Title Smartphone Applications Are Available to Help Orthodontic Patients and Clinicians
Clinical Question In regard to orthodontists and orthodontic patients, how does the use of smart phone applications enhance treatment planning and patient education?
Clinical Bottom Line The number of orthodontic applications is increasing. They have the ability to update with no additional purchase to the user, and supply the user (patient or clinician) with the most recent information about orthodontics, patient education tools, treatment planning modules, and private practice patient portals.
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24950127Baheti/20143 smartphones and 2 tablets, using 3 operating systems to search for available orthodontic apps.Comparative
Key resultsFor Android OS, there were 12 orthodontic apps for clinicians, 10 for patients, 23 for practice marketing, and 4 for simulations. Apple OS offered 15, 13, 30, and 12, respectively. Windows OS did not offer any orthodontic apps.
24009325Singh/20134 smartphones, 4 operating systems to search for available orthodontic apps.Comparative
Key resultsFor Android OS, there were 7 orthodontic apps for clinicians, 4 for patients, 19 for practice marketing, and 2 for simulations. Apple OS offered 9, 8, 30, 10, respectively. Windows OS and Blackberry OS did not offer any orthodontic apps.
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Validity: These studies were conducted within approximately 1 year of each other and yet there were about 20 more applications available for each operating system in that year. The longevity of apps increase with easily downloadable updates, and syncing to databases for the most up-to-date information and cases. Perspective: These studies are the stepping-stone for subsequent studies that evaluate the usefulness and applicability of orthodontic apps for patient education and clinical treatment planning.
Applicability The types of orthodontic applications for patients can educated the patient on braces in general, maintenance of braces, what to do in an orthodontic emergency, and more. The applicability of the treatment planning applications for clinicians is unknown and needs to be studied.
Specialty (Orthodontics)
Keywords Smart Phone, Cell Phone, Application, Dentistry, Patient Education
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Date of submission 03/23/2016
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Author Dhea Patel
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