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Title The Effect Of Placing Sealants After Fluoride Treatment On Bond Strength
Clinical Question Does applying topical fluoride before placing pit and fissure sealants affect bond strength?
Clinical Bottom Line Applying topical fluoride before placing pit and fissure sealants does not impact the retention or the shear bond strength. (See Comments on the CAT below)
Best Evidence (you may view more info by clicking on the PubMed ID link)
PubMed ID Author / Year Patient Group Study type
(level of evidence)
#1) 15926437El-Housseiny/200535 patientsRandomized Split Mouth Trial
Key resultsNo statistical differences were found clinically on the retention of sealants placed on contra-lateral molars in a split mouth design with or without a first application of fluoride.
#2) 15926437El-Housseiny/2005Extracted permanent molarsIn vitro study on extracted teeth
Key resultsNo statistical differences were found in vitro when shear bond strength was measured between sealants placed with a prior application of fluoride and without.
Evidence Search Fluorides, Topical"[Mesh] AND "Pit and Fissure Sealants"[Mesh] AND ((Meta-Analysis[ptyp] OR Randomized Controlled Trial[ptyp]) AND English[lang])
Comments on
The Evidence
The clinical portion was a randomized split mouth design and extracted molars were used for the in vitro study. Follow up in the clinical portion was after 6 and 12 months. The description of the clinical study did not include whether the completion rate was > 80 %; a double-blind study was used; there was adequate compliance, or if there was recall bias.
Applicability The results are applicable to any patients needing fluoride treatment as well as pit and fissure sealants. The user of flouride prior to the application of sealants does not affect the bond strength or retention of the sealant.
Specialty/Discipline (Public Health) (General Dentistry) (Pediatric Dentistry) (Dental Hygiene)
Keywords fluoride, pit and fissure sealant, bond strength
ID# 793
Date of submission: 03/24/2011spacer
E-mail pengjj@livemail.uthscsa.edu
Author Joshua Peng
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Faculty mentor/Co-author Mary Norma Partida, DDS, MPH
Faculty mentor/Co-author e-mail PARTIDAM@uthscsa.edu
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Comments and Evidence-Based Updates on the CAT
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by Shreya Ruxmohan & Adel Alqarni (San Antonio, TX & Riyadh) on 06/25/2014
A PubMed and Trip database search was conducted in June 2014 to find if newer studies had been published on this topic. No new evidence has been published regarding fluoride effect on bond strength prior to sealant placement. We noted that the CAT effectively answered the clinical question, finding that there is no significant difference between the bond strength of sealant with or without prior fluoride application.

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