Title Chlorhexidine Rinse Treatment Improved Patients’ Outcome When Combined With Scaling And Root Planning
Clinical Question In adult periodontitis patients, will the use of Chlorhexidine rinse in conjunction with scaling and root planning be more effective than scaling and root planning alone in reducing the pocket depths?
Clinical Bottom Line Combining chlorhexidine rinse with scaling and root planning improves pocket depth more effectively than scaling and root planning alone.
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19703236Feres/2009Sixty subjects from 30 to 55 years of age have untreated periodontal disease selected from clinical referral Randomized controlled trial
Key resultsCompared to the control group of scaling and root planning alone (p<0.05), scaling and root planning with Chlorhexidine rinse (p<0.05) treatment showed significant reduction in the percentage of sites with pocket depth over 5 mm at 2 months treatment and continued to 6 months treatment.
16965522Faveri/200629 subjects over the age of 30 with at least 15 teeth selected from clinical referral. Randomized Controlled trial
Key resultsAt 42 days after treatment, the use of chlorhexidine rinse following scaling and root planing reduced probing depths from 4 mm to less than 3 mm (p<0.05) compared to scaling and root planning alone (p<0.05), which reduced probing depths to approximately 3.23 mm. The effect continued when measured at 63 days.
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Feres: This is a randomized controlled trial. Sixty subjects had no difference in deep pocket depth before the study. The data collection was comprehensive and study length was sufficient. Also, the study had high compliance of patients in a large sample size indicating the statistical relevance of data. Faveri: This randomized controlled trial has 29 of 30 compliant subjects with comprehensive, detailed graphs. The two-month study length indicates rapid improvement in symptoms and extended benefit treatment of using Chlorhexidine treatment with scaling and root planing.
Applicability Adult periodontitis patients can benefit from scaling and root planning in combination with the use of chlorhexidine rinse to reduce pocket depth. Chlorhexidine rinse is an affordable treatment which makes it accessible and available to patients.
Specialty (General Dentistry) (Periodontics) (Dental Hygiene)
Keywords Periodontal Pocket, Root planning, Chlorhexidine
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Date of submission 04/13/2012
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