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Surgically facilitated orthodontics with corticotomy and bone grafting does result in a slight increase in horizontal and vertical bone levels for orthodontic treatment compared to traditional orthodontic treatment alone. (CAT#3346)11/15/2018Komal Patel, DMD
External Root Resorption May Be a Postoperative Complication Encountered Following Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft Procedures (CAT#3299)11/20/2017David Wong
Longer Healing Time Correlates With More Vital Bone Formation Following Ridge Preservation with DFDBA after Single Tooth Extraction (CAT#3275)11/03/2017Aaron Nelson
Short Implants Exhibit Changes in Marginal Bone Levels Similar to Longer Implants With Vertical Bone Augmentation or Sinus Lift (CAT#3192)04/26/2017Liel Allon
Enamel Matrix Proteins Improve Clinical Outcomes in the Treatment of Intrabony Defects (CAT#3209)04/26/2017Diana Real
For Socket Preservation, Calcium Sulfate Alloplast Shows Similar Results as Freeze-Dried Bone Allograft for Maintenance of Socket Dimension and New Bone Formation (CAT#3240)04/24/2017Christopher Beard
Short-Term Survival of Dental Implants Requiring Osteotome Sinus Floor Elevation Is Comparable Whether Bone Grafting Is or Is Not Performed (CAT#3148)03/22/2017Daniel Splinter
Videoscope-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery Might Minimize Post-Operative Pain and Gingival Recession in Periodontal Surgery (CAT#3127)11/26/2016Mylinh Duong, DDS
Splinting of Mobile Teeth Improves Outcomes in Guided Tissue Regeneration (CAT#3100)11/01/2016Kyle Trobough, DDS
A Regimen of Postoperative Antibiotics and Chlorhexidine Rinses Can Increase The Success Rate of Implant Osseointegration Following Ridge Preservation (CAT#3080)04/05/2016Michael Grant
Connective Tissue Grafting and Guided Tissue Regeneration Procedures Restore Root Coverage with Long Term Stability (CAT#3012)03/18/2016Geethanjali Vipulanandan
The Use of a Barrier Membrane Does Not Affect the Percent Vital Bone Formation Following Maxillary Sinus Floor Augmentation Utilizing the Lateral Window Technique (CAT#2937)11/02/2015Patrick Corning, DDS
Guided Tissue Regeneration Techniques May Be Beneficial in Improving Outcomes of Surgical Endodontic Treatment of Large, Through-and-Through Periapical Lesions (CAT#2939)11/02/2015Mathew Dennison, DDS
CBCT and CT Allow Identification of the Posterior Superior Alveolar Artery (PSAA) Canal, but Whether This Identification Alters Dental Implant-Related Treatment Planning and/or Treatment Outcome Is Uncertain (CAT#2941)10/22/2015Lea Al Matny, DDS
In Patients with Chronic Periodontal Disease, The Use of Biomimetic Ceramics for Intraosseous Defects was More Effective Than Open Flap Debridement in Improving Attachment Levels (CAT#2901)04/15/2015Peter Dang
The Addition of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) to Open Flap Debridement (OFD) Aids in The Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis with Intrabony Defects (CAT#2905)04/15/2015William Travis King
Use of Bone Marrow-Derived Mononuclear Cell Concentrate as an Adjuvant to Maxillary Sinus Augmentation (MSA) Does Not Improve Bone Formation Over Conventional MSA with Acellular Bone Matrix Graft Alone (CAT#2844)04/09/2015Steven L. Farnsworth
Tilted Implants Demonstrate Survival and Marginal Bone Loss That is Comparable to Axial Implants (CAT#2827)04/08/2015David Rice
Does Immediate Implant Placement Result in More Soft Tissue Recession Than Conventional Implant Placement for Patients Requiring Tooth Extraction in Esthetic Areas? (CAT#2861)03/27/2015Rebecca Sonick
Anticoagulant Drugs Do Not Increase Risk of Postoperative Bleeding after Implant Placement (CAT#2875)03/26/2015Varun P. Joseph
Antibiotic Prophylaxis with Bone Grafting Procedures Reduces Risk of Postoperative Complications (CAT#2804)02/17/2015Brian Schweers
Ridge Preservation with DFDBA Yields More Vital Bone Compared to FDBA; Both Materials Yield Similar Clinical Ridge Dimensions Following Healing (CAT#2781)11/23/2014Blaine Calahan, DDS
Cancellous Freeze-Dried Done Allograft (FDBA) Offers No Improvement in Clinical Healing Compared to Cortical FDBA When Used for Ridge Preservation (CAT#2776)11/20/2014Randy Demetter, DDS
Head and Neck Radiation Treatment is a Risk Factor for Implant Failure (CAT#2774)11/19/2014Catherine Tatum, DDS
Dental Implants Placed Following Grafting in Areas with Severe Bone Resorption Can Be Successful (CAT#2701)03/25/2014Ryan Chenausky
For A Patient Undergoing Tooth Extraction Before Implant Placement, Ridge Preservation May Be More Effective In Maintaining The Alveolar Ridge Than Normal Healing (CAT#2387)03/04/2013Johnny Trinh
Use Of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 Increases Osseointegration Of Dental Implants At The Time Of Surgical Implant Placement (CAT#2216)04/06/2012Sara T. Phillips
Human Bone is Preferable to Bovine Bone in Socket Preservation Grafting (CAT#2189)03/30/2012Danielle Larivey
Platelet-Rich Plasma Increases The Rate Of Initial Bone Formation In Sinus Grafts (CAT#2118)12/19/2011Gregory R. Caldwell, DDS, MS
Alveolar Bone Grafting With rhBMP2 May Benefit Patients Undergoing Surgical Correction of Cleft Lip/Palate (CAT#2158)10/08/2011Demitri Villarreal
Periodontal Regeneration In Class II Furcations Is More Effective Than Open Flap Debridement (CAT#2151)10/08/2011Natalie A. Frost
Adding Bone Graft or Membrane to Enamel Matrix Derivative Does Not Result In A Clinically Significant Improvement In Treatment Outcome for Infrabony Defects (CAT#2097)09/22/2011Michael Hoge
Platelet Rich Plasma Does Not Improve Bone Engraftment Rates Over Bone Grafting Alone In The Sinus (CAT#2104)09/16/2011Katherine Maldonado Alfandari
Combined PDGF And Beta-TCP Is Superior To Beta-TCP Alone In Treatment Of Osseous Defects (CAT#2065)06/14/2011Blake Hoedebecke
Ridge Preservation: Can We Preserve Bone For Implant Placement? (CAT#2059)05/23/2011W. Kelly Henderson
Dental Implants Are Successful In Patients With Osteogenesis Imperfecta (CAT#863)05/05/2011Amy Mason
Sinus Augmentation Versus Short Implants (CAT#792)03/18/2011Elise Woody
Short and Long Implants (CAT#618)05/12/2010Shelly Verma
Improved Bone Growth With Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2 (CAT#578)04/01/2010Trent Tompkins