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Using Platelet Rich Fibrin During Socket Preservation Prevents Alveolar Bone Loss and Leads to Faster Soft-tissue Healing Along With Decreased Post-operative Pain. (CAT#3349)12/15/2018Matthew Kushner
Diagnostic accuracy of FDG-PET-CT to identify unknown primary tumor and/or distant metastasis in patients with cervical node involvement. (CAT#3344)11/20/2018Sonam Khurana
Regenerative Treatment Following Mandibular Third Molar Extraction Leads to Increased Clinical Attachment Level at Adjacent Second Molars (CAT#3366)11/20/2018Christopher Pesut
Leukocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin Is More Effective Than Natural Healing in Reducing Vertical and Horizontal Alveolar Ridge Resorption After Tooth Extraction (CAT#3337)11/12/2018Michael Vieth, DDS
The Socket-Shield Technique Might Improve the Clinical Outcome of Immediate Implants (CAT#3336)11/07/2018Amanda Morris, DMD
Findings Are Inconclusive as to Association Between Implants and Development of Vertical Root Fractures in Adjacent Teeth (CAT#3315)07/19/2018André T. Jones
The presence of different irrigants in the root canal system can affect working length determination during root canal treatment. (CAT#3301)12/11/2017Sukhpreet Sandhu, DDS
Evidence Unclear on Effectiveness of Palatal Anesthesia in Controlling Pain and Improving Behavior of Pediatric Patients (CAT#3298)11/20/2017Murad Alrashdi
External Root Resorption May Be a Postoperative Complication Encountered Following Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft Procedures (CAT#3299)11/20/2017David Wong
Supplemental Parathyroid Hormone Increases Bone Formation Around Dental Implants in an Osteoporotic Animal Model (CAT#3284)11/14/2017Neda Almojel
Longer Healing Time Correlates With More Vital Bone Formation Following Ridge Preservation with DFDBA after Single Tooth Extraction (CAT#3275)11/03/2017Aaron Nelson
Bioactive Glass Increases Resistance of Dental Composite Restorations to Streptococcus Mutans (CAT#3251)06/13/2017Andrew Montalvo
Using Platelet Rich Fibrin Following Surgical Extraction of Third Molars Reduces Incidence of Alveolar Osteitis and Promotes Soft Tissue Healing (CAT#3253)05/18/2017Josue Vega
Antibiotics Do Not Lower Pain or Infection with Acute Apical Abscess (CAT#3216)04/29/2017Penny Wong
Increased Interincisal Angle in Orthodontic Extraction Cases Treated With Lingual Appliances (CAT#3233)04/27/2017Andrew Daniel
For Socket Preservation, Calcium Sulfate Alloplast Shows Similar Results as Freeze-Dried Bone Allograft for Maintenance of Socket Dimension and New Bone Formation (CAT#3240)04/24/2017Christopher Beard
Nonopioid, Over-the-Counter Analgesics Can Be as or More Effective Than Prescription Medications Containing Opioids in the Pain Management of Post-Extraction Patients (CAT#3212)04/19/2017Elizabeth Castleberry
Nonsurgical Root Canal Treatment Is an Appropriate Alternative to Extraction in Patients with BRONJ and/or on Bisphosphonate Therapy (CAT#3220)04/10/2017Andre Jones
Piezocision-Assisted Orthodontic Treatment May Increase Root Resorption (CAT#3160)04/05/2017Alexander Harris
Liposomal Bupivacaine May Prove to Provide Adequate Long-Term Local Anesthesia (CAT#3208)04/05/2017Sean Rathburn
Use of Physics Forceps May Result in Less Pain and Fewer Adverse Outcomes Than Conventional Forceps (CAT#3190)04/05/2017Patrick Grady
Prophylactic Extraction of Deciduous Maxillary Canines May Be an Effective Interceptive Treatment Option for Successful Eruption of Palatally Displaced Maxillary Permanent Canines (CAT#3191)03/31/2017Samantha Sackos
No Evidence to Show Benefits of Cold Therapy After Third Molar Extraction (CAT#3142)03/23/2017Payam Hemmat
A Surgery-First Orthognathic Approach to Treatment of Dentofacial Deformities Can Be More Efficient (CAT#3165)03/21/2017Shayda Sarrami
Ovate Pontics Shape the Soft Tissue Emergence Profile of Anterior Extraction Sites (CAT#3134)03/06/2017Wendi Parks
Extraction Patients Who Receive Additional Postoperative Information on Drug Disposal Programs Are More Likely to Dispose of Unused Opioid Pills (CAT#3131)01/03/2017Joel Elizondo
400 mg Ibuprofen/1000 mg Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) Is Suggested Effective Dosage for Ibuprofen/Acetaminophen Combination Therapy in Postoperative Pain Reduction (CAT#2994)04/19/2016Lacey Brooke Key, RDH
Children With Caries In Their Primary Dentition Pose a Higher Risk of Developing Caries In Their Permanent Dentition (CAT#3035)03/29/2016Holly Ardoin
Preoperative Administration of Celecoxib (Celebrex) is Effective for Managing Postoperative Pain In Third Molar Extractions (CAT#3052)03/13/2016Alexander Quante
Simple Maxillary Teeth Extractions Can Be Successfully Performed Without Including a Palatal Injection (CAT#3007)03/11/2016Christian Lopez
Prevention of Dry Socket After Tooth Extraction With Warm Saline Rinses (CAT#2996)03/06/2016Fauzia Dadarkar
Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) Supported Pontics Prevent Bone Resorption in Young Growing Patients with Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors (CAT#2964)12/10/2015Michael Schulte
Risk of Alveolar Destruction Post-Operatively Following Dental Extraction is Positively Correlated to Uncontrolled Diabetes (CAT#2948)11/03/2015Kelly Walsh, DDS
Decoronation Technique for the Treatment of Trauma-Based Ankylosis Results in Favorable Alveolar Ridge Preservation (CAT#2922)10/10/2015Amber Miller, DDS
Primary Wound Closure Versus Secondary Wound Closure Following Extraction of Mandibular Third Molars Causes a Statistically Significant Increase in Post-Operative Pain and Swelling (CAT#2923)10/09/2015Alicia Casarez-Quintana, DDS
No Relationship Between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Premolar Extraction (CAT#2917)09/23/2015Megan Laughinghouse
Preoperative Continuation of Aspirin with Appropriate Hemostatic Measures Is Currently Recommended (CAT#2850)04/09/2015Sehee Han
Immediate Implant Placement Provides Acceptable Esthetic Outcomes but may be Associated with Greater Frequency of Mucosal Recession (CAT#2880)03/31/2015Olivia Gassmann
Interruption in Use of the New Class of Direct Thrombin Inhibitors and Factor Xa Inhibitors is Not Indicated for the Anticoagulated Patient Undergoing Simple Dental Procedures (CAT#2828)03/27/2015Craig Harrison
Does Immediate Implant Placement Result in More Soft Tissue Recession Than Conventional Implant Placement for Patients Requiring Tooth Extraction in Esthetic Areas? (CAT#2861)03/27/2015Rebecca Sonick
Success Rate of Single Molar Implants is Similar to Root Resections in Patient with Furcated Molars (CAT#2876)03/25/2015Vincent Hsu
Limited Evidence to Support Surgical Intervention Accelerates Tooth Movement and Reduces Treatment Time (CAT#2815)03/20/2015Jeffrey M. Marrs
For Patients Taking Nonbisphosphonate Medications such as Xgeva, Avastin, or Sutent, Medication Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (MRONJ) Following Dentoalveolar Surgery Occurs at a Rate Comparable to that of Patients Taking IV Bisphosphonates (CAT#2811)03/16/2015Trevor Hamilton
The Use of Corticotomies Can Effectively Reduce Treatment Time in Adult Patients (CAT#2801)12/04/2014Carson Phillips, DDS
Ridge Preservation with DFDBA Yields More Vital Bone Compared to FDBA; Both Materials Yield Similar Clinical Ridge Dimensions Following Healing (CAT#2781)11/23/2014Blaine Calahan, DDS
Cancellous Freeze-Dried Done Allograft (FDBA) Offers No Improvement in Clinical Healing Compared to Cortical FDBA When Used for Ridge Preservation (CAT#2776)11/20/2014Randy Demetter, DDS
Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) with Voxels < 0.2 mm3 have Superior Sensitivity to Diagnose Vertical Root Fractures, Despite No Greater Specificity than Periapical Radiography (CAT#2779)11/20/2014Jeffrey M. Adcock, DDS
Full Cuspal Coverage Restorations Improve the Long-Term Survivability of Endodontically Treated Posterior Teeth (CAT#2782)11/19/2014Kelly Ramey, DDS
Osteoperforations Such As Propel Orthodontics Micro-Osteoperforation Appliance Accelerate Orthodontic Tooth Movement With Minimal Surgical Intervention (CAT#2771)10/21/2014Luke Tibbitts
Long-Term Success Rate May be Greater for Patients with Extraction and Implant Compared to Apical Surgery (CAT#2753)08/01/2014Shayan Salim
Insufficient Evidence Supporting the Efficacy of Intentional Replantation as a Modality of Endodontic Retreatment Over Extraction and Implant Placement (CAT#2750)07/23/2014Amana Farrkh
For Post-Dental Extraction Pain, Co-therapy with Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen is More Effective in Pain Management than Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen Alone (CAT#2734)06/25/2014Sammy Houari
Tramadol/Acetaminophen Tablets Provide Rapid, Effective, and Dose-Dependent Analgesia Following Dental Surgery (CAT#2725)05/05/2014Joshua Thiel
No Significant Difference in Relapse of Anterior Crowding in Class I and Class II Malocclusions Treated with or without Premolar Extractions and Retained with Hawley Retainers (CAT#2706)04/09/2014Mylinh Duong
Extraction of Mandibular Third Molars Does Not Minimize Lower Arch Crowding (CAT#2652)03/28/2014Charles A. Reyes
Uncontrolled Diabetic Patients May Benefit From Prophylactic Antibiotics Prior To Dentally Invasive Treatment (CAT#2616)03/24/2014Minda Gray
Epinephrine Use With Local Anesthesia in Post Myocardial Infarction Patients (CAT#2664)03/17/2014David Flanders
Risk of Severe Apical Root Resorption During Active Phase of Orthodontic Treatment Can be Predicted (CAT#2705)03/14/2014Hooman Abdolisereshki
Local Periodontal Care Around Mandibular Second Molar After Third Molar Extraction Decreases Probing Depth Around Periodontally Involved Second Molars (CAT#2669)03/12/2014Hiral Patel
Hydroxyapatite (HA) Coating on Titanium Implants Increases Osseointegration in the Osteoporotic Animal Model (CAT#2656)03/04/2014Jason Jones
Systemic Plus Local Therapy Provides No Significant Difference In The Successful Management Of Bleeding In A Patient With Type 1 von Willebrand Disease Compared to Local Therapy Alone (CAT#2654)02/28/2014Chris Felicetta
Clindamycin Exhibits No Statistical Difference in Preoperative Compared to Postoperative Administration For The Prevention of Dry Socket (CAT#2622)02/25/2014Maritza Flores
For Patients Requiring Posterior Class II Restorations with Gingival Terminations in Dentin, Glass Ionomer Provides Superior Marginal Adaptation Compared to Resin-based Composite (CAT#2597)11/08/2013Helen Oboro-Onuora
Preoperative Discontinuation of Warfarin for Dental Surgery Not Indicated for Most Patients (CAT#2600)11/06/2013Amana Farrkh
Coronectomy of 3rd Molars is Associated with Less Inferior Alveolar Nerve Damage Than Complete Tooth Extraction, When Potential Nerve Complications are Present (CAT#2596)10/31/2013Andrew Newman
Low Level Evidence Suggests Chlorhexidine Gel (0.2%) is a Better Alternative to Chlorhexidine Rinse (0.12%) in Preventing Dry Socket in Third Molar Extractions When Both are Applied Post-Operatively (CAT#2587)09/09/2013Olubunmi Osunfisan
Use of Corticosteroids Before the Extraction of Third Molars to Reduce Post-Operative Edema (CAT#2561)08/16/2013Faiza Baig
Pre-Operative Use of Cone Beam CT to Evaluated Location of Mandibular Canal Before Third Molar Extractions (CAT#2513)08/14/2013Cohl Brazil
There Is No Difference In The Rates Of Third Molar Post-Operative Inflammatory Complications Between Patients With 600mg Clindamycin, and Patients Without Antibiotics (CAT#2447)04/08/2013Matthew D. Grace
In Adult Patients, Diabetes Mellitus Type II may be an Influence in the Success of Root Canal Treated Teeth (CAT#2421)03/27/2013Mayra Fuentes
Risk of Developing Alveolar Osteitis Post-Operatively Following Dental Extraction is Positively Correlated to Smoking (CAT#2470)03/21/2013Omar El-Kweifi
Implant Placement May Lead to Post-Surgical Neuropathy (CAT#2388)03/19/2013Nicoleta Ene
Improvement Seen in Socket Preservation And Bone Resorption In Post Extraction Patients Treated With Bovine Bone Mineral And Porcine Collagen (CAT#2386)03/08/2013Irena Maredia
For A Patient Undergoing Tooth Extraction Before Implant Placement, Ridge Preservation May Be More Effective In Maintaining The Alveolar Ridge Than Normal Healing (CAT#2387)03/04/2013Johnny Trinh
There may not be any clinically significant difference in facial profile change when comparing first premolar extractions to second premolar extractions. (CAT#2424)02/28/2013Kyle Meason
In A Previously Irradiated Patient, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy May Be More Effective Than Antibiotic Therapy In Preventing Osteoradionecrosis Following A Dental Extraction (CAT#2380)02/27/2013Kelsey Parsons
Extracting Deciduous Canines And First Molars May Prevent The Ectopic Eruption Of Impacted Permanent Maxillary Canines (CAT#2385)02/26/2013S. Jade Wylie
For Patients With Dental Pain, Combination Therapy With Ibuprofen And Acetaminophen Is More Effective In Producing Analgesia Than Monotherapy With Ibuprofen Alone (CAT#2379)02/25/2013Michael Zhang
Extraction orthodontic treatment may or may not cause a decrease in posterior airway size, with no association shown to sleep apnea. (CAT#2335)02/11/2013Ann Larsen, DDS
Excellent Implant Survival Rate After Placement in Fresh Extraction Sockets (CAT#2328)08/13/2012Pete Holden
Initial Endodontic Treatment Has Similar Long-Term Survival Rate Compared to Single-Tooth Implants (CAT#2307)08/08/2012Vanessa Chrepa, BDS
Enamel Matrix Derivative (EMD) Regenerative Treatment in Cases of Severe Bone Loss Can Improve the Prognosis of That Tooth and Provide an Additional Treatment Option Rather Than Extraction and Tooth Replacement (CAT#2304)08/03/2012Lisa J. Shoff
Taking Bisphosphonates For Osteoporosis Increases The Risk Of Osteonecrosis Of The Jaw Only Slightly (CAT#2269)04/26/2012Diego Bonilla
Septic Arthritis of the Temporomandibular Joint; An Uncommonly Reported Entity (CAT#2268)04/25/2012Stephen Siedow
Zirconia Crowns Show Similar Failure Rate But More Extensive Occlusal Wear Than Gold Crowns (CAT#2260)04/25/2012Mustafa Shinta
Dental Preventive Treatments Can Reduce The Risk Of Developing Osteonecrosis Of The Jaw In Cancer Patients Receiving IV Bisphosphonate (CAT#2265)04/20/2012Yen-Han Yang
The Prevention of Nerve Hypersensitivity with Preoperative Dipyrone and Dexamethasone (CAT#2274)04/13/2012Amir Hassan
Limited Evidence On Soft Tissue Oral Wound Healing In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Following Oral Surgical Procedures (CAT#2233)04/12/2012Ulysses Joseph Vargas
Glove Selection in Reducing Postoperative Complications of Non-Surgical Dental Extractions: A Comparison of Clean Non-Sterile Gloves and Sterile Surgical Gloves (CAT#2247)04/11/2012James Bartee
Human Bone is Preferable to Bovine Bone in Socket Preservation Grafting (CAT#2189)03/30/2012Danielle Larivey
Non-Surgical Endodontic Treatment Is Not Associated With An Increased Risk Of Bisphosphonate Induced Osteonecrosis (CAT#2084)09/08/2011Matthew Dietrich
Asymptomatic Impacted Third Molars In The Middle Aged Patient (CAT#892)07/07/2011Niraj Patel
CBCT Superior To Panoramic Radiography In Displaying The Proximity Of The Inferior Alveolar Canal (IAC) To Impacted 3rd Molars (CAT#2076)07/07/2011Taoufik Faddoul
Ridge Preservation: Can We Preserve Bone For Implant Placement? (CAT#2059)05/23/2011W. Kelly Henderson
Oxaprozin and Naproxen Sodium Post-operatively Reduce Pain After Removal of Impacted Third Molars (CAT#873)05/05/2011Boulos Bechara, DDS
Intermittent Low-Dose Parathyroid Hormone [rhPTH(1-34)] Is Useful As Adjunctive Therapy For Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis Of The Jaw (BRONJ) (CAT#864)04/14/2011Chris Porter
Treatment Of A Root Fragment In The Maxillary Sinus (CAT#832)03/30/2011Daniel McKee
Surgicel Is Associated With Increased Incidence Of Dry Sockets (CAT#838)03/24/2011Courtney Parsley
Comparison Of Endodontic And Fixed Partial Denture Treatment (CAT#779)03/17/2011Gustavo Leal
Implant Restorations For Congenitally Missing Second Premolars In The Growing Patient (CAT#740)11/12/2010Jaime Rivera, DDS
Dental Extractions And Anti-Thrombotic Drug Therapy Management (CAT#534)04/14/2010Lacie Dennis
Alveolar Implants Used For Canine Retraction (CAT#610)04/07/2010Cami Martin
No Long Term Difference In Outcome Between Root Canal Therapies and Single-Tooth Implants (CAT#568)03/31/2010Sung Kim
Periodontal Healing Impaired After Extraction of impacted Third Molars in Patients Older Than 25 Years (CAT#570)03/31/2010Nicole Nakashima
Prophylactic Removal of Impacted Third Molars (CAT#545)03/29/2010Rebecca Davenport
Extraction Socket Preservation Techniques Decrease Post-Operative Bone Loss (CAT#536)03/26/2010Melissa Rooks
Results of Immediate Implant Placement into Infected Extraction Sites (CAT#596)03/25/2010Blake Johnston
No Significant Differences in Survival Among Immediate, Early or Conventional Implant Strategies (CAT#530)02/23/2010David Earnest
Orthodontic Extrusion or Surgical Procedures Acceptable for Dental Implant Site Preparation (CAT#481)01/06/2010Matthew Kolar
Orthodontic Appointment Intervals (CAT#464)12/22/2009J. Christian Francis