Title Povidone-Iodine Administered During Periodontal Therapy May Yield a Small Reduction of Pocket Depth in Patients With Chronic Periodontitis
Clinical Question In a patient with chronic periodontitis, is povidone-iodine administration more effective than ultrasonic scaling alone?
Clinical Bottom Line Povidone-iodine administered during periodontal therapy may yield a small reduction of pocket depth in patient’s with chronic periodontitis. This statement is supported by a meta-analysis, that showed adjunctive use of povidone-iodine reduced pocket depths by 0.28 mm which was considered to be clinically significant.
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19909406Sahrmann/2010Patients with chronic periodontitisMeta-Analysis
Key resultsApplication of povidone iodine was slightly more effective at the reduction of pocket depths showing a depth change of 0.28mm (95% CI: 0.08-0.48) (p=0.007) than non surgical therapy alone, including ultrasonic scaling.
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The Evidence
Sahrmann produced a meta-analysis of six different randomized controlled trials. These studies were considered low quality with differing applications and concentrations. The study stated that more studies should be done with specific parameters and better consistencies.
Applicability This meta-analysis showed only a small clinical difference in the application of povidone-iodine and yet the analysis stated that there were much more significant results with single rooted teeth and those teeth with pocket depths over 5 mm. These results were muffled by the statistical analysis of all the studies. Because of the low cost and speed with which to administer it, I believe that this may be beneficial to patients.
Specialty (General Dentistry) (Periodontics)
Keywords irrigation, periodontitis
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Date of submission 03/01/2013
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