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Title Zirconia Ceramic Versus Aluminum Oxide As Implant Materials
Clinical Question In a patient requiring dental implants, is Zirconia a more suitable material than aluminum oxide?
Clinical Bottom Line Alumina implants are not adequate. Zirconia implants have better survival rates than alumina implants during three years of study. However, the studies on titanium implants over a longer period of time show that titanium implants have the best survival rate out of the three materials, but the metallic color of titanium shows through on the anterior gingiva. Whereas, Zirconia implants are translucent and do not show through. (See Comments on the CAT below)
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#1) 19663947Andreiotelli/2009Implant patients and lab testsSystemic Review
Key resultsThe systematic review identified histological animal studies showing similar bone-implant contact (BIC) between alumina, zirconia and titanium. Clinical investigations using different alumina oral implants up to 10 years showed survival/success rates in the range of 23 to 98% for different indications. The included zirconia implant studies presented a survival rate from 84% after 21 months to 98% after 1 year. This demonstrates that zirconia implants have better result compared to Alumina implants.
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The Evidence
This article is a systemic review. It is done with non-randomized controlled trials. It included a comprehensive and detailed search for the implant trials. Meta-analysis was not done. Individual studies were assessed for validity.
Applicability Zirconia implants are recommended over the aluminum oxide implants. If a patient is esthetically sensitive, a practitioner can recommend Zirconia implants. If the implant site is in the posterior region, a practitioner should recommend titanium implants.
Specialty/Discipline (Oral Surgery) (Periodontics) (Prosthodontics) (Restorative Dentistry)
Keywords Zirconia ceramic, dental implant, aluminum oxide
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Date of submission: 03/23/2011spacer
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Author Jue Sea
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Faculty mentor/Co-author H. Ralph Rawls, PhD
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