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Title Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) can be useful in diagnosing Horizontal Root Fracture (HRF)
Clinical Question In patients with horizontal root fracture (HRF), how does Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) compare to intraoral radiograph in diagnosing HRF?
Clinical Bottom Line As there is no adequate gold standard to diagnose Horizontal Root Fracture, CBCT gives the clinician another means for helping diagnose HRF.
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PubMed ID Author / Year Patient Group Study type
(level of evidence)
#1) 19836716Likubo/200928 extracted dogs maxillary anterior teeth.Preclinical Study
Key resultsThe study used 28 maxillary anterior teeth form 7 dogs, 13 of the 28 teeth had artificially induced HRF. 6 radiologists who were blinded to the research procedures observed the image independently. The statistical significance of differences was determined using Scheffé's F test. The mean ± Standard deviation of 6 observers was the method to calculate all numeric data. The intraloral radiograph showed 0.719±20(mean±SD) while the CBCT showed 0.933±0.029(mean±SD). The sensitivity(95%), NPV and diagnostic accuracy ( TP+TN) of CBCT was significantly the highest among other radiographic measures. Specificity showed no significant difference.
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Comments on
The Evidence
Validity: The study didn’t mention when the teeth were examined(immediately after the artificial fracture or not). This study represents a preclinical study and needs further studies with higher level of evidence. Also the sample size is small and another study with a large sample size is needed.
Applicability If the clinician has access to a CBCT unit, it will be beneficial in diagnosing HRF as it has the highest sensitivity among other radiographic measures which makes it a reliable tool in diagnosing HRF.
Specialty/Discipline (Endodontics) (General Dentistry) (Periodontics)
Keywords Cone Beam Computerized Tomography, CBCT, Horizontal Root Fracture, HRF
ID# 2524
Date of submission: 08/13/2013spacer
E-mail Alaqla@livemail.uthscsa.edu
Author Ali Alaqla, BDS
Co-author(s) Jeremaih Whetman, DDS
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