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Clear Aligner Therapy provides lower caries risk compared to Fixed Orthodontic Treatment (CAT#3365)12/13/2018Spencer Marsh
Surgically facilitated orthodontics with corticotomy and bone grafting does result in a slight increase in horizontal and vertical bone levels for orthodontic treatment compared to traditional orthodontic treatment alone. (CAT#3346)11/15/2018Komal Patel, DMD
Clear Aligners May Reduce Impact on Periodontal Health Compared to Fixed Orthodontic Appliances (CAT#3333)10/16/2018Kristi NJ Kennedy, DDS, MPH
Intraoral Scanning Provides Comparable Accuracy to Conventional Impression Materials for Orthodontic Treatment Planning (CAT#3313)03/26/2018Kevin Tran
Clear aligners Successfully Treat Patients with Open Bites (CAT#3304)12/11/2017Sana Banday
Customized Orthodontic Brackets Appear to Have No Impact on Treatment Duration (CAT#3303)11/28/2017Ahmed Alotaibi
Lingual Appliances Are Associated with an Increase in Oral Discomfort and Eating Difficulties (CAT#3239)04/27/2017Delaram Mostafavi
Piezocision-Assisted Orthodontic Treatment May Increase Root Resorption (CAT#3160)04/05/2017Alexander Harris
Prophylactic Extraction of Deciduous Maxillary Canines May Be an Effective Interceptive Treatment Option for Successful Eruption of Palatally Displaced Maxillary Permanent Canines (CAT#3191)03/31/2017Samantha Sackos
Application of Chlorhexidine Varnish Decreases Incidence of Caries During Orthodontic Treatment (CAT#3172)03/23/2017Kathryn Wynne
A Surgery-First Orthognathic Approach to Treatment of Dentofacial Deformities Can Be More Efficient (CAT#3165)03/21/2017Shayda Sarrami
Clear Removable Aligners Cause Similar Rates of Orthodontically Induced External Apical Root Resorption Compared to Conventional Fixed Orthodontic Treatment (CAT#3124)11/21/2016Hala Alsalman, BDS
Poorly Controlled Diabetes Mellitus Compromises Bone Response to Orthodontic Forces in Comparison to Well-controlled Diabetic and Monodiabetic Patients (CAT#3091)05/30/2016Suzzane Horani
Smartphone Applications Are Available to Help Orthodontic Patients and Clinicians (CAT#3019)03/23/2016Dhea Patel
Clear Aligners are Effective in Controlling Some Orthodontic Tooth Movement (CAT#3078)03/23/2016Reuel McIntyre
Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics Treatment Does Not Result In Significantly Different Density Of The Periodontium Compared To Conventional Orthodontics (CAT#3008)03/16/2016Wendi Parks
Effectiveness of Clear Aligners at Controlling Minor Anterior Intrusions is Comparable to Straight Wire Orthodontics (CAT#3033)03/12/2016Jason Poon
Using Fluoride Containing Adhesives for Bonding Orthodontic Appliances Reduces Loss of Minerals in the Enamel Adjacent to the Appliances (CAT#3011)03/11/2016Aalia Farukhi
Orthodontic Treatment of Class II Malocclusion During Early Childhood Does Not Produce Better Clinical Outcomes, Compared to Treatment During Adolescence (CAT#3021)03/11/2016Keri Keller
Removal of Anterior Lingual Retention Causes Relapse in Post Orthodontic Treated Patients (CAT#3014)03/10/2016Patrick VanCura
Supplemental Vibrational Force Does Not Decrease Time to Reach Final Alignment in Orthodontic Treatment (CAT#2988)03/04/2016Satoko Hasegawa
Splint Therapy is the Most Conservative Treatment for Idiopathic Condylar Resorption (ICR) (CAT#2986)02/16/2016Sandra Raouf
Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) Increases The Rate of Orthodontic Tooth Movement in Rats (CAT#2931)10/15/2015Khaled AlSharif, DDS
Performing a Variety of Tasks May Help Dentists Maintain Hand Strength Throughout Their Careers (CAT#2906)07/09/2015Khushbu Malhotra
Evidence is Inconclusive with Regard to Efficiency of Tooth Movement When Ceramic Orthodontic Brackets Are Employed Versus Traditional Metal Orthodontic Brackets (CAT#2852)04/08/2015Darren Hallums
There Is No Conclusive Advantage for Single Tooth Implants over Fixed Partial Dentures in Replacing Congenitally Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors (CAT#2894)04/06/2015Michael Jimenez
Wind Instrument Playing is Not a Major Etiologic Factor in the Occurrence of Malocclusion (CAT#2862)03/31/2015Lauren Flynn
In Pediatric Patients, Use of Removable Orthodontic Appliances May Lead to an Increased Risk of Dental Caries (CAT#2816)03/30/2015Beatriz E. Fortanely
Exposure to Gluten, Used in the Manufacture of Dental Materials, Can Exacerbate Celiac Disease (CAT#2836)03/24/2015Taylor Robison
Limited Evidence to Support Surgical Intervention Accelerates Tooth Movement and Reduces Treatment Time (CAT#2815)03/20/2015Jeffrey M. Marrs
The Use of Corticotomies Can Effectively Reduce Treatment Time in Adult Patients (CAT#2801)12/04/2014Carson Phillips, DDS
Maxillary Bone Anchored Maxillary Protraction Achieves Greater Maxillary Advancement Compared to Facemask/RME Therapy (CAT#2791)11/26/2014Kristin Saunders
Osteoperforations Such As Propel Orthodontics Micro-Osteoperforation Appliance Accelerate Orthodontic Tooth Movement With Minimal Surgical Intervention (CAT#2771)10/21/2014Luke Tibbitts
In Patients with Moderate Malocclusion, Orthodontic Treatment Provides No Significant Improvement to Periodontal Health (CAT#2740)06/25/2014Teresa Nguyen
There is Conflicting Evidence Regarding the Use of Low-Level Laser Therapy of Alveolar Bone to Accelerate Orthodontic Tooth Movements (CAT#2745)06/25/2014Abdulmohsen Alqasir
Clinician-Administered Topical Fluoride Applications During Treatment with Fixed Orthodontic Appliances Prevent the Development of White Spot Lesions (CAT#2730)05/17/2014Karim Allahdina
Increased Horizontal Stability After Mandibular Setback Surgery in Patients with Skeletal Class III Malocclusion with Pre-Surgical Orthodontics (CAT#2723)04/15/2014Hooman Abdolisereshki
Effectiveness of a Fixed Functional Appliance When Compared to Headgear in Treating Class II Malocclusion (CAT#2688)04/03/2014Komal Suri
Orthodontic Retention with Fixed Mandibular Retainers is not Detrimental to Periodontal Health in Patients with Good Oral Hygiene (CAT#2696)04/02/2014Linh Quach
Myofunctional Orthodontics May or May Not Produce a More Stable Result Than Traditional Orthodontics (CAT#2667)03/26/2014Ray Caesar
Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Use in Routine Orthodontic Evaluation Exposes Patients to Higher Levels of Radiation Than Lateral Cephalometric Radiography and/or Digital Panoramic Radiography (CAT#2673)03/25/2014Bethany Flanders
Insufficient Evidence to Prove the Efficacy of Piezocision-Assisted Orthodontic Treatment (CAT#2683)03/23/2014Michelle Clinton
Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Improves Detection of External Root Resorption (CAT#2549)08/06/2013Ryan Noel Reyes
The Most Frequent Dental Therapies Used to Treat Bruxism by General Dentist are More Conservative Than Dental Specialists in The Management of Bruxism (CAT#2489)05/29/2013Ronald N. Brown, DDS
In an Orthodontic Patient, There is no Significant Difference in Tooth Movement When Using Either a Mandibular Fixed Retainer or a Removable Retainer (CAT#2400)03/19/2013Mellina Delgado
Corticotomy-Assisted Orthodontics May Reduce Treatment Time For Patients With Palatally Impacted Canines (CAT#2413)02/28/2013Peyton Cometti
There may not be any clinically significant difference in facial profile change when comparing first premolar extractions to second premolar extractions. (CAT#2424)02/28/2013Kyle Meason
In-vitro Evidence Shows that using Bioactive Bonding Agents May Help Prevent White Spot Lesions Following Orthodontic Treatment (CAT#2419)02/28/2013Ross Williams
Extraction orthodontic treatment may or may not cause a decrease in posterior airway size, with no association shown to sleep apnea. (CAT#2335)02/11/2013Ann Larsen, DDS
Root Resorption Associated With Orthodontic Tooth Movement (CAT#2297)05/22/2012Josh Lee
No Significant Effects of Inter-proximal Enamel Reduction Found on Caries Risk Assessment in Orthodontics (CAT#2285)04/13/2012Neha Patel
Does The Quadhelix Outperform The Xpansion Arch? (CAT#2272)04/13/2012Holly Marabella
Proclination Of Lower Incisors During Orthodontic Treatment Does Not Cause Gingival Recession (CAT#2213)04/13/2012Rachel Lowery
No Evidence to Support Orthodontics As An Effective Treatment For Temporomandibular Disorders (CAT#2180)04/09/2012Aaron Glick
Dental Water Jets Are More Effective For Plaque Control In Adolescent Orthodontic Patients Than Manual Brushing And Flossing (CAT#2175)03/19/2012Kristi Johnson
Metallic Orthodontic Appliances Should Be Removed Prior To MRI Imaging (CAT#2166)03/15/2012John P. Hatch, PhD
Clinically-Significant, Long-Term Skeletal Changes From Rapid Maxillary Expansion Can Be Expected In Adolescent Patients Prior To Their Pubertal Growth Spurt (CAT#2155)10/08/2011Christopher Escott, DDS
Fabrication of Surgical Guides for Miniscrew Implant Placement in Orthodontics is more Accurate using Cone-beam CT (CAT#2144)10/07/2011Glenn Terry
Soft Tissue Profile Changes Occur From Late Adolescence To Late Adulthood In Persons With No History Of Orthodontic Therapy (CAT#2157)10/07/2011Joshua Parker
Functional Appliances May Minimally Increase Mandibular Skeletal Growth (CAT#2129)09/15/2011Christopher Escott
Orthodontics and Temporomandibular Disorder: A Meta-Analysis (CAT#869)04/28/2011Joowon Cho
Orthodontic Treatment On Endodontic Treated Teeth (CAT#805)03/24/2011Alyssa Segelquist
White Spot Lesions Due to Orthodontic Treatment (CAT#810)03/24/2011Ryan Noel Reyes
Effectiveness Of Electric Toothbrushes In Orthodontic Patients (CAT#749)03/07/2011Esperanza R. Martinez
Accelerated Orthodontic Tooth Movement in Young Patients (CAT#629)05/03/2010Dennis Tran
Alveolar Implants Used For Canine Retraction (CAT#610)04/07/2010Cami Martin
Ibuprofen Does Not inhibit orthodontic tooth movement Shown In Animal Studies (CAT#623)03/30/2010J. Christian Francis
The Effect of Mandibular Fixed Orthodontic Retainers on The Development of Dental Caries (CAT#535)03/26/2010Maegan Elam
Open Versus Closed Surgical Exposure of Palatally Impacted Canines (CAT#285)01/28/2010Jarod Oliver
Bonding Of Orthodontic Brackets Can Be Affected By Certain Methods Of Tooth Bleaching (CAT#281)01/28/2010Kelly McKenna, DDS
Orthodontic Appointment Intervals (CAT#464)12/22/2009J. Christian Francis
Open Gingival Embrasures Between Maxillary Central Incisors (Black Triangles), Following Orthodontic Treatment in Adults (CAT#338)11/20/2009Vishnu Raj, DDS
Dental Implants Safe For Immediate Loading When Used For Orthodontic Anchorage (CAT#293)11/11/2009Ashley Smith, DMD