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Limited Evidence Suggests Periodontal Disease Is Associated with a Slightly Increased Risk of Breast Cancer (CAT#3364)11/19/2018Hunter Allen
Endodontic Microsurgery (EMS) Has a Significantly Higher 4-Year Success Rate When Compared to Non-Surgical Endodontic Retreatment (CAT#3339)11/12/2018Andrea DuFour D.D.S
The Socket-Shield Technique Might Improve the Clinical Outcome of Immediate Implants (CAT#3336)11/07/2018Amanda Morris, DMD
In Patients With Progressing Periodontal Disease, Occlusal Adjustments Do Not Contribute Significantly to Treatment Outcomes (CAT#3277)12/11/2017Jenna Hyer
Patients With A History Of Periodontal Disease Have An Increased Risk Of Peri-Implantitis (CAT#3295)11/28/2017Antonella A. Botto, DDS
Regenerative Endodontics Shows Promise for Treatment of Mature Permanent Teeth With Periapical Pathology (CAT#3286)11/15/2017Theodore Young Tutwiler
Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Is Not Indicated as a Routine Replacement or Adjunct to Intraoral Full-Mouth Series Radiographs in the Diagnosis and Management of Periodontitis (CAT#3274)10/16/2017Dr. Michael S. Luna
Prescription Custom Trays with Hydrogen Peroxide Gel as an Adjunct to Frequent Maintenance Appointments May Be Beneficial for Adult Patients with Refractory Periodontitis (CAT#3264)08/21/2017Carolyn Gonzalez
Periodontal Disease is a Risk Factor for the Development of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (CAT#3223)05/01/2017Aislen Medina
Laser-Assisted Endodontic Debridement Does Not Improve Healing Compared to Conventional Endodontic Disinfection for Patients With Pulpal Necrosis and Apical Periodontitis (CAT#3200)03/31/2017Nicholas Dybdal-Hargreaves
Adults Who Are Chronic Crack Cocaine Users May Be at Increased Risk of Developing Periodontal Disease (CAT#3195)03/30/2017Shravik Sethi
Use Of Diode Lasers in Addition to Conventional Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy Does Not Produce a Decrease in Probing Depths or Clinical Attachment Loss (CAL) (CAT#3187)03/25/2017Meredith Mosier
Antimicrobial Laser Therapy Is an Effective Adjunct to Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy (NSPT) When Treating Aggressive Periodontitis As Compared to NSPT Alone (CAT#3168)03/22/2017David Hurst, RDH
Chlorohexidine Is Effective at Decreasing Postoperative Pain After Root Canal Therapy in Teeth with Pulpal Necrosis (CAT#3143)03/16/2017Erin Kauffman
Hydrogen Peroxide or Chlorhexidine Mouth Rinse After Scaling and Root Planing Are Equally Effective in Improving Clinical Attachment and Gingival Inflammation Levels in Adult Patients with Chronic Periodontitis (CAT#3147)03/15/2017Jacob Woods
The Use of Oral Probiotics in Adjunct to Non-surgical Periodontal Treatment Is More Effective in Treating Chronic Periodontitis Than Non-surgical Periodontal Treatment Alone (CAT#3096)11/29/2016Vanessa Reyes
The Adjunct Use of Azithromycin with Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy Produces Probing Depth Reductions Similar to Metronidazole-Amoxicillin in Patients with Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis (CAT#3118)11/21/2016Veronica Lai, DDS
Adjunct Use of Systemic Azithromycin with Scaling and Root Planing in Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis Results in Only Limited Gain in Clinical Attachment Level and Limited Probing Depth Reduction (CAT#3102)11/08/2016Jeffrey Penner, DDS
Adjunctive Erbium:yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet Laser Treatment (ER:YAG) With Scaling And Root Planing (SRP) Shows Negligible Evidence In Decreasing Probing Depth More Effectively Than SRP Alone (CAT#3071)05/05/2016Casey Tatsch
Coffee May Have Beneficial Effects on the Periodontal Health of Adults (CAT#3051)04/26/2016Tao Zhou
Ascorbic Acid Supplementation Ineffective as Therapy for Periodontal Disease (CAT#3088)04/15/2016Maria Joseph
Lasers as an Adjunct in Periodontal Surgical Therapy Do Not Result in Improved Outcomes for Patients (CAT#3083)04/07/2016Austin May
In Patients with Chronic Periodontitis, Scaling and Root Planing with the Adjunctive Use of Ozonized Water Subgingival Irrigation Is More Effective in Improving Clinical And Microbiological Parameters than Scaling and Root Planing Alone (CAT#3056)03/31/2016Emily Lao
Periodontal Disease Is More Prevalent In Patients Who Have Sleep Disorders (CAT#3028)03/23/2016Christopher Jones
Survival Rates for Implants Placed by Specialists or in Academic Settings May Be Higher Than for Implants Placed by General Dentists (CAT#3025)03/22/2016Brian Ross
For Pregnant Women With Periodontitis, Periodontal Therapy Does Not Reduce The Incidence of Pre-eclampsia (CAT#3050)03/19/2016Amsale Derese
Association Between Depression and Periodontitis Neither Confirmed Nor Denied (CAT#3043)03/15/2016Truc-Vien Nguyen
Inconclusive Evidence Supporting a Significant Correlation Between Periodontal Disease and Tooth Loss with Esophageal Cancer Risk (CAT#3057)03/15/2016Tyler Orn
Inconsistent Evidence Supports Adjunctive Use of Systemic Metronidazole in Chronic Periodontitis (CAT#2981)03/15/2016Kate McKenzie, University of Manchester
Regenerative Endodontic Procedures and Apexification Procedures are Viable Options for Treating Immature Teeth with Pulpal Necrosis (CAT#3042)03/13/2016Rose Duong
Electrolyzed Ion-Reduced Water Could Reduce Oral Counts of Periodontal Pathogens (CAT#2987)02/22/2016Brent Mowery
CEJ Automated Probing System Is More Reliable Than Manual or The Florida Probe when Detecting Clinical Attachment Loss for Patients with Chronic Periodontitis. (CAT#2910)12/02/2015Esmera Celestino
A Positive Association Between Periodontal Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease is Evident, But Periodontal Treatment Effects Unknown (CAT#2938)10/14/2015Sarah Ringdahl, DDS
Er:YAG Laser Therapy is An Effective Alternative to Scaling and Root Planing When Performing Non-Surgical Therapy for Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis (CAT#2926)10/13/2015Kandice L. Klepper, DDS
Sclerostin Antibody (Scl-ab) Treatment Can Result in Improved Clinical Outcomes Compared to No Treatment in the Regeneration of Periodontal Defects (CAT#2927)10/09/2015Michael Rediske, DDS
The Addition of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) to Open Flap Debridement (OFD) Aids in The Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis with Intrabony Defects (CAT#2905)04/15/2015William Travis King
Application of Oraqix (Lidocaine/Prilocaine Local Anesthetic Gel) Reduces Pain During Scaling and Root Planing (CAT#2833)04/10/2015Ngan (Nancy) Pham
Periodontal Therapy Does Not Reduce Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes (CAT#2867)04/10/2015Ai Ton
Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Aspirin are Effective as Adjunctive Therapy During Non-Surgical Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis (CAT#2871)03/30/2015Travis Quintanilla
Topical Application of Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 May Promote Periodontal Regeneration in a Patient with Periodontitis (CAT#2886)03/26/2015Audrey Rakian
Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) Does Not Decrease Bacterial Load More Than Conventional Therapy in Systemically Healthy Patients with Chronic Periodontitis with No Evidence Currently Available for Diabetic Patients with Chronic Periodontitis (CAT#2879)03/25/2015Traci Cowan
Teriparatide Treatment Can Result in Improved Clinical Outcomes Compared to Placebo in the Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis (CAT#2780)11/18/2014Rebecca Neitzke, DDS
Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy Can Reduce the Reinfection Rate of Helicobacter pylori in Patients Suffering from Peptic Ulcer Disease (CAT#2763)09/02/2014Dana Paladino
Two-Visit and One-Visit Endodontic Treatments for Necrotic Teeth with Apical Periodontitis Have Similar Success Rates (CAT#2755)08/18/2014Ryan Gonzales
Laser Use Reduces Post-Endodontic Re-Treatment Pain and Neuropeptide Production in Patients with Symptomatic Apical Periodontitis (CAT#2756)07/21/2014Shauna Jones
Using Papilla Base Flap Results in Significantly Less Recession of the Papilla than Sulcular Full-Thickness Flap After Endodontic Surgery for Apical Periodontitis (CAT#2733)06/24/2014Shreya Ruxmohan
For Patients with Chronic Periodontitis, Non-surgical Therapy is more Effective than no Periodontal Treatment in Reducing Serum hs-CRP Levels (CAT#2729)05/12/2014Kelly Cooper
Green Tea Extract Helps to Improve the Clinical Outcome of Non-Surgical Therapy (Scaling and Root Planing [SRP]) in the Treatment of Patients with Chronic Periodontitis (CAT#2661)04/01/2014Casey McGill
In An Immature Tooth With Pulpal Necrosis, Regenerative Endodontics and MTA Apexification Methods Are Viable Treatment Options (CAT#2662)03/22/2014Pooja Sukumar
Presence of Periodontal Disease in Pregnant Women Increases the Risk of Developing Preeclampsia (CAT#2704)03/08/2014Artesha Porter
Smokers with COPD as Compared to Smokers Without COPD Have No Significant Difference in Oral Health (CAT#2690)03/06/2014Krupa Patel
Salivary Diagnostics Use in Patients at Risk of Periodontal Disease Progression (CAT#2520)08/02/2013Christopher Walker
MyPerioPath test does not substitute for conventional risk factor analysis in the identification of at risk periodontal patients. (CAT#2541)08/02/2013Blake Hoedebecke
Real time PCR is More Accurate Than Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (Evalusite Test™ Kit) at Detecting Known Periodontal Pathogens (CAT#2535)08/02/2013Shelrethia Battle-Siatita, DDS
Salivary Biomarker Testing Can Be Useful Together with Assessment of Clinical and Radiographic Parameters in the Diagnosis of Chronic Periodontitis in Adults (CAT#2522)07/31/2013Sathya Mahendrarajah
Locally Delivered Anti-Microbials Combined with Scaling and Root Planning Improves the Management of Chronic Periodontal Disease Compared to Scaling and Root Planing Alone (CAT#2511)07/22/2013Saffa Alani
Antibiotics Help Improve The Clinical Outcome of Non-Surgical Therapy (Scaling and Root Planing [SRP]) in The Treatment of Periodontitis in Smokers (CAT#2458)03/07/2013Vy Pham
Povidone-Iodine Administered During Periodontal Therapy May Yield a Small Reduction of Pocket Depth in Patients With Chronic Periodontitis (CAT#2405)03/01/2013Stacye R. Joyner
Elevated Gingival Crevicular Fluid (GCF) Antibody to Aggregatibacter Actinomycetemcomitans in Aggressive Periodontal Patients (CAT#2409)02/28/2013Monique Garcia
The Current Evidence Is Inconclusive In Identifying Herpes Virus Infection As A Determinant For The Pathogenesis Of Chronic Periodontitis (CAT#2401)02/28/2013Steven Meier
Patients With Periodontitis Are More Likely To Have Implant Failure (CAT#2434)02/26/2013Roberto Olivares
Hydrogen Peroxide Gel May Be Beneficial As A Conjunctive Treatment To Scaling And Root Planing To Enhance Reduction Of Pockets Depths In An Adult With Periodontitis (CAT#2370)02/25/2013Cheryl Pezzotti Hansen
Cone-Beam Computed Tomography vs. PA’s at Detecting Small Periapical Lesions (CAT#2319)08/09/2012Douglas Steffy
Rapid PCR is an Effective Way to Identify A. Actinomycetemcomitans in Humans (CAT#2314)08/08/2012Eirleen Hyun
Enamel Matrix Derivative (EMD) Regenerative Treatment in Cases of Severe Bone Loss Can Improve the Prognosis of That Tooth and Provide an Additional Treatment Option Rather Than Extraction and Tooth Replacement (CAT#2304)08/03/2012Lisa J. Shoff
Adjunctive Statin Therapy Improves Clinical Parameters in Initial Phase Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis (CAT#2306)08/02/2012Kayleigh Eaves
A Low Level of Physical Activity May Be A Risk Factor For Periodontal Disease Development (CAT#2259)04/19/2012Nicole Nellis
A High BMI is Associated with Periodontal Disease; However, it Remains Unclear as to the Exact Extent of the Magnitude of the Association (CAT#2227)04/19/2012Dana Matlock
Chlorhexidine Rinse Treatment Improved Patients’ Outcome When Combined With Scaling And Root Planning (CAT#2266)04/13/2012Han Truong Hayslett
There Is Insufficient Evidence To Attribute Periodontal Disease To Low Serum Ascorbic Acid (CAT#2205)04/13/2012Matt Orsatti
Weak Evidence that Combining Oral Irrigation With Brushing Improves Gingival Health (CAT#2261)04/12/2012Wendell Dela Cruz
Relationship Between Osteoporosis and Periodontal Disease Has Not Been Established (CAT#2217)04/06/2012Sherry Gutierrez
Oral Manifestations in Patients With Anexoria and Bulimia (CAT#2190)04/03/2012Jennifer Chau
No Current Evidence to Suggest That Teeth Closer To A Surgically Corrected Cleft Lip And Palate Are At Increased Risk For Periodontitis (CAT#2147)09/22/2011Patrick Galloway
Limited Evidence Suggests An Association Of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes With Mothers Who Have Periodontal Disease (CAT#2113)09/21/2011Patrick Galloway
Adding EDTA Root Conditioning Does Not Increase Likelihood Of Greater Clinical Attachment Gain Following Enamel Matrix Derivative (EMD) Treatment Of Periodontal Intrabony Defects (CAT#2116)09/16/2011Shannan Johnson
Serum C-Reactive Protein Levels Cannot Be Used To Accurately Assess The Extent Or Severity Of Periodontal Disease (CAT#2098)09/16/2011Michael Hoge
980 NM Diode Laser Adjunct To Scaling And Root Planing (SRP) Does Not Significantly Reduce Pocket Depth In Periodontal Patients As Compared With SRP Alone (CAT#2089)09/15/2011Mohannad Hashem
Resorbable and Non-Resorbable Membranes Are Both Effective in Producing Positive Clinical Outcomes Following Grafting of Intrabony Defects (CAT#2117)09/15/2011Shannan Johnson
Chlorhexidine Is Not Superior To Sodium Hypochlorite As A Root Canal Disinfectant During Root Canal Therapy For Apical Periodontitis (CAT#2087)09/15/2011Julie Berkhoff
Local Antibiotic Use As An Adjunct To Scaling And Root Planning For Periodontitis (CAT#885)05/06/2011Angela Coomes
Subantimicrobial-Dose Doxycycline (SDD) Periodontal Therapy Reduces Serum Biomarkers Of Systemic Inflammation And Can Increase High-Density Lipoprotein (CAT#856)04/28/2011Dunia Korous
Stem Cell Therapy May Reverse The Detrimental Effects Of Periodontal Disease Compared To Current NSPT Standard Of Care Practices (CAT#872)04/28/2011Janette Jurek
Efficacy Of Periochip In Treating Chronic Periodontitis Is Controversial (CAT#762)03/24/2011Sarah Kinard
Periodontal Disease Possible Risk Factor For Ischemic Stroke (CAT#785)03/21/2011Victoria Balderas
The Link Between Periodontal Disease And Coronary Heart Disease (CAT#778)03/17/2011Cassie Allison
Use of Inter-dental Brush with Toothbrushing Reduces Plaque and Periodontal Inflammation Better Than Toothbrushing Alone (CAT#771)03/15/2011Hieu Nguyen
Effect Of Control Of Periodontal Disease On Uncontrolled Type II Diabetics (CAT#619)04/12/2010Allison Furini
The Efficacy Of Low-Level Laser Therapy In Treating Periodontitis (CAT#613)04/08/2010Shaheen Popatia
Antibacterial Effectiveness of Intracanal Medicaments (CAT#615)04/08/2010Tiffany Simon
Adjunctive use of minocycline with traditional non-surgical periodontal therapy in patients with chronic periodontitis produces increased attachment (CAT#512)01/13/2010Christen Kartaltepe
Two-Visit Endodontic Treatment Versus One-Visit Endodontic Treatment For Necrotic Teeth With Periapical Periodontitis (CAT#488)01/07/2010Nicholas Sager
Influence of Infection At The Time of Root Filling on The Outcome of Endodontic Treatment of Teeth with Apical Periodontitis (CAT#286)11/11/2009Marc Pacheco, DDS
Improved Sensitivity of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography for Periapical Lesion Detection Compared with Periapical Radiography (CAT#287)11/11/2009Patrick Miklos, DDS
Single-Visit and Multiple Visit Endodontics Provide Same Healing Rates in Healthy Patients (CAT#290)11/11/2009Steven J. Schmoldt, DDS
Systemic Metronidazole Is An Effective Adjunct To S&RP In Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis Patients (CAT#266)11/11/2009Deana Cook, DDS, MS