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Digital impressions vs conventional impressions; accurate for single unit crowns and short Fixed Partial Dentures, but not accurate for full arch restorations. (CAT#3293)11/14/2017Kaveh Azarnoush
Both Subtractive Manufactured Dental Implants and Additive Manufactured Dental Implants Have High Success Rates in Patients Over a 5-Year Period (CAT#3236)04/26/2017Arvind Adapalli
Longevity of 3-Unit Bridge Restorations Utilizing CAD/CAM Technology Is Comparable to That of Metal-Ceramic Castings (CAT#3157)04/19/2017Amir Pirzadeh
Ovate Pontics Shape the Soft Tissue Emergence Profile of Anterior Extraction Sites (CAT#3134)03/06/2017Wendi Parks
Survival Rates of Implants Placed in Previously Failed Sites Are Decreased But Clinically Acceptable (CAT#3099)11/06/2016Mandy Miller, DMD
There Is No Conclusive Advantage for Single Tooth Implants over Fixed Partial Dentures in Replacing Congenitally Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors (CAT#2894)04/06/2015Michael Jimenez
No Significant Difference Was Found in Success or Failure Rate Between Cement-and Screw-Retained Prostheses (CAT#2741)06/25/2014Adel S. Alqarni
CAD/CAM Fabricated FPDs Have Higher Fracture Strength Than Directly Fabricated FPDs (CAT#2462)03/07/2013Keyur Bhagat
Conventional Single Tooth Fixed Partial Dentures (FPD) vs. Resin-Retained Fixed Partial Dentures (CAT#2008)05/24/2011Justin Bonner
Which Lasts Longer: Implant or FPD? (CAT#901)05/17/2011J. Christian Francis
Comparison Of Endodontic And Fixed Partial Denture Treatment (CAT#779)03/17/2011Gustavo Leal
Implant Supported Fixed Partial Dentures Have a Higher Success Rate Than Tooth Supported Fixed Partial Dentures (CAT#621)03/30/2010Alejandro Martinez
Single-Tooth Implants Vs. Tooth-Supported Fixed Partial Dentures Cl (CAT#521)01/20/2010Christen Kartaltepe