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Vital Tooth Bleaching Is Considered Safe for Pediatric Patients (CAT#3324)09/18/2018MATTHEW CARRAWAY
Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching Systems With Nano-Hydroxyapatite Do Not Significantly Reduce Postoperative Sensitivity Following Tooth Whitening Procedures (CAT#3167)03/23/2017Colton Albrecht
Lower Concentration H2O2 Tooth Whitening Products Do Not Significantly Reduce Post-treatment Dentinal Hypersensitivity and Provide Clinically Similar Color Change Compared to Higher Concentration Products (CAT#2618)03/23/2014Ibrahim Houari
Laser Activated Teeth Whitening Systems May Cause a Greater Rise in Intrapulpal Temperature Compared to Other Heat-Activated Bleaching Techniques, Potentially Resulting in Pulpal Damage (CAT#2638)02/24/2014Katarzyna Szozda
Whitening Strips are Better Than Toothpastes for Reducing Yellowness, But The Results Might Not be Clinically Significant (CAT#2494)08/01/2013Jacqueline Platta
Whitening at Home: Strips vs Gels (CAT#2510)07/22/2013Elizabeth Ann McElhinney
Longitudinal Efficacy of At-Home Teeth Whitening Systems (CAT#2500)07/08/2013Crystal Kelso
Whitening Mouth Rinse Is More Effective At Tooth Whitening Than Whitening Toothpaste (CAT#2368)03/08/2013Susannah Payne
Mercury Leakage from Amalgam Restorations due to Carbamide Peroxide (CAT#2393)03/01/2013Shingmei Chang
Dentin Sensitive Toothpaste Does Effectively Reduce Tooth Sensitivity (CAT#2418)02/28/2013Hien Nguyen
Carbamide Peroxide Gel is as Effective as Hydrogen Peroxide Gel for Teeth Whitening (CAT#2226)04/26/2012Lindsey Fraser
Potassium Nitrate Sodium Fluoride Toothpaste Reduces Tooth Bleaching Sensitivity (CAT#2208)04/26/2012Matthew Carraway
No Conclusive Evidence That Light-Activated Bleaching Results In Greater Whitening Than Tray/Non-Light Activated Bleaching (CAT#2279)04/11/2012Alvin D. Nguyen
Teeth Whitening Does Not Increase Susceptibility to Dental Caries (CAT#2187)04/09/2012Akshay Thusu
Comparison Of Products Used For Intracoronal Bleaching (CAT#758)03/23/2011Katrina Fisher
Tartar Control Toothpaste Effectively Reduces Calculus Formation (CAT#777)03/18/2011Christopher J. Vogt
Home Tooth Whitening May Cause Short Term Tooth Sensitivity (CAT#605)05/11/2010Brooke Kennedy
Tooth Bleaching: Safety and Efficacy Of In-Office Versus At-Home Treatment (CAT#579)04/01/2010Kimberly Tong
Dentist-Prescribed Overnight Bleaching is More Effective than Over-the-counter Methods for Vital Tooth Bleaching (CAT#557)03/31/2010Alexandra M. Forney
Teeth Whitening: in-office or over the counter? (CAT#539)03/26/2010Zynab Pearose
Bonding Of Orthodontic Brackets Can Be Affected By Certain Methods Of Tooth Bleaching (CAT#281)01/28/2010Kelly McKenna, DDS
Comparing The Application Method Of Different Peroxide-Containing Tooth Whitening Systems (CAT#474)01/13/2010Amber Todora
At Home Tooth Whitening Strips Are Most Likely As Effective As At-Home And In-Office Bleaching Treatments in Dental Patients (CAT#483)01/07/2010David S. Harris