerin J. Jacob
Articane Provides Longer Lasting Anesthesia in Buccal Infiltration Compared to Lidocaine on Healthy Teeth (CAT#2437)03/01/2013Roberto Benavides
Mercury Leakage from Amalgam Restorations due to Carbamide Peroxide (CAT#2393)03/01/2013Shingmei Chang
Efficacy of Guteraldehyde As Pulpotomy Agent in Primary Molars (CAT#2450)03/01/2013Kevin Coppola
1.5 to 2 mm of Coronal Dentin Needed for a Crown Buildup (CAT#2439)03/01/2013Ian Sport
There Is No Conclusive Evidence That Porcelain Veneers Placed On Anterior Teeth Greatly Increase The Risk Of Developing Gingivitis (CAT#2410)02/28/2013Adam Pfeifer
Elevated Gingival Crevicular Fluid (GCF) Antibody to Aggregatibacter Actinomycetemcomitans in Aggressive Periodontal Patients (CAT#2409)02/28/2013Monique Garcia
Dentin Sensitive Toothpaste Does Effectively Reduce Tooth Sensitivity (CAT#2418)02/28/2013Hien Nguyen
Treatment Outcome For Avulsed And Replanted Permanent Teeth (CAT#2420)02/28/2013Ashley Hutto
Rapid Palatal Expansion Does Not Appear To Cause Buccal Gingival Recession In Adolescent Patient, But May Predispose Patient To Future Gingival Recession (CAT#2425)02/28/2013Cameron Critchfield
Pulpal Calcifications Will Form In Patients Treated With Long-Term Systemic Steroids More Frequently Than In Patients Treated With Short-Term Systemic Steroids (CAT#2381)02/25/2013Supriya Patel
Extraction orthodontic treatment may or may not cause a decrease in posterior airway size, with no association shown to sleep apnea. (CAT#2335)02/11/2013Ann Larsen, DDS
Cone-Beam Computed Tomography vs. PA’s at Detecting Small Periapical Lesions (CAT#2319)08/09/2012Douglas Steffy
Comparing the Accuracy of Digital Radiography (DR), MDCT and CBCT in Detecting Vertical Root Fractures (VRF) (CAT#2320)08/09/2012Mohammed Barayan
Initial Endodontic Treatment Has Similar Long-Term Survival Rate Compared to Single-Tooth Implants (CAT#2307)08/08/2012Vanessa Chrepa, BDS
Placement of A Diatoric May Help Retain Anterior Acrylic Denture Teeth (CAT#2325)08/07/2012Christine Fortmann
Daily Use of Xylitol Gum by Children Over a Period of Time Can Have Long Term Caries Reducing Effects Even After the Gum is No Longer Used (CAT#2327)08/06/2012Brent Winward
Application of Dentin Bonding Agent to Prevent MTA-Related Tooth Discoloration in a Regenerative Endodontic Treatments (CAT#2301)08/03/2012Obadah Austah
Enamel Matrix Derivative (EMD) Regenerative Treatment in Cases of Severe Bone Loss Can Improve the Prognosis of That Tooth and Provide an Additional Treatment Option Rather Than Extraction and Tooth Replacement (CAT#2304)08/03/2012Lisa J. Shoff
Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is superior to conventional 2-D imaging at diagnosing a Vertical Root Fracture (VRF) in endodontically treated teeth. (CAT#2305)08/03/2012Jonathan Fu
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate is not Superior than Super Ethoxy-Benzoic Acid as Root-End Filling Materials in Endodontic Microsurgery (CAT#2310)08/03/2012Jongsung Kim
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) Successful for Pulpotomy Treatment (CAT#2296)08/01/2012Zeena Alsalman
Carbamide Peroxide Gel is as Effective as Hydrogen Peroxide Gel for Teeth Whitening (CAT#2226)04/26/2012Lindsey Fraser
Exposure to Secondhand Smoke May Increase Caries Risk in Children (CAT#2242)04/25/2012Amber O'Connor
Zirconia Crowns Show Similar Failure Rate But More Extensive Occlusal Wear Than Gold Crowns (CAT#2260)04/25/2012Mustafa Shinta
No Statistical Difference in Temporary Restorative Material in Preventing Bacterial Microleakage Following Endodontic Treatment Between Cavit and IRM (CAT#2286)04/25/2012Justin Acap
LED Curing Lights Provide A Greater Composite Micro-hardness Than QTH Curing Light Systems (CAT#2250)04/23/2012Neil Bealka
Minimal Evidence to Demonstrate the Effects of Dental Lasers and Their Effects on the Dental Pulp (CAT#2200)04/19/2012Lorena Ray
Efficacy Of Tooth Movement Of Clear Plastic Aligners Vs. Traditional Brackets And Archwires (CAT#2254)04/19/2012Christopher R. Burton
Alcohol Based Sugar Helps Prevent Carious Lesions (CAT#2255)04/18/2012Diane P. Banks
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate As Direct Pulp Capping Cement Is More Effective In Calcified Bridge Formation And Reduction Of Pulp Inflammation Than Dycal and Ca(OH)2 (CAT#2232)04/14/2012Sonia El-Kweifi
There Is Insufficient Evidence To Attribute Periodontal Disease To Low Serum Ascorbic Acid (CAT#2205)04/13/2012Matt Orsatti
Long Term Success of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Calcium Hydroxide in Direct Pulp Capping (CAT#2257)04/12/2012Amar Patel
6.5% Hydrogen Peroxide and 10% Carbamide Peroxide Effectively Treat Tetracycline-Stained Teeth (CAT#2237)04/12/2012Matthew Davenport
The Effectiveness Of MTA vs Calcium Hydroxide As Direct Or Indirect Pulp Capping Agents (CAT#2248)04/12/2012Chungmi Jo
No Conclusive Evidence That Light-Activated Bleaching Results In Greater Whitening Than Tray/Non-Light Activated Bleaching (CAT#2279)04/11/2012Alvin D. Nguyen
Teeth Whitening Does Not Increase Susceptibility to Dental Caries (CAT#2187)04/09/2012Akshay Thusu
Smoking Tobacco Does Not Increase Incidence or Severity of TMJ Pain (CAT#2176)03/26/2012Trey Patterson
Limited Evidence Supports Using The Altered Cast Impression Technique For Partial Removable Dental Prostheses (PRDP) (CAT#2165)01/05/2012Walter C. Daniels, DMD
Periodontal Regeneration In Class II Furcations Is More Effective Than Open Flap Debridement (CAT#2151)10/08/2011Natalie A. Frost
Fabrication of Surgical Guides for Miniscrew Implant Placement in Orthodontics is more Accurate using Cone-beam CT (CAT#2144)10/07/2011Glenn Terry
Patients With Cleft Lip, Alveolus And Palate May Be Predisposed To Periodontal Disease, Especially In Teeth Adjacent To The Cleft (CAT#2160)10/07/2011Katherine Maldonado Alfandari
Primary Tooth Trauma Is Associated With A High Incidence Of Developmental Defects In The Permanent Successor (CAT#2161)10/07/2011Matthew Dietrich
Inspection Of Pulp Chambers Of Double Teeth (Fused Or Geminated)Is Key To Diagnosis And Appropriate Endodontic Treatment (CAT#2146)09/22/2011Nikita B. Ruparel
No Current Evidence to Suggest That Teeth Closer To A Surgically Corrected Cleft Lip And Palate Are At Increased Risk For Periodontitis (CAT#2147)09/22/2011Patrick Galloway
Enamel Matrix Derivative (Emdogain) Reduces Attachment Loss In Patients With Intra-Bony Periodontal Defects (CAT#2115)09/21/2011Patrick Galloway
In a Laboratory Study Using Extracted Teeth, Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Is As Effective As Bite Wings In Detection Of Proximal Decay (CAT#2090)09/15/2011Mohannad Hashem
Tooth Discoloration Is A Risk Associated With Regenerative Endodontics (CAT#2086)09/09/2011Allen Pratt
Asymptomatic Impacted Third Molars In The Middle Aged Patient (CAT#892)07/07/2011Niraj Patel
The Restoration of Endodontically Treated, Single-Rooted Fracture Resistance is Similar with Cast and Direct Posts and Cores for Endodontically Treated Teeth (CAT#2073)07/07/2011Hoda Ghanizadeh
Direct Composite Restoration is Equivalent to Full Cast Coverage for Endodontically Treated Premolars (CAT#2061)06/02/2011Vi Linh Hoang
Endodontic Retreatment or Endodontic Surgery for Teeth with Failed Non-surgical Root Canal Therapy? (CAT#2060)05/30/2011Hanna Lindskog
Comparison of Antibacterial and Toxic Effects of Clorhexidine and Sodium Hypochlorite Root Canal Irrigants in Primary Teeth (CAT#811)05/05/2011Kathleen Goodwin
No Difference between MTA Vs. IRM as Retrofill Material (CAT#874)05/05/2011Eric Brown
Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy Is As Effective As Surgical Periodontal Therapy In Treating Patients With Furcation Involvements (CAT#760)04/28/2011Namhee Lee
Proximal Contact Maintenance Between Implant Supported Fixed Prosthodontics And Adjacent Teeth (CAT#849)04/28/2011Matthew Smith
Fractured Endodontic Instrument has No Effect On Healing (CAT#875)04/28/2011Eric Brown
There Is No Significant Difference Between The Longevity Of A Directly Placed, Fine Particle Hybrid (Filtek Z250) Resin Composite And Ceramic Inlays When Restoring Posterior Teeth (CAT#761)04/14/2011Shinyoung Kang
Intermittent Low-Dose Parathyroid Hormone [rhPTH(1-34)] Is Useful As Adjunctive Therapy For Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis Of The Jaw (BRONJ) (CAT#864)04/14/2011Chris Porter
Insufficient Evidence To Compare Longevity Of Ceramic Restoration vs. Amalgam For Restoring Posterior Teeth (CAT#866)04/14/2011Annie Yi Han
Topical Fluorides Are More Effective Than Community Water Fluoridation In Preventing Caries (CAT#763)04/12/2011Amy Cadenhead
Longevity Of Resin Composites Compared To Glass Ionomers (CAT#781)04/11/2011Sul Ki Yi
Laser Doppler Flowmetry May Provide Additional Information For Treatment Planning In Patients Suffering From A Traumatic Injury To Their Teeth Compared To Other Methods Of Pulp Testing (CAT#839)04/07/2011Jennifer Vanscoy
The Use Of Retention Devices To Decrease Relapse After Orthodontic Treatment (CAT#860)04/04/2011David Chon
The Effect Of Root Canal Treatment Of A Primary Tooth On The Permanent Tooth (CAT#803)03/30/2011Eric Brown
Disinfection By Triple Antibiotic Paste During Regenerative Endodontic Treatment (CAT#827)03/30/2011Jay Erickson
Composite Restorations Have a Higher Frequency of Repair Compared to Amalgam Restorations When Placed in Posterior Permanent Teeth in Pediatric Patients (CAT#768)03/30/2011Mary Ruth Cacho
Similar Clinical Performance of Nanofilled, Packable, and Microhybrid Composite Resins in Class I Preparations of Molar Teeth (CAT#851)03/30/2011Winston Faltine
Orthodontic Treatment On Endodontic Treated Teeth (CAT#805)03/24/2011Alyssa Segelquist
ZOE Pulpectomies In Primary Teeth To Not Increase Discoloration Of Permanent Successors, But May Alter Their Eruption By 20% (CAT#808)03/24/2011Nick Schulte
White Spot Lesions Due to Orthodontic Treatment (CAT#810)03/24/2011Ryan Noel Reyes
Surgicel Is Associated With Increased Incidence Of Dry Sockets (CAT#838)03/24/2011Courtney Parsley
Comparison Of Endodontic And Fixed Partial Denture Treatment (CAT#779)03/17/2011Gustavo Leal
Formocresol Vs Direct Pulp Capping with Calcium Hydroxide in Primary Teeth (CAT#765)03/15/2011Jennifer Valent
Do Adult Women Have A Higher Caries Prevalence Than Adult Men? (CAT#766)03/15/2011Sarah Pacha
Partial Coverage Occlusal Appliances Are Effective In Maintaining Occlusal Harmony (CAT#819)03/15/2011Dustin Patrick
Lateral Posterior Open Bite Due To Primary Failure Of Eruption (PFE) Is Caused By PTH1-R Gene Mutations And Leads To Futile Orthodontic Treatment (CAT#748)02/24/2011Rachel Weber
Post-Orthodontic Space Retention In Congenitally-Missing Maxillary Lateral Patients (CAT#742)11/16/2010Jaime Rivera, DDS
Stability of Treating Open Bite with Maxillary Posterior Intrusion Using Absolute Anchorage Vs. Surgical Correction (CAT#731)11/15/2010Cassandra Zirbel, DDS
Implants Should Not Be Placed In Children Or Adolescents Until Jaw Growth Has Ceased (CAT#721)09/21/2010Caroline Corrigan
Dental Fluorosis In The Primary Dentition Associated with Flouride Exposure (CAT#584)05/12/2010Brian Hill
Home Tooth Whitening May Cause Short Term Tooth Sensitivity (CAT#605)05/11/2010Brooke Kennedy
School-Based Sealant Programs And Caries Incidence (CAT#533)05/10/2010James Fischer
Amalgam and Resin Composite Fillings Show Equal Failure Rates in Small Posterior Restorations while Amalgam Shows Better Survival than Composite if used for large posterior restorations. (CAT#591)04/30/2010Lourdes Willhite
No Reliable Evidence To Show Improved Longevity Of Direct Composites vs. Porcelain Veneers (CAT#538)04/12/2010Lauren Edwards
The Efficacy Of Low-Level Laser Therapy In Treating Periodontitis (CAT#613)04/08/2010Shaheen Popatia
Mothers Who Chew Xylitol Sweetened Gum Help Reduce Dental Caries In Their Children (CAT#614)04/08/2010Lyna Vuu
The Clinical Results Of Indirect Pulp Capping On Cariously Exposed Pulp (CAT#565)04/05/2010Nina Dinh
Similar Survival Rates Of Bonded Amalgam And Non-bonded Amalgam Restorations (CAT#630)04/05/2010Yen Hong Lai
Post Material Affects Stress Distribution, Thus Resistance To Fracture In Endodontically Restored Anterior Teeth (CAT#599)04/02/2010Aissa Longoria
Using Mouth Guards To Reduce The Incidence And Severity Of Sports-Related Oral Injuries (CAT#625)04/02/2010William Shipley
Longevity of Dental Amalgam and Resin Composite is Comparable (CAT#602)04/02/2010Erica Williams
Incomplete Removal Of Dental Caries Results In Reduced Pulpal Damage With No Effect On Caries Progression (CAT#603)04/02/2010Andy Tran
Tooth Bleaching: Safety and Efficacy Of In-Office Versus At-Home Treatment (CAT#579)04/01/2010Kimberly Tong
Nd:YAG Laser Treatment for Dentin Hypersensitivity in Adults is Possibly More Effective Than Potassium Nitrate-Containing Toothpastes (CAT#582)04/01/2010Nghi Tran
Pit And Fissure Sealant Retention (CAT#586)04/01/2010Mai Phuong Nguyen
Effects Of Pre-Heating Resin Composite On Adaptation And Adhesion To Teeth (CAT#589)04/01/2010Todd Butler
The Effect Of A Total Etch Adhesive System Versus Calcium Hydroxide In Pulpal Protection Of Primary Molars (CAT#598)04/01/2010Ryan Konkright
Dentist-Prescribed Overnight Bleaching is More Effective than Over-the-counter Methods for Vital Tooth Bleaching (CAT#557)03/31/2010Alexandra M. Forney
Beveling of Proximal Cavo-Surface Margins Reduces Microleakage (CAT#567)03/31/2010Adrian Bernal
No Long Term Difference In Outcome Between Root Canal Therapies and Single-Tooth Implants (CAT#568)03/31/2010Sung Kim
Self-ligating Brackets Lead To Less Plaque Accumulation Compared To Elastomeric Ring-Ligated Orthodontic Brackets (CAT#558)03/31/2010Kat Shao
Efficacy of Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate(CPP-ACP)in Remineralizing Demineralized Tooth Structure (CAT#573)03/31/2010Justin Bonner
Teeth Whitening: in-office or over the counter? (CAT#539)03/26/2010Zynab Pearose
Use Of Direct Composite Vs. Glass Ionomers On Gingival Margin (CAT#595)03/26/2010Solmaz Shir
Fluoride Varnish Effective for Caries Prevention (CAT#540)03/26/2010Rosie Tran
Bonding Of Orthodontic Brackets Can Be Affected By Certain Methods Of Tooth Bleaching (CAT#281)01/28/2010Kelly McKenna, DDS
The daily use of a fluoridated mouth rinse may reduce the demineralizing effects of xerostomia caused by age in geriatric patients’ teeth (CAT#528)01/26/2010Michael Davis
Stability of periodontal architecture created by crown lengthening surgery (CAT#522)01/20/2010Christen Kartaltepe
The use of dental amalgam in a posterior dental restoration exhibits slight superiority in the overall success of the restoration when compared with resin bonded composites (CAT#523)01/20/2010Christen Kartaltepe
Comparing The Application Method Of Different Peroxide-Containing Tooth Whitening Systems (CAT#474)01/13/2010Amber Todora
Enamel Defects from using a dental probe to detect carious lesions (CAT#514)01/13/2010Christine Manning
Pulpal health status of primary teeth capped indirectly with dentin bonding agents vs. CaOH (CAT#498)01/12/2010Sameh Ahmed
At Home Tooth Whitening Strips Are Most Likely As Effective As At-Home And In-Office Bleaching Treatments in Dental Patients (CAT#483)01/07/2010David S. Harris
Two-Visit Endodontic Treatment Versus One-Visit Endodontic Treatment For Necrotic Teeth With Periapical Periodontitis (CAT#488)01/07/2010Nicholas Sager
Improved Longevity of Large Amalgam Restorations in the Posterior teeth of Children Compared with Composite Restorations (CAT#504)01/07/2010Emily Whittington
Fiber Posts Do Not Provide Greater Fracture Resistance for Endodontically Treated Molar Teeth Compared to No Post (CAT#467)01/06/2010Jeff Shao
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) is a Good Alternative Wound Dressing Than Formocresol (FC) for Pulpotomies in Primary Teeth (CAT#471)01/06/2010Rachel Foster
Pit and Fissure Sealants for Preventing Dental Decay in Permanent Teeth of Children and Adolescents (CAT#273)11/19/2009Christopher Jones, DDS
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Improved Sensitivity of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography for Periapical Lesion Detection Compared with Periapical Radiography (CAT#287)11/11/2009Patrick Miklos, DDS
Pulse Oximetry is More Reliable (but currently less practical) for Determining Pulp Vitality than Cold Testing (CAT#289)11/11/2009Steven J. Schmoldt, DDS
Retention of Resin Based Sealants Compared With Glass Ionomer Sealants to Prevent Dental Caries In Children (CAT#268)11/11/2009Sarra Cushen, DDS, MS
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The Continued Use of Dental Sealants for the Prevention of Dental Caries in the Permanent Teeth of Children and Adolescents (CAT#288)11/04/2009Patrick Miklos, DDS