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Title Both Surgical and Non-Surgical Therapies Provide Similar and Limited Levels of Improvement of Peri-Implantitis
Clinical Question In patients with peri-implantitis, surgical bone regeneration therapy will be more effective in treating peri-implantitis compared to non-surgical chemo-mechanical methods.
Clinical Bottom Line Surgical therapy and non-surgical chemo-mechanical therapy both appear to provide similar and limited levels of improvement of peri-implantitis.
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#1) 22258958Esposito/2012Patients with peri-implantitis around oral implantsSystematic review of RCTs
Key resultsThere have been no comparative studies addressing this question. Limited study results suggest either treatment approach offers only minimal improvements. In looking at the results from one of the two studies, patients that received manual debridement in addition to local antibiotics showed 0.61 mm improvement in probing attachment levels and 0.59 mm reduction in probing pocket depths after 4 months. In the second study, patients that received Bio-Oss and resorbable barriers showed 1.4 mm improvement in both probing attachment levels and probing pocket depths after 4 years.
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Comments on
The Evidence
Since the risk of bias for the studies analyzed were unclear at best, and the follow-up as short as four months, the results from this systemic review should be taken with caution. The authors note that there is no comparable difference between surgical methods and non-surgical methods in treating patients with peri-implantitis. Based on the limited results reported from this systemic review, there seems to be no single definitive treatment method that is particularly effective in treating patients with peri-implantitis. The gains reported in these studies are likely of limited clinical benefit. Randomized controlled trials with longer follow-up that specifically compare non-surgical and surgical methods to treat patients with peri-implantitis are needed.
Applicability The systemic review reports results obtained from patients with peri-implantitis around oral implants. The study offers only limited expectation of improvement with either approach to practitioners treating patients with peri-implantitis.
Specialty/Discipline (General Dentistry) (Oral Surgery) (Periodontics) (Dental Hygiene)
Keywords Peri-implantitis, oral implants, dental implants, pocket depth, attachment level
ID# 2454
Date of submission: 03/25/2013spacer
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Author Jason Kim
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Faculty mentor/Co-author Thomas Oates, DMD, PhD
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