Title Use of Corticosteroids Before the Extraction of Third Molars to Reduce Post-Operative Edema
Clinical Question Can pre-medication with corticosteroids help in reduction of edema, following extraction of third molars?
Clinical Bottom Line Pre-medication with corticosteroids when extracting third molars allows mild-moderate reduction in edema after surgery.
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18718396Markiewwicz/200810 Clinical Trial Total patients 513Meta-Analysis, Research support (Non-US Gov)
Key resultsIn this study two Treatment groups were used, One receiving Corticosteroids (245 patients) before the extraction of Third molars & the second Control group(268 patients) with no pre-medication. Patients pre-medicated with Corticosteroids before the extraction of third Molar showed 0.6 mm less swelling than controls 1 to 3 days after surgery (P<0.001) and 0.5 mm less swelling than controls 4-7 days after surgery (P=0.03). Hence concluding that Pre-medication with CS when extracting third molars allows mild to moderate reduction in Edema up to 7 days post-operatively.
Evidence Search PubMed Search; “Corticosteroids” MeSH, “Edema” MeSH, “Third molar extractions” MeSH. “Swelling” MeSH.
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Patients represented the full spectrum of Third molar extracts studied. Criteria for the findings were explicit & credible. The diagnostic work-up was comprehensive and consistently applied. There was no mention on the Follow-up of the patients. The author was not found to have competing interests.
Applicability The study participants represented a full spectrum of Third Molar Extraction patients. The administration of Corticosteroids pre-operatively is Feasible in the surgical operatory.
Specialty (General Dentistry) (Oral Surgery)
Keywords Corticosteroids, edema, Extraction, Third Molars.
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Date of submission 08/16/2013
E-mail Faiza.Baig@ucdenver.edu
Author Faiza Baig
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Faculty mentor Ronald N. Brown, DDS
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