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Triple Antibiotic Solution Promotes Similar Antibacterial Effects as Calcium Hydroxide/2% Chlorhexidine When Used as an Intracanal Medicament (CAT#3361)11/20/2018Bracken G. Smith, DMD
Sealants and re-sealings are recommended for Molar Incisor Hypo-mineralized (MIH) teeth especially when applied using 5th generation adhesive systems. (CAT#3325)09/06/2018Nessa Pathiyil DDS
Dentin Bonding Agents Can Be Used to Reduce the Amount of Tooth Discoloration From a MTA Pulpotomy (CAT#3329)09/05/2018Badi Misaqi, DDS
Zirconia Implants May Cause Less Peri-Implant Mucosal Discoloration Than Titanium Implants (CAT#3030)05/06/2016Devon Harris
The Interaction of Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Two Commonly Used Endodontic Irrigants, Forms a Potentially Harmful Precipitate That Causes Obliteration of the Dentinal Tubules and Discoloration of the Root Canal System (CAT#2907)06/29/2015David Quaid Faltys
Traumatized Anterior Tooth with Pulpal Calcification Can Be Treated with an Esthetic Restoration and Radiographic Follow-Up (CAT#2747)07/10/2014Leigh Veilleux
Resin Composite Restorations May be Promising Esthetic Alternatives to Stainless Steel Crowns in Pulpotomized Primary Molars (CAT#2691)03/12/2014Roger Flippen
Esthetic Perception of Direct Composite Veneers are Preferred over Porcelain Veneers (CAT#2478)05/07/2013Danny Sluyk
No Statistical Difference Between Class II Nano-Hybrid and Hybrid Resin Composite Restorations Over Six Years (CAT#2431)04/01/2013Ryan Ward
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Superior to Calcium Hydroxide in Pulpotomized Primary Molars (CAT#2415)03/07/2013Kyle King
Application of Dentin Bonding Agent to Prevent MTA-Related Tooth Discoloration in a Regenerative Endodontic Treatments (CAT#2301)08/03/2012Obadah Austah
Nanofilled Composite Demonstrated Less Surface Roughness Compared To Nanohybrid Composites After Clinical Use (CAT#2203)04/19/2012Kristy Hong
Primary Tooth Trauma Is Associated With A High Incidence Of Developmental Defects In The Permanent Successor (CAT#2161)10/07/2011Matthew Dietrich
Tooth Discoloration Is A Risk Associated With Regenerative Endodontics (CAT#2086)09/09/2011Allen Pratt
ZOE Pulpectomies In Primary Teeth To Not Increase Discoloration Of Permanent Successors, But May Alter Their Eruption By 20% (CAT#808)03/24/2011Nick Schulte
Etching with 30-40% Phosphoric Acid Not Needed With Clearfil SE Bond Self-Etching Adhesive System (CAT#797)03/18/2011Alejandro J. Trevino
Similar Success of Bonded Amalgam vs. Pin-Retained Restorations for Complex Amalgams Restorations (CAT#606)04/07/2010Mohammad Arsalan Khan
Tooth Bleaching: Safety and Efficacy Of In-Office Versus At-Home Treatment (CAT#579)04/01/2010Kimberly Tong
Dentist-Prescribed Overnight Bleaching is More Effective than Over-the-counter Methods for Vital Tooth Bleaching (CAT#557)03/31/2010Alexandra M. Forney
Applying Adhesive Techniques Over Darkened Dentin Can Decrease Bond Strength (CAT#541)03/30/2010My Hanh Bui
Use Of Direct Composite Vs. Glass Ionomers On Gingival Margin (CAT#595)03/26/2010Solmaz Shir
Comparing The Application Method Of Different Peroxide-Containing Tooth Whitening Systems (CAT#474)01/13/2010Amber Todora
Pin-Retained and Bonded Amalgam Restorations Show Similar Clinical Failure Rates (CAT#486)01/07/2010Seth Larson
Posterior Composite Restoration Longevity not Affected by Isolation Method (CAT#490)01/07/2010Mason Konkle