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Traditional Zirconia Resin-Bonded Fixed Dental Prostheses (RBFDPs) Can Be Successful, but the Evidence Is Still Lacking for Comparison of the Bond Strength Between Traditional and Translucent Zirconia (CAT#3414)11/27/2019Hoon Min, DMD
The Hall Technique Has a Similar Rate of Effectiveness as Conventional Restorative Treatments in the Primary Dentition (CAT#3399)11/26/2019Cody W. Calame, DDS
Stainless steel Crowns Are an Effective and Reliable Interim Restoration (CAT#3397)11/21/2019Mark Hoikka, DDS
Implant Survival and Complications Rates Are Similar Between Internal and External Connection Implants (CAT#3343)12/10/2018Ahmad Alawadi, DDS
Triple Antibiotic Solution Promotes Similar Antibacterial Effects as Calcium Hydroxide/2% Chlorhexidine When Used as an Intracanal Medicament (CAT#3361)11/20/2018Bracken G. Smith, DMD
Findings Are Inconclusive as to Association Between Implants and Development of Vertical Root Fractures in Adjacent Teeth (CAT#3315)07/19/2018André T. Jones
Direct Digitized Impressions Produce Zirconia Crowns with a More Accurate Marginal and Internal Fit than Indirect Digitized Impressions (CAT#3317)04/25/2018Palmer Jeppesen
Zirconia Crowns Are Less Abrasive on Opposing Enamel Compared to Metal-Ceramic Crowns (CAT#3310)02/07/2018Shayda Sarrami
Evidence Unclear on Effectiveness of Palatal Anesthesia in Controlling Pain and Improving Behavior of Pediatric Patients (CAT#3298)11/20/2017Murad Alrashdi
Digital impressions vs conventional impressions; accurate for single unit crowns and short Fixed Partial Dentures, but not accurate for full arch restorations. (CAT#3293)11/14/2017Kaveh Azarnoush
Short Implants Exhibit Changes in Marginal Bone Levels Similar to Longer Implants With Vertical Bone Augmentation or Sinus Lift (CAT#3192)04/26/2017Liel Allon
Both Subtractive Manufactured Dental Implants and Additive Manufactured Dental Implants Have High Success Rates in Patients Over a 5-Year Period (CAT#3236)04/26/2017Arvind Adapalli
Decrease in Cost and Time for Single Unit Implant Supported Crowns Fabricated by a Digital Workflow (CAT#3237)04/25/2017Cesar Gonzalez
Nonsurgical Root Canal Treatment Is an Appropriate Alternative to Extraction in Patients with BRONJ and/or on Bisphosphonate Therapy (CAT#3220)04/10/2017Andre Jones
Use of Physics Forceps May Result in Less Pain and Fewer Adverse Outcomes Than Conventional Forceps (CAT#3190)04/05/2017Patrick Grady
No Differences Were Found in the Clinical Marginal Fit of Zirconia Crowns Fabricated from Intraoral Digital Scanners or Polyvinyl Siloxane Impressions (CAT#3179)03/31/2017Sidharth Reddy
Surgical Extrusion with Periotome More Effectively Preserves Gingival Tissue While Minimizing Possible Complications Compared to Apically Displaced Flaps (CAT#3151)03/28/2017Amanda Lam
Prefabricated Zirconia Crowns Are More Retentive When Compared to Stainless Steel Crowns in the Anterior Primary Dentition (CAT#3158)03/21/2017Jordan Ardoin
Clear Removable Aligners Cause Similar Rates of Orthodontically Induced External Apical Root Resorption Compared to Conventional Fixed Orthodontic Treatment (CAT#3124)11/21/2016Hala Alsalman, BDS
Survival Rates of Implants Placed in Previously Failed Sites Are Decreased But Clinically Acceptable (CAT#3099)11/06/2016Mandy Miller, DMD
Implant Restorations Have a Probability of Developing an Open Mesial and Distal Contact That Can Be Detected 1 Month to 12 Years After Placement (CAT#3004)03/29/2016Chris Schuchart
Survival Rates for Implants Placed by Specialists or in Academic Settings May Be Higher Than for Implants Placed by General Dentists (CAT#3025)03/22/2016Brian Ross
Al2O3 Airborne Particle Abrasion of Milled Zirconia Copings for Improvement of Veneering Porcelain Bond Strength Not Currently Well Supported (CAT#3048)03/15/2016Alyssa-Joy Oviatt
The 5-Year Clinical Survival Rate of Metal-Ceramic Fixed Dental Prostheses is Similar to That of Its All-Ceramic Counterpart (CAT#2983)02/20/2016Amine Kaddour-Djebbar
Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) Supported Pontics Prevent Bone Resorption in Young Growing Patients with Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors (CAT#2964)12/10/2015Michael Schulte
Survival of Implant Supported Crowns is Significantly Higher Than That of Intentionally Replanted Teeth (CAT#2965)12/08/2015Hayrapet Sahakyants
Posterior All-Ceramic Crowns Have Higher Fracture Rate Than Anterior All-Ceramic Crowns (CAT#2925)10/28/2015Giang Tran, DDS
Risk of Failure for Fiber-Reinforced Resin Post and Cores Is Higher With Lack of Coronal Walls than With No Ferrule (CAT#2945)10/22/2015William Slack, DDS
Retraction Cord Causes Less Gingival Inflammation Than Retraction Paste (CAT#2866)04/10/2015Roberto Olivares
Zirconia Crowns Cleaned with Zirconium Oxide Paste (Ivoclean) Prior to Cementation Have Increased Bond Strength to Resin Cement (CAT#2859)04/09/2015Kristan Rodriguez
Zirconia With Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Treatment Followed By MDP-containing Primer Has Greater Bond Strength Than Zirconia With No Surface Treatment (CAT#2812)04/08/2015Krishna Patel
Conventional Casting Restorations Have a More Precise Fit Than CAD/CAM Milled Titanium Restorations with Respect to a Single-Unit Implant Supported Crown (CAT#2851)03/30/2015Indrajit Sehbi
All-Ceramic Crowns Can Serve as Removable Partial Denture Abutments in Certain Clinical Situations (CAT#2818)03/19/2015Jay Patel
Polished Zirconia Crowns Wear Opposing Enamel Less Than Glazed Zirconia Crowns (CAT#2803)12/12/2014James Michael Womack, DDS
Full Cuspal Coverage Restorations Improve the Long-Term Survivability of Endodontically Treated Posterior Teeth (CAT#2782)11/19/2014Kelly Ramey, DDS
Cast Posts Provide Higher Fracture Resistance Than Fiber Posts, but Greater Risk of a Non-Restorable Outcome (CAT#2742)06/25/2014Mohammad M. AlJameel
No Significant Difference Was Found in Success or Failure Rate Between Cement-and Screw-Retained Prostheses (CAT#2741)06/25/2014Adel S. Alqarni
There is No Difference Between Cement-Retained and Screw-Retained Implant Supported Crowns in Developing Marginal Bone Loss, but Screw Retained Crowns May Have a More Favorable Soft Tissue Response (CAT#2744)06/24/2014Saad Almujel
Limited Evidence to Support the Use of Tooth-Colored Bonded Restorative Materials as Replacements for Stainless Steel Crowns (SSCs) After Pulpotomies on Primary Molars (CAT#2694)04/03/2014Atish K. Patel
Adhesive Resin Cements are More Effective Than Glass Ionomer Cements at Lessening Post-Operative Sensitivity After the Placement of a Full Coverage Crown (CAT#2686)03/27/2014John Luke Covalt
Resin Composite Restorations May be Promising Esthetic Alternatives to Stainless Steel Crowns in Pulpotomized Primary Molars (CAT#2691)03/12/2014Roger Flippen
A Partial Pulpotomy is an Effective Treatment for patients with Complicated Crown Fractures (CCFs) of Young Permanent Incisors (CAT#2674)03/06/2014Benjamin Hanks
Flap-Less Microsurgery May Be a Suitable Alternative to Open-Flap Esthetic Crown Lengthening Surgery (CAT#2650)02/28/2014Daylon Galvan
Platform Switching is Ineffective in Perserving Marginal Bone (CAT#2605)01/11/2014Rozee Rattani
Limited Evidence Supports Advantage of Splinting Short Dental Implants in Posterior Partially Edentulous Patients (CAT#2603)11/14/2013Diana Cole
Coronectomy of 3rd Molars is Associated with Less Inferior Alveolar Nerve Damage Than Complete Tooth Extraction, When Potential Nerve Complications are Present (CAT#2596)10/31/2013Andrew Newman
Die Accuracy is Similar for Full-Arch Custom Impression Trays and Dual Arch Plastic Trays for Single Tooth Fixed Restorations (CAT#2591)09/24/2013Marina Protopopova
Pilot Data Suggests Use of Ultrasound Will Be Effective in Diagnosis of Incomplete Crown Fracture in The Future (CAT#2551)08/06/2013Dionte R. Moncrief
When Placing Implant Crowns, Both Metal and Ceramic Abutments Provide Excellent Functional and Esthetic Service (CAT#2519)08/03/2013James Moore
Lithium Disilicate Porcelain Is Weaker Than Zirconia When Comparing Fracture Toughness Of Dental Crowns (CAT#2417)04/01/2013Michael Salas
Ostectomy with Apically Positioned Flap Most Effectively Maintains Post-Surgical Gingival Crest Positions Compared to Gingivectomy (CAT#2433)03/21/2013Natalie Garza
Pulp Testing May Demonstrate Pulp Vitality Effectively In Patients With Full Coverage Restorations (CAT#2375)03/18/2013Mary Grace Camp
Survival Rate of Metal-Ceramic Crowns as Opposed to a Zirconia-Ceramic Crown (CAT#2469)03/08/2013Kuntal Patel
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Superior to Calcium Hydroxide in Pulpotomized Primary Molars (CAT#2415)03/07/2013Kyle King
1.5 to 2 mm of Coronal Dentin Needed for a Crown Buildup (CAT#2439)03/01/2013Ian Sport
Extracting Deciduous Canines And First Molars May Prevent The Ectopic Eruption Of Impacted Permanent Maxillary Canines (CAT#2385)02/26/2013S. Jade Wylie
Effect of Micro-Etching On The Retention Of Dental Fixed Prosthesis (CAT#2383)02/25/2013Camille Daryapayma
Zirconia Crowns Show Similar Failure Rate But More Extensive Occlusal Wear Than Gold Crowns (CAT#2260)04/25/2012Mustafa Shinta
No Significant Difference Between The Failure Rates Of Zirconia And Other All Ceramic Systems For Single Tooth Full Coverage Crowns (CAT#2231)04/12/2012Travis McAlister
Cement-Retained Implant Supported Metal Ceramic Crowns Are More Effective At Resisting Fracture Than Screw-Retained Implants (CAT#2262)04/12/2012Zade Faraj
Longevity of Single Tooth Restorations Fabricated Using the CAD/CAM System is Similar to that of Traditional Laboratory Techniques. (CAT#2243)04/12/2012Hardik Chodavadia
Metallic Orthodontic Appliances Should Be Removed Prior To MRI Imaging (CAT#2166)03/15/2012John P. Hatch, PhD
Information Gained From 3D Imaging Can Influence The Orthodontic Treatment Planning For Retained or Ectopically Erupting Maxillary Cuspids (CAT#2135)10/12/2011Miriam Robins, DDS, MS
Primary Tooth Trauma Is Associated With A High Incidence Of Developmental Defects In The Permanent Successor (CAT#2161)10/07/2011Matthew Dietrich
Direct Composite Restoration is Equivalent to Full Cast Coverage for Endodontically Treated Premolars (CAT#2061)06/02/2011Vi Linh Hoang
Which Lasts Longer: Implant or FPD? (CAT#901)05/17/2011J. Christian Francis
Simulation Of Natural Tooth Shade In Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal Vs. Zirconia Crowns (CAT#772)04/28/2011Salimah M. Shariff
Laser Doppler Flowmetry May Provide Additional Information For Treatment Planning In Patients Suffering From A Traumatic Injury To Their Teeth Compared To Other Methods Of Pulp Testing (CAT#839)04/07/2011Jennifer Vanscoy
Marginal Accuracy Of Zirconia vs. Porcelain Fused To Metal (CAT#831)03/30/2011Brad Schafer
Conventional loading dental implants have a higher success rate than immediate loading implants (CAT#550)04/14/2010Sarah Norman
No Long Term Difference In Outcome Between Root Canal Therapies and Single-Tooth Implants (CAT#568)03/31/2010Sung Kim
Resin Composite Build Up (CAT#562)03/31/2010William Henderson
Stainless Steel Crowns vs Amalgam In Pediatric Patients (CAT#620)03/30/2010Yusif Mohammad
Single-Tooth Implants Vs. Tooth-Supported Fixed Partial Dentures Cl (CAT#521)01/20/2010Christen Kartaltepe
Stability of periodontal architecture created by crown lengthening surgery (CAT#522)01/20/2010Christen Kartaltepe
Digital Dental Impressions Effective In Producing Clinically Acceptable Crowns (CAT#511)01/13/2010Christen Kartaltepe
Fiber Posts Do Not Provide Greater Fracture Resistance for Endodontically Treated Molar Teeth Compared to No Post (CAT#467)01/06/2010Jeff Shao
Open Gingival Embrasures Between Maxillary Central Incisors (Black Triangles), Following Orthodontic Treatment in Adults (CAT#338)11/20/2009Vishnu Raj, DDS
Immediate vs. Early vs. Conventional Implants (CAT#269)11/11/2009Vinh D. Doan, DDS, MS