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Applying Fluoride to Root Surfaces of Delayed Replanted Teeth May Reduce Resorption (CAT#3376)02/26/2019Amie Heim
Splinting of an avulsed tooth with a mature apex is recommended for no more than 14 days to facilitate periodontal healing (CAT#3288)11/16/2017Tyler Hawkins, DMD
TMJ Replacement May Be the Treatment of Choice for TMD Patients with Advanced TMJ Disease (CAT#3193)03/29/2017Colby Cottongame
Splinting of Mobile Teeth Improves Outcomes in Guided Tissue Regeneration (CAT#3100)11/01/2016Kyle Trobough, DDS
Occlusal Splint Therapy in Combination With Masseter and Temporalis Muscle Massage Significantly Improves TMD Muscle Pain (CAT#3027)04/26/2016Soumya Thomas
A Combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Splint Therapy is More Effective in Reducing Resting Muscle Activity in Adult Bruxers Than Splint Therapy Alone (CAT#3084)04/01/2016Carissa Cerna
Massage is Beneficial for Managing Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) Pain in Patients Who Have Sleep Bruxism (CAT#3017)03/24/2016Ernest Thomas
Splint Therapy is the Most Conservative Treatment for Idiopathic Condylar Resorption (ICR) (CAT#2986)02/16/2016Sandra Raouf
Occlusal Changes from Obstructive Sleep Apnea Appliances Are Not Self-Limiting and Continue to Progress (CAT#2857)03/30/2015Eduardo Vela
The Cardiovascular Health Benefits of Using Oral Appliance Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Typically Outweigh the Risks of Tooth Movement and Malocclusion (CAT#2808)02/26/2015Corbin Clifton
Gabapentin Is as Effective as an Occlusal Appliance in Controlling Nighttime Masticatory EMG Activity (CAT#2762)09/16/2014Supriya Patel
Over-the-counter Splints Used for Bruxism Have More Potential for Adverse Effects Than Splints Made and Adjusted by the Dentist (CAT#2735)06/24/2014Mohamad K. Alhadlaq
Limited Evidence Supports Advantage of Splinting Short Dental Implants in Posterior Partially Edentulous Patients (CAT#2603)11/14/2013Diana Cole
Effective Interventions Involving Physical Therapy and Oral Exercises to Reduce Symptoms Associated with TMD (CAT#2487)08/21/2013Alejandro J. Trevnio
The Most Frequent Dental Therapies Used to Treat Bruxism by General Dentist are More Conservative Than Dental Specialists in The Management of Bruxism (CAT#2489)05/29/2013Ronald N. Brown, DDS
All Active Mandibular Advancement Devices Improved Polysomnographic Indices (CAT#2349)04/13/2013Roger Arredondo, DDS
Protrusive Splint Therapy (PST) Reduces Pain For Patients With Temporalmandibular Disorder (TMD) (CAT#2308)08/10/2012Vu Le
Occlusal Splint Is More Effective Than Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation In Reducing Pain Due To Acute TMJ Disc Displacement Without Reduction (CAT#2281)04/25/2012Hoang Doan
Mini Dental Implants: Approved for Long-Term Fixed and Removable Prostheses (CAT#2235)04/12/2012Chase Nesloney
TMD Education And Self-Management Instruction Is The First Choice For Patients With Myofascial Pain (CAT#2199)04/12/2012Xingkun Liu
Treatment of TMD Pain With Occlusal Splint vs. Physical Therapies (CAT#2252)04/12/2012Laura Jo Clarke
Self-care Treatment Without Intraoral Splint Appliance Is Comparable To Self-Care Treatment With Intraoral Splint Appliance In Treating Patients With TMD (CAT#2234)04/11/2012Khoa Nguyen
Fabrication of Surgical Guides for Miniscrew Implant Placement in Orthodontics is more Accurate using Cone-beam CT (CAT#2144)10/07/2011Glenn Terry
Self-Care Therapy Can Provide Relief Of TMD Pain Equal To Splint Therapy (CAT#2081)08/02/2011Glenn Terry
Efficacy of Botulinum Toxin In Treating Myofascial Pain And TMD (CAT#894)07/07/2011Erica Williams
Occlusal Appliances Used By Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea May Cause Occlusal Changes (CAT#898)05/16/2011Caroline Corrigan
Prosthodontic Treatment Versus Occlusal Splints in Reducing Chronic TMD Symptoms for Patients with Disk Displacement without Reduction (CAT#796)04/14/2011Corey Jones
Equal Efficacy Of Occlusal Splints Fabricated In Centric Relation Or Maximum Intercuspation In Temporomandibular Disorders Patients (CAT#786)04/12/2011Yunyi Ding
Laser Doppler Flowmetry May Provide Additional Information For Treatment Planning In Patients Suffering From A Traumatic Injury To Their Teeth Compared To Other Methods Of Pulp Testing (CAT#839)04/07/2011Jennifer Vanscoy
Therapeutic Use Of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators For Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Pain Relief (CAT#809)04/05/2011Jin H. Choi
Partial Coverage Occlusal Appliances Are Effective In Maintaining Occlusal Harmony (CAT#819)03/15/2011Dustin Patrick
Biofeedback, Acupuncture And Possibly Massage Are Beneficial For TMD (CAT#611)05/10/2010James Payne
Occlusal Splints Are A Suitable Treatment Option For Patients With A Mild Form Of Sleep Apnea (CAT#635)05/06/2010Travis Whitson
Acupuncture Therapy is Comparable to Splint Therapy for Short Term Results for Temporomandibular Disorder (CAT#601)05/03/2010Xiaoxu Zhu
Occlusal Splints And The Effects On TMD (CAT#609)05/03/2010Francisco Rubio
Hard Versus Soft Occlusal Splints (CAT#577)04/01/2010Karen Lin
Botulinum Toxin reduces Nocturnal EMG and Symptoms in Patients with sleep Bruxism (CAT#583)04/01/2010Christen Kartaltepe
No Difference Between Soft, Hard, Or No Occlusal Splint After Arthrocentesis For TMD In Short-Term Outcome (CAT#493)02/17/2010Elena Koshman
Treating TMD Can Relieve Non-Otologic Otalgia (CAT#494)01/13/2010Bahman Norouzinia
Occlusal Splints and Sleep Bruxism (CAT#465)12/22/2009J. Christian Francis