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Title Denture Wearers Are Not Able to Generate Bite Forces Similar to Individuals with Natural Dentition
Clinical Question Are denture wearers able to develop similar bite forces compared to dentate individuals after initial therapy and denture delivery?
Clinical Bottom Line The bite force and masticatory performance of complete denture and removable partial denture patients is significantly reduced compared to those of healthy dentate patients.
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#1) 11065023Yamashita/2000118 CD and RPD patientsCase Control study
Key resultsAll denture wearers had significantly reduced ability to produce a biting force and masticatory performance similar to those of dentate patients. However, improvements were seen in patients who wore removable partial dentures with some occlusal support.
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The Evidence
The biting force of each patient was measured using the same calibrated and quality controlled instrument. Masticatory performance was measured using the Masticatory Performance Index. This consisted of having the patient chew 3.0 g of peanuts for exactly 20 strokes. The particle size and quantity of masticated peanut was then evaluated to determine the quality of masticatory performance.
Applicability The patient population for this study consisted of 118 Mexican-American and European-Americans. The patients represented similar numbers of both sexes and an age range from 36-81. Some patients had complete dentures, others had removable partial dentures with occlusal support, and others had removable partial dentures with no occlusal support. Standard controls were well-established. The measurements obtained from the experimental groups were compared to those of 70 healthy dentate patients of similar backgrounds.
Specialty/Discipline (General Dentistry) (Prosthodontics) (Behavioral Science)
Keywords Dentures, Biting force, Tooth loss, Masticatory performance
ID# 2094
Date of submission: 09/09/2011spacer
E-mail Checketts@livemail.uthscsa.edu
Author Matthew Checketts
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Faculty mentor/Co-author Joseph Bartoloni, DDS
Faculty mentor/Co-author e-mail Bartoloni@uthscsa.edu
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