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Caries Risk Is Increased in Mouth-Breathing Patients (CAT#3166)04/28/2017Andrew Tate
The Use of Casein Phosphopeptide Amorphous Calcium Phosphate Fluoride (CPP-ACPF) Products Can Improve The Salivary Rate And Buffer Capacity in Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy Treatment (CAT#3013)03/17/2016Carlos Humberto Chapa
The Use of Xylitol Products in Patients With Xerostomia May Relieve Symptoms of Oral Dryness and Discomfort (CAT#3001)03/09/2016Maria Shah
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Treatment (MSCT) May Alleviate Salivary Problems Associated with Sjogren's Syndrome (CAT#2834)04/04/2015Jason Kang
Patients with Type I or Type II Diabetes Exhibit More Dry Mouth Symptoms and Xerostomia Compared to Non-Diabetics (CAT#2668)04/01/2014Florestella Ruiz
Essential Fatty Acids and Fat-Soluble Vitamins May Increase Salivary Flow in Patients with Primary Sjogren's Syndrome (CAT#2629)02/25/2014Jessica Xia
Chewing discs demonstrate significant diagnostic potential for xerostomia. (CAT#2518)08/06/2013Benjamin Pass
Unclear If Administration of Amifostine Reduces the Symptoms of Xerostomia Following Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer (CAT#2382)03/07/2013Bryan Rathke
The Anti-TNF Agents Entanercept and Infliximab Not Efficacious For Sjogren’s Syndrome (CAT#2238)04/25/2012Zeena Alsalman
Salivary Stimulants and Saliva Substitutes Are Equally Effective in Terms of Patient-Perceived Comfort in Patients with Xerostomia (CAT#2188)04/02/2012Tara Eisenrich
Restoration Materials In Dry Mouth Patients (CAT#789)04/14/2011Meagan D. Garcia
Xerostomia And Its Effects On Dental Restorative Materials (CAT#847)04/01/2011Blaine Wieck
Intraoral Electrostimulation May Be Effective In The Short Term For Relieving Symptoms of Xerostomia (CAT#855)04/01/2011Arwa Banjar
Submandibular Gland Transfer For The Prevention Of Post-Radiation Xerostomia (CAT#858)04/01/2011Reza Rahgozar
Doubtful Link Between Hepatitis C Infection & Presence Of Hyposalivation (CAT#750)03/29/2011John Tunnell
Oral Patch Treatment for Xerostomia (CAT#817)03/24/2011Justin Lai
Combating Xerostomia (CAT#631)04/15/2010Sarah Raymond
Alleviation of Xerostomia Symptoms with the Use of Biotene Products (CAT#585)04/01/2010Vi Linh Hoang
Efficacy of acupuncture treatment in patient with xerostomia (CAT#559)03/31/2010Chia-ling Hsu
The daily use of a fluoridated mouth rinse may reduce the demineralizing effects of xerostomia caused by age in geriatric patients’ teeth (CAT#528)01/26/2010Michael Davis