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Title In Systemically Healthy Patients with Gingivitis, Mechanical Plaque Control with The Adjunctive Use of Essential Oils Containing Mouthrinses (MMEO) Reduced Plaque and Gingivitis Greater Than Mechanical Methods (MM) Alone
Clinical Question In healthy patients with gingivitis, does the adjunctive use of essential oils containing mouthrinses with mechanical methods reduce plaque and gingivitis more than mechanical methods alone?
Clinical Bottom Line The use of essential oils mouthrinse as an adjunctive to mechanical plaque removal provided statistically significantly greater odds of having healthy gingiva and in reducing plaque and gingivitis. This is supported by a meta- analysis of 29 randomized controlled trials (at least 6 month duration) in which use of essential oils containing mouth rinses and mechanical methods outperformed mechanical methods alone by a clinically significant margin. Furthermore, the use of an EO mouthrinse as an adjunct to mechanical methods is likely to be accepted by the average patient.
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#1) 26227646Araujo/2015Healthy patients with gingivitis >18 years.Meta-Analysis
Key resultsWhen use of the adjunctive mouthrinse was studied, the percentage reductions in whole mouth mean gingivitis was 16.0 (95% CI, 11.3-20.7) and the percentage reductions in whole mouth mean plaque was 27.7 (95% CI, 22.4-32.9). At 6 months, at least 50% healthy sites were achieved in 44.8% of MMEO rinsing participants and in only14.4% of the MM participants. Also, at least 50% plaque-free sites were achieved in 36.9% of MMEO participants and 5.5% of MM participants.
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The Evidence
Validity: this meta-analysis identified large number patients in many carefully designed randomized clinical trials. Perspective: this meta analysis provides a reasonable approach for patient to maintain gingival health following mechanical methods. This meta-analysis has sufficient information about the patient level data and follow-up period.
Applicability Based on this meta analysis in clinical practice, patients who do not brush or floss effectively and regularly may benefit from the use of a mouthrinse in reducing plaque and gingivitis.
Specialty/Discipline (Public Health) (Endodontics) (General Dentistry) (Orthodontics) (Periodontics) (Prosthodontics) (Restorative Dentistry)
Keywords Essential oil-containing mouthrinses, gingivitis, plaque, mechanical methods.
ID# 2944
Date of submission: 10/15/2015spacer
E-mail alharthi@uthscsa.edu
Author Shaimaa M. Al Harthi, DDS
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Faculty mentor/Co-author David Lasho, DDS, MSD
Faculty mentor/Co-author e-mail LASHO@uthscsa.edu
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