Title An Operative Microscope Better Aids in The Success of Surgical Endodontic Therapy Than The Use of Loupes Alone
Clinical Question With patients in need of a surgical endodontic procedure, will loupes provide sufficient magnification or is an operative microscope necessary to achieve the desired outcome?
Clinical Bottom Line The use of an operative microscope yields better results in surgical endodontic therapies versus the use of loupes alone. The following systematic review of 18 studies showed that while performing surgical endodontic therapies, loupes are significantly less adequate than the operative microscope. While loupes are readily available to any clinician, an operative microscope is not as easy to obtain and might require special expertise to operate. Patients may accept this route as the ideal method, but adopting this on part of the dentist may require a significant investment of time and capital.
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23402503Tsesis/201318 studies Meta-Analysis
Key resultsThe difference between the use of loupes versus the use of an operative microscope was significant (p=.005 overall or p=0.012 in low bias studies alone, please see table 3 in the literature for more information).
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Validity: This systematic review of RCTs, case-controls, and case studies showed similar groups at the beginning that were treated the same, leading to approximately 83% completion or more with adequate follow-up. Recall bias was considered along with competing interests and studies were rated on a low to high risk level, 7 of which fell in the high risk category. Perspective: adequate visibility is a necessity in surgical treatment and can only stand to increase the clinician’s success rate. At the same time, surgical therapies have been highly successful in the past before such equipment was even available. Some would chance to argue that using such resources prematurely stunts the ability of the provider to grow.
Applicability This study took time to dock the effect of certain factors on the success of treatment as well, both combined and apart from the interventions mentioned above. Factors such as the tooth in need of treatment and its anatomical position in the mouth and the use of certain filling materials and the process by which they were placed.
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Keywords Operative microscope, loupes, endodontic, microsurgery, endoscopy, surgical endodontic treatment
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Date of submission 03/12/2014
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Author Kristin Aulds
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