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Intraoral Scanning Provides Comparable Accuracy to Conventional Impression Materials for Orthodontic Treatment Planning03/26/2018Kevin Tran
Nonnutritive Sucking Habit Has an Unfavorable Effect on Dental And Facial Development03/12/2018Murad Alrashdi, BDS
Silver Diamine Fluoride Therapy Provides More Relief From Dentin Hypersensitivity When Compared to Traditional Desensitizing Agents02/07/2018Amir Pirzadeh
Zirconia Crowns Are Less Abrasive on Opposing Enamel Compared to Metal-Ceramic Crowns02/07/2018Shayda Sarrami
Free Gingival Grafts Yield Greater Keratinized Tissue Than Allografts; Allografts Are an Adequate Alternative When a Free Gingival Graft Is Contraindicated12/12/2017Akemi Arzouman, DMD
In Patients With Progressing Periodontal Disease, Occlusal Adjustments Do Not Contribute Significantly to Treatment Outcomes12/11/2017Jenna Hyer
CAD-CAM Fabricated Zirconia Frameworks Provide Clinically Acceptable Fit at the Implant/Abutment Interface12/11/2017Dr. Troy Decker, DDS
Clear aligners Successfully Treat Patients with Open Bites12/11/2017Sana Banday
The presence of different irrigants in the root canal system can affect working length determination during root canal treatment. 12/11/2017Sukhpreet Sandhu, DDS
Effect of Postoperative Amoxicillin on Dental Implant Failure Rates Remains Unknown12/11/2017Adam Saltz, DMD, MPH
Early Prediction of Maxillary Canine Impaction is Possible in Panoramic Radiographs by Using Geometric Measurements and Sectors12/11/2017Corbin Clifton, D.D.S
Full-Arch Implant-Supported Fixed Dental Prosthesis (Hybrid Prosthesis) are Linked to an Increased Risk of Peri-Implant Diseases11/28/2017Joshua A Vess, DMD, MPH, MS, ABGD
Cone Beam Computed Tomography Can be Used as an Auxiliary Diagnostic Tool for Osteoporosis11/28/2017Ahmed Ali Almeshari
Customized Orthodontic Brackets Appear to Have No Impact on Treatment Duration11/28/2017Ahmed Alotaibi
Combination Treatment of Pentoxifylline and Tocopherol Provides Promising New Treatment Modality for Patients Suffering from Osteoradionecrosis of the Jaw11/28/2017Melissa Thomas, D.D.S
Platform-Switching Reduces Peri-Implant Marginal Bone Loss and Pocket Depth 11/28/2017Joshua Nardone, DDS
Patients With A History Of Periodontal Disease Have An Increased Risk Of Peri-Implantitis11/28/2017Antonella A. Botto, DDS
Air Polishing with Glycine Powder for Plaque and Stain Removal is Safer on Hard and Soft Tissues than Air Polishing with Sodium Bicarbonate Powder 11/28/2017Emma Guevara
Vital Pulp Therapy for Adult Patients with Deep Carious Lesions Is a Viable Short-Term Alternative to Root Canal Therapy 11/20/2017Julie A Anderson
Bruxism Is a Risk Factor for Implant Complications That May Ultimately Lead to Implant Failure11/20/2017Chris Yang
Evidence Unclear on Effectiveness of Palatal Anesthesia in Controlling Pain and Improving Behavior of Pediatric Patients11/20/2017Murad Alrashdi
External Root Resorption May Be a Postoperative Complication Encountered Following Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft Procedures11/20/2017David Wong
MRI Has Greater Diagnostic Value for the Detection of Head and Neck Cancers Than Other Imaging Modalities Such as CT or CBCT11/20/2017Rana Sharaf, B.D.S
Splinting of an avulsed tooth with a mature apex is recommended for no more than 14 days to facilitate periodontal healing11/16/2017Tyler Hawkins, DMD
Regenerative Endodontics Shows Promise for Treatment of Mature Permanent Teeth With Periapical Pathology11/15/2017Theodore Young Tutwiler
Supplemental Parathyroid Hormone Increases Bone Formation Around Dental Implants in an Osteoporotic Animal Model11/14/2017Neda Almojel
Digital impressions vs conventional impressions; accurate for single unit crowns and short Fixed Partial Dentures, but not accurate for full arch restorations.11/14/2017Kaveh Azarnoush
Pre-pasted flash-free orthodontic brackets reduce bonding time and the need to remove excess adhesive compared to conventional orthodontic brackets and bonding techniques.11/14/2017Wesley Gass, D.M.D.
Oral Midazolam and Intranasal Midazolam are equally effective when used for conscious sedations in short procedures in pediatric dentistry. 11/13/2017Cristina Leon-Pineda
Ozone Gas Application on Oral Biofilm Does Not Effectively Arrest or Kill Bacteria Associated with Dental Caries11/13/2017Caroline Stern
Presence of an Isthmus Decreases the Success Rate of Surgically Treated Molars11/13/2017Ahmed Alelyani
Low-Level Laser Therapy is effective in the palliative management of recurrent aphthous stomatitis 11/10/2017Iman Rahimi
Modified Lip Repositioning Surgery for the Management of Excessive Gingival Display Caused by Hyperactive Upper Lip Is a Viable Treatment Option 11/07/2017Lizandre Belanger, DMD
Longer Healing Time Correlates With More Vital Bone Formation Following Ridge Preservation with DFDBA after Single Tooth Extraction11/03/2017Aaron Nelson
Dental water jets have not been demonstrated to be more effective than floss at removing interproximal plaque. 10/31/2017Hillary Key
Reduction of Crestal Bone Loss With Placement of Platform Switching Implant10/27/2017Arwa Al Hugail
Carotid Artery Calcifications Can Be Identified on Panoramic Radiographs and May Assist in Early Detection of Cardiovascular Disease10/27/2017Sean Hershberger DDS
Topical Corticosteroids Improve Healing Time in Patients with Aphthous Ulcers10/16/2017Derick Mayberry
Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Is Not Indicated as a Routine Replacement or Adjunct to Intraoral Full-Mouth Series Radiographs in the Diagnosis and Management of Periodontitis10/16/2017Dr. Michael S. Luna
Prescription Custom Trays with Hydrogen Peroxide Gel as an Adjunct to Frequent Maintenance Appointments May Be Beneficial for Adult Patients with Refractory Periodontitis08/21/2017Carolyn Gonzalez
Babies Can Safely Breastfeed After Their Mothers Have Local Anesthesia for a Dental Procedure08/21/2017Octavia Andreea Galateanu
Research Fails to Provide Recommended Limit of Epinephrine in Local Anesthetics Used in Cardiovascular-Compromised Patients for Dental Procedures08/07/2017Wendi Parks
iPhone Applications Can Increase Oral Hygiene Compliance in Adolescents08/04/2017Radhika Singh
Oral Health Education and Prophylaxis May Lower the Incidence of Gingivitis in Pregnant Patients06/26/2017Fauzia Dadarkar, DDS
Edentulous Patients' Satisfaction and Quality of Life Is Similar for Fixed Implant-Supported Prostheses and Implant-Supported Overdentures06/20/2017Alicia Finney
Patients Being Treated with Oral Alendronate and in Need of a Dental Implant May Reduce the Risk of Osteonecrosis of the Jaw by Taking a Drug Holiday06/13/2017Jeremy Vela
Bioactive Glass Increases Resistance of Dental Composite Restorations to Streptococcus Mutans06/13/2017Andrew Montalvo
Nd:YAG Laser More Effective in Reducing Dentin Hypersensitivity Secondary to Recession Than an Er:YAG laser06/13/2017Lisa Kubik
Chlorhexidine Treatment After Etching Leads to Decreased Microleakage of Final Restorations in Class V Lesions06/09/2017Maxwell Oldham
Using Platelet Rich Fibrin Following Surgical Extraction of Third Molars Reduces Incidence of Alveolar Osteitis and Promotes Soft Tissue Healing05/18/2017Josue Vega
Gutta-Percha on a Plastic or Metal Carrier Lowers Success of Post Space Preparation05/18/2017Robert Hermann
Candida Albicans Stimulates Streptococcus Mutans Microcolony Development Via Cross-Kingdom Biofilm-Derived Metabolites05/09/2017Peter Serna
In Patients With Mixed Dentition and First Primary Molar Tooth Loss, Loss of Space Is Not Clinically Significant for the Use of Space Maintainers05/03/2017Ana M. Gonzalez
Resin Infiltration of White Spot Lesions is a Minimally Invasive Treatment to Improve Esthetic Appearance 05/02/2017Dori Kohler
Periodontal Disease is a Risk Factor for the Development of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus 05/01/2017Aislen Medina
Antibiotics Do Not Lower Pain or Infection with Acute Apical Abscess 04/29/2017Penny Wong
Caries Risk Is Increased in Mouth-Breathing Patients 04/28/2017Andrew Tate
Isolite Isolation System Is Superior to Traditional Isolation Methods for Patient Satisfaction in Pediatric Preventative Dental Treatment04/27/2017Chelsea Hope
When Controlling for Other Factors, There is No Significant Relationship Between Parents’ Oral Health Literacy and the Oral Health of Their Children04/27/2017Kara Tapangan
Increased Interincisal Angle in Orthodontic Extraction Cases Treated With Lingual Appliances 04/27/2017Andrew Daniel
Lingual Appliances Are Associated with an Increase in Oral Discomfort and Eating Difficulties04/27/2017Delaram Mostafavi
Turmeric in a Mouth Rinse or in Gel Form Can Be Used to Reduce Plaque Accumulation and to Prevent and Treat Gingivitis as Effectively as a Chlorhexidine Mouth Rinse04/26/2017Brent Sugg
Short Implants Exhibit Changes in Marginal Bone Levels Similar to Longer Implants With Vertical Bone Augmentation or Sinus Lift04/26/2017Liel Allon
Patients Experience Less Pain with Controlled-Delivery Injection Devices Than With Conventional Syringes04/26/2017Hevony Rodriguez
Tea Tree Oil Is an Effective Alternative to the Allopathic Treatment of Oral Candidiasis04/26/2017Xavier Walker
Therapeutic Ultrasound Will Provide Better Management of Patients with Temporomandibular Myofascial Pain as Compared to Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation04/26/2017Kiersten Isgrigg
Vitamin D and Calcium Supplementation Along with Oral Hygiene Show Positive Affect on Periodontal Health04/26/2017Samantha Champion
Both Subtractive Manufactured Dental Implants and Additive Manufactured Dental Implants Have High Success Rates in Patients Over a 5-Year Period04/26/2017Arvind Adapalli
Specific Genetic Polymorphisms Are Associated with Either Increasing or Decreasing the Risk of Developing Temporomandibular Joint Disorders04/26/2017Chaz Horton
Enamel Matrix Proteins Improve Clinical Outcomes in the Treatment of Intrabony Defects 04/26/2017Diana Real
Silver Diamine Fluoride Is Effective at Arresting Early Dentin Caries in Children Compared to No Treatment04/26/2017Angela Brost
There is Significant Difference in Pain Perception Between Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block Technique Compared with Vazirani-Akinosi Technique04/26/2017Mariyam Shah
Behavioral Therapy and Nitrous Oxide are Both Effective in Dental Treatment for Children with Dental Anxiety04/26/2017Tanawush Chowdhry
No Difference in Marginal Bone Loss Between Immediately and Conventionally Loaded Posterior Mandibular Single Implants04/25/2017Garrett Myers
Decrease in Cost and Time for Single Unit Implant Supported Crowns Fabricated by a Digital Workflow 04/25/2017Cesar Gonzalez
For Socket Preservation, Calcium Sulfate Alloplast Shows Similar Results as Freeze-Dried Bone Allograft for Maintenance of Socket Dimension and New Bone Formation04/24/2017Christopher Beard
Performing Masticatory Muscle Relaxation Exercises Provides a Significant Reduction in TMD Symptoms04/24/2017Stephen Regan
Dental Implant-Retained Partial Removable Dental Prostheses (PRDP) Result in Greater Patient Satisfaction than Conventional PRDPs04/24/2017William Whitworth
Mandibular Advancement Appliances Used in Adolescent Orthodontic Treatment for Mandibular Recessive Class II Patients Increase the Pharyngeal Airway04/21/2017Brent Collins
In Children at High Caries Risk, Strategies Utilizing Probiotics Are More Effective in Preventing Tooth Decay Than Therapies That Do Not Utilize Probiotics 04/21/2017Ezinwanne Ejesieme
Low-level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Is Superior to Clonazepam at Reducing the Perception of Pain in Adults Suffering From Burning Mouth Syndrome04/21/2017Daniel Chitty
There Is a Genetic Correlation Between Patients With Allergies and Autoimmune Diseases04/21/2017Caitlin Armstrong
Dental Implant Placement Is Contraindicated in Patients Receiving Intravenous Bisphosphonate Treatment 04/21/2017Madeline Rodriguez
Patient Compliance and Satisfaction Is Greater with Vacuum Formed Retainers (VFR) Than With Hawley Retainers for 2 Years Following Completion of Orthodontic Therapy04/21/2017Lynn Xie
Pre-Warming of Local Anesthetic Solutions for Intraoral Infiltration Injections Does Not Have an Effect on the Reduction of Pain and Discomfort 04/19/2017Kalyn Driggers
A Drug Holiday from Oral Bisphosphonates Does Not Improve Implant Retention Rates 04/19/2017Taylor Cook
Local Insulin Delivery Around Titanium Implants at the Time of Placement Increases Biomechanical Retention in Rats04/19/2017McKay Sallaway
Nonopioid, Over-the-Counter Analgesics Can Be as or More Effective Than Prescription Medications Containing Opioids in the Pain Management of Post-Extraction Patients 04/19/2017Elizabeth Castleberry
Longevity of 3-Unit Bridge Restorations Utilizing CAD/CAM Technology Is Comparable to That of Metal-Ceramic Castings 04/19/2017Amir Pirzadeh
Blood Glucose Levels Have a Greater Effect on Oral Candidiasis Colonization in Denture-Wearing Diabetics than in Denture-Wearing Non-Diabetics04/19/2017Maliha Ahmed
Silver Diamine Fluoride is More Effective in Arresting and Preventing Root Caries in the Elderly Population than Sodium Fluoride Varnish04/18/2017Taylor Reece
Best to Delay Implant Treatment in Pediatric Patients Until Skeletal Maturity Is Complete04/13/2017Kirsten Fox
Adenotonsillectomy Remains the Treatment of Choice for Children with Obstructive Sleep Apnea but Multiple Non-surgical Options Exist for Select Cases04/13/2017Nathan Guess
CBCT Is Effective in Locating the Mandibular Canal in the Presence of Two Types of Expansile Tumors04/13/2017Iman Marashi
Increased Prevalence of Oral HPV in Saliva of Women with HPV-Positive Cervical Lesions04/13/2017Britta Salinas
Strategies Utilizing Oil Pulling Are as Effective as Chlorhexidine Therapies for Maintaining Oral Hygiene04/13/2017Chiamaka Nnaji
Openness About LGBT Patients’ Orientation To Their Healthcare Provider May Affect Health Outcomes04/11/2017Michael Khairallah
Traditional Two-Step Impression Technique May Be Unnecessary and More Costly to Patients Compared to a Simplified One-Step Impression Technique for Fabrication of Complete Dentures 04/10/2017Reagan Smith
Strategies Utilizing Oil Pulling Are Not as Effective in Preventing Caries Activity as Fluoride and Herbal Mouthrinses 04/10/2017So Hyeon Park
Melatonin Is Superior to Amitriptyline for Headache Prevention Based on the Proportion of Patients Who Improved >50% in Headache Frequency04/10/2017Katie Wesneski
Nonsurgical Root Canal Treatment Is an Appropriate Alternative to Extraction in Patients with BRONJ and/or on Bisphosphonate Therapy04/10/2017Andre Jones
Limited Evidence as to Caries-Protecting Effect of Breastfeeding Compared to Bottle-Feeding in the first 3 to 6 months of age.04/10/2017Kirsten Acosta
Lower Levels of Caregiver Literacy and Education Increase the Child’s Risk of Developing Childhood Caries04/05/2017Lauren Hrynyshyn
Piezocision-Assisted Orthodontic Treatment May Increase Root Resorption04/05/2017Alexander Harris
No Clinical Difference in the Osseointegration of Zirconia Dental Implants Compared to Titanium Dental Implants at 1 Year04/05/2017Beau McNeill
Liposomal Bupivacaine May Prove to Provide Adequate Long-Term Local Anesthesia04/05/2017Sean Rathburn
Penetration Depth of Flowable Nanocomposite as a Pit and Fissure Sealant in Children and Adolescents Is Greater Than Conventional Sealant Material04/05/2017Alyssa Piazza
Use of Physics Forceps May Result in Less Pain and Fewer Adverse Outcomes Than Conventional Forceps04/05/2017Patrick Grady
Varenicline and Counseling for Patients Seeking to Stop Using Smokeless Tobacco May Lead to Higher Rates of Long-Term Abstinence Than Chairside Counseling Alone 04/05/2017Connor M. Luttrell
Nitrous Oxide Is Unlikely to Effectively Suppress the Gag Reflex in Severe Gaggers 04/04/2017Rebeca Garcia
Root Surface Application of Bisphosphonates Reduces Root Resorption of Implanted Teeth04/03/2017Thomas Nguyen
Research indicates Reduction of Pain upon Inferior Alveolar and Infraorbatial injection Using Vibrating Intraoral Local Anesthetic Devices04/03/2017Autumn Casitllo, BS
Laser-Assisted Endodontic Debridement Does Not Improve Healing Compared to Conventional Endodontic Disinfection for Patients With Pulpal Necrosis and Apical Periodontitis03/31/2017Nicholas Dybdal-Hargreaves
No Differences Were Found in the Clinical Marginal Fit of Zirconia Crowns Fabricated from Intraoral Digital Scanners or Polyvinyl Siloxane Impressions03/31/2017Sidharth Reddy
Patients With Posterior Cross-Bite Have Significantly Reduced Maximum Bite Force, Contact Area, Food Intake Ability, And Mixing Ability Incidence03/31/2017Mahmoud Irannezhad, MS
Prophylactic Extraction of Deciduous Maxillary Canines May Be an Effective Interceptive Treatment Option for Successful Eruption of Palatally Displaced Maxillary Permanent Canines03/31/2017Samantha Sackos
In Adults, Transitioning from Cigarette Usage to Smokeless Tobacco Will Not Decrease the Likelihood of Oral Cancer Development03/31/2017Ninfa Yaritza Galvan
Adults Who Are Chronic Crack Cocaine Users May Be at Increased Risk of Developing Periodontal Disease03/30/2017Shravik Sethi
Combination Therapy of Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen Is the Most Effective Treatment for Patients with Post-Endodontic Pain03/30/2017Michael A. Eskander, BS
PTSD Is a Risk Factor for the Development of TMD and a Decline in Oral Health Conditions03/29/2017Bolivia Hurtado De Mendoza
TMJ Replacement May Be the Treatment of Choice for TMD Patients with Advanced TMJ Disease03/29/2017Colby Cottongame
In Patients Requiring Full or Partial Dentures, Susceptibility to Candida Infection Is Increased if the Patient Has Diabetes03/28/2017Chase Van Gorp
Wire and Bracket Combination Can Influence the Efficiency and Consistency of Orthodontic Therapy While Minimizing Pain03/28/2017Wesley Cooksey
Surgical Extrusion with Periotome More Effectively Preserves Gingival Tissue While Minimizing Possible Complications Compared to Apically Displaced Flaps03/28/2017Amanda Lam
Postoperative Sensitivity of High-Viscosity Resin Composite Restorations Is Not influenced by Bulk Fill vs. Incremental Fill Technique03/28/2017Andrea Chaveleh
Emotional Intelligence (EI) Tests Can Predict a Dental Student’s Clinical Performance03/27/2017Juan A. Celedon, BS, MS
Mandibular Advancement Surgery Cannot Be Said to Worsen or Improve TMD Symptoms03/27/2017Jose Villa
No Evidence to Show that Oral Probiotics Reduce the Number of Common Periodontal Pathogens03/25/2017Danelle Reddy
Use Of Diode Lasers in Addition to Conventional Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy Does Not Produce a Decrease in Probing Depths or Clinical Attachment Loss (CAL)03/25/2017Meredith Mosier
Health Literacy Community Outreach Interventions Are More Effect Than Existing Interventions in Improving Oral Health Outcomes Among Refugee Populations 03/23/2017Delaram Abaei
Application of Chlorhexidine Varnish Decreases Incidence of Caries During Orthodontic Treatment03/23/2017Kathryn Wynne
Opioids Used in Conjunction With Benzodiazepines Produce Worse Outcomes in Patients Experiencing Chronic Pain Compared To Sole Opioid Use03/23/2017Marcos A. Trevino
Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching Systems With Nano-Hydroxyapatite Do Not Significantly Reduce Postoperative Sensitivity Following Tooth Whitening Procedures03/23/2017Colton Albrecht
The Affordable Care Act Has the Potential to Considerably Increase Children’s Access to Dental Care03/23/2017Armia Zaki
The Use of Laser Irradiation in Adjunct with Calcium Hydroxide Treatment of Direct Pulp Capping Procedures Leads to Higher Success Rates than Calcium Hydroxide Alone03/23/2017Taylor Kauffman
No Evidence to Show Benefits of Cold Therapy After Third Molar Extraction03/23/2017Payam Hemmat
For Postmortem Identification of Incinerated Remains, Amalgam Is More Resistant to Morphological Change when Compared to Resin Composites03/23/2017Heather Burbick
Antimicrobial Laser Therapy Is an Effective Adjunct to Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy (NSPT) When Treating Aggressive Periodontitis As Compared to NSPT Alone03/22/2017David Hurst, RDH
The Effect of Radical or Conservative Treatment Option on the Recurrence Rate of Ameloblastoma Depends on Histopathological and Other Clinical Features03/22/2017Meet Patel
For Patients Who Need Posterior Composite Restorations, Instrument Lubrication Decreases the Strength of the Composite When Compared to Not Using Instrument Lubrication03/22/2017Steven Elliott
Short-Term Survival of Dental Implants Requiring Osteotome Sinus Floor Elevation Is Comparable Whether Bone Grafting Is or Is Not Performed03/22/2017Daniel Splinter
Prefabricated Zirconia Crowns Are More Retentive When Compared to Stainless Steel Crowns in the Anterior Primary Dentition03/21/2017Jordan Ardoin
A Surgery-First Orthognathic Approach to Treatment of Dentofacial Deformities Can Be More Efficient03/21/2017Shayda Sarrami
A Fixed Dental Prosthesis Supported by a Combination of Implant and Natural Tooth Abutments May Have a Lower Success Rate Than That of a Fixed Dental Prostheses Supported By Only Implants, But It May Be Used as a Secondary Option03/20/2017Jake Malone
Contrary to Popular Belief, Consumption of Mineral Waters Does Possess an Erosive Potential, Although Less Than That of Soft Drink Beverages03/16/2017Anthony Q. Nguyen
Chlorohexidine Is Effective at Decreasing Postoperative Pain After Root Canal Therapy in Teeth with Pulpal Necrosis03/16/2017Erin Kauffman
Patients with Lingual Orthodontic Brackets Experience Speech Difficulties of Longer Duration when Compared to Patients with Labial Brackets03/15/2017Kristen Self
Treating Early Smooth Surface Caries with Resin Infiltrate in Conjunction with Fluoride Treatment Is an Effective Method to Prevent Caries Progression03/15/2017Shanta Veeramachaneni
Hydrogen Peroxide or Chlorhexidine Mouth Rinse After Scaling and Root Planing Are Equally Effective in Improving Clinical Attachment and Gingival Inflammation Levels in Adult Patients with Chronic Periodontitis03/15/2017Jacob Woods
Ovate Pontics Shape the Soft Tissue Emergence Profile of Anterior Extraction Sites03/06/2017Wendi Parks
Chlorhexidine Mouth Rinse Twice a Day Is at Least as Effective as Dental Floss in Reducing Plaque Buildup02/27/2017Rehman M. Momin
Eating Disorders Negatively Impact Oral Health02/22/2017Anavel Trevino
Dental Students Can Benefit by Starting to Learn Indirect Vision (Mirror) Skills Early in Preclinical Studies with The Aid of a Training Device01/20/2017Ronald N. Brown, DDS
Extraction Patients Who Receive Additional Postoperative Information on Drug Disposal Programs Are More Likely to Dispose of Unused Opioid Pills01/03/2017Joel Elizondo
Chlorhexidine (CHX) May Improve Bond Longevity and Reduce Failure of Resin Composites12/28/2016Daniel Yates, MS
Sleep Bruxism Is Related to the Use of Alcohol, Caffeine, and Tobacco12/09/2016Jesse Stafford, DDS
Triazolam Does Not Affect the Success Rate of an Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block (IANB) 12/01/2016Saeed Bayat Movahed, DDS
Diagnosing Immediate Mandibular Lateral Translation (IMLT) Seems to Have No Effect on the Success of Comprehensive Dental Care12/01/2016Farzan Pouranfar, DMD
The Use of Oral Probiotics in Adjunct to Non-surgical Periodontal Treatment Is More Effective in Treating Chronic Periodontitis Than Non-surgical Periodontal Treatment Alone11/29/2016Vanessa Reyes
For Peri-implant Bone Evaluation, Cone Beam CT Offers a 3D View of the Surrounding Bone and Thus More Information than Intraoral Radiography, but Whether this Information Alters Dental Implant-Related Treatment Outcomes is Uncertain11/29/2016Arezou Shahbazi Moghaddam, DDS
Internal Connection Implants Preserve More Bone Than External Connection Implants11/26/2016Neil Griseto, DDS
Videoscope-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery Might Minimize Post-Operative Pain and Gingival Recession in Periodontal Surgery 11/26/2016Mylinh Duong, DDS
Internal Reinforcement of Implant-Supported Overdentures Significantly Improves Fracture Resistance11/26/2016Anna Pitz, DDS
Orthodontic Treatment of Incisors with Resorbed Roots due to Impacted Canines Has a Good Prognosis11/21/2016Megan Laughinghouse, DDS
Chewing Sugar-Free Gum May Reduce Orthodontic Pain Associated With Fixed Appliances11/21/2016Calvin Tardy, DDS
Clear Removable Aligners Cause Similar Rates of Orthodontically Induced External Apical Root Resorption Compared to Conventional Fixed Orthodontic Treatment11/21/2016Hala Alsalman, BDS
The Adjunct Use of Azithromycin with Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy Produces Probing Depth Reductions Similar to Metronidazole-Amoxicillin in Patients with Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis11/21/2016Veronica Lai, DDS
Preoperative Identification of the Inferior Alveolar Nerve Anterior Loop via CBCT Imaging Can Influence Implant Treatment Planning11/21/2016Joshua Kats, DDS
CBCT Appears To Be More Accurate than Intraoral Radiographs in Detecting Artificially Created Recurrent Caries11/21/2016Nada Kordab, DDS
There is No Greater Bone Loss Associated With Angled Implants Compared to Vertically Loaded Implants When Using Immediately Loaded Fixed Hybrid Prostheses11/17/2016Isra Ahmed, DDS
Long-Term Use of Triclosan in Dentifrice Does Not Develop Oral Bacterial Resistance for Patients with Periodontal Disease11/15/2016Maylee Figueroa Rodriguez
Single-Retainer Cantilever Resin Bonded FDPs Show Clinical Success11/15/2016Harrison D. Gordner, DMD
Laser Treatment of Gingival Hyperpigmentation Is More Effective at Providing a Stable Outcome Compared to Treatment with Conventional Techniques11/15/2016Aaron J. Agirre, DDS
Full Strength 8.25% Sodium Hypochlorite Is More Efficient at Dissolving Organic Tissue than Diluted Sodium Hypochlorite Concentrations During Root Canal Therapy11/15/2016David J. Weyh, DDS
Regenerative Endodontic Procedures Increase Both Root Length and Width of Necrotic Immature Permanent Teeth Compared to MTA Apexification11/14/2016Jenny Sun, DDS
Surgical Trephination as an Adjunct to Endodontic Therapy Not Shown to Reduce Post-Operative Pain11/10/2016Christin Michelle Giacomino, DDS
Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Provides Greater Accuracy Than Conventional Periapical Radiographs in Detecting Periapical Lesions in Patients with Vital Teeth11/10/2016Koyo Takimoto, DDS
In Follow-Up of Patients with Root-End Resection, CBCT Shows More Bone Defects Than Periapical Radiography, But it is Uncertain Whether This Information is Related to Success or Failure of Root-End Resection11/10/2016Husniye Demirturk Kocasarac, DDS
Osteogenic Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy Shows Potential to Regenerate Dental Tissues for Whole Tooth Replacement11/10/2016Hee Sun Kim, DDS
Remotely Controlled Mandibular Positioner (RCMP) Device Predicts Treatment Outcome and Effective Target Protrusive Position (ETPP) for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Treatment with an Oral Appliance 11/09/2016Jessamy Thornton, DDS
Bisphenol A (BPA) Release From Resin Composite Material is Detectable But Not Clinically Significant 11/08/2016Jessica Sathissarat, DDS
Adjunct Use of Systemic Azithromycin with Scaling and Root Planing in Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis Results in Only Limited Gain in Clinical Attachment Level and Limited Probing Depth Reduction11/08/2016Jeffrey Penner, DDS
The Clinical Effectiveness of Non-surgical Adjunctive Therapies Has Not Been Demonstrated When Compared with the Mechanical Debridement Alone Procedure as Initial Therapy for Peri-implantitis11/08/2016Seung Y. Lee, DDS
Lateral Cephalometric Measurements Aid in Diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) 11/06/2016Catalina Zambrano Martinez, DDS
Survival Rates of Implants Placed in Previously Failed Sites Are Decreased But Clinically Acceptable11/06/2016Mandy Miller, DMD
Splinting of Mobile Teeth Improves Outcomes in Guided Tissue Regeneration11/01/2016Kyle Trobough, DDS
Clinical Success of Endodontic Microsurgery at 1 Year Is Predictive of Long Term Success11/01/2016Cameron Ritter
Poorly Controlled Diabetes Mellitus Compromises Bone Response to Orthodontic Forces in Comparison to Well-controlled Diabetic and Monodiabetic Patients05/30/2016Suzzane Horani
Botulinum Toxin-A Provides Short-Term Relief to a Wide Variety of Patients with Temporomandibular Disorders05/10/2016Damian La Kemper
Zirconia Implants May Cause Less Peri-Implant Mucosal Discoloration Than Titanium Implants05/06/2016Devon Harris
Adjunctive Erbium:yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet Laser Treatment (ER:YAG) With Scaling And Root Planing (SRP) Shows Negligible Evidence In Decreasing Probing Depth More Effectively Than SRP Alone05/05/2016Casey Tatsch
Community Water Fluoridation At the Levels Recommended By The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Have Not Been Shown To Have An Effect On Children’s Neurological Development05/04/2016Scott Stewart
Selective Enamel Etching Optimizes The Bond Strength of Mild Universal Adhesives05/03/2016Catherine Young
Use of Oral Probiotics reduces Gingival Inflammation in Patients with Gingivitis05/03/2016Amaris Caraballo
Concurrent probiotics reduce the risk of antibiotic induced diarrhea and clostridium difficile05/03/2016Kristen Ferrante
Coronal Pulpotomy Can Be an Effective Alternative to Conventional Root Canal Treatment04/29/2016Octavio Garcia, MD
Flipped Classroom Methods Are Not Associated With Better Academic Performance04/28/2016David Pardo
Occlusal Splint Therapy in Combination With Masseter and Temporalis Muscle Massage Significantly Improves TMD Muscle Pain04/26/2016Soumya Thomas
Predoctoral Dental Students Are More Clinically Confident And Efficient In A Community-Based Clinical Education Program04/26/2016Daniel Dominguez
Lingual Orthodontic Treatment with Lingual Brackets Results in Fewer White Spot Lesions (WSLs) than Conventional Orthodontic Treatment with Buccal Brackets04/26/2016Bradley Leiker, II
Saliva May Be A Potential New Diagnostic Tool For Diabetes Mellitus due to Correlation Between Salivary Glucose Levels and HbA1c04/26/2016Lliliam Castellanos-Castro
Coffee May Have Beneficial Effects on the Periodontal Health of Adults04/26/2016Tao Zhou
Secondary PDL and Intraosseous Injections Are Both Effective at Anesthetizing Difficult-to-Anesthetize Mandibular Molars 04/26/2016Colby Crabtree
Placing a Restoration or Prostheses That Introduces an Occlusal Interference Does Not Necessarily Cause TMD Symptoms04/26/2016Lisa Tran
Prescription Dentifrices Are More Effective At Preventing Caries In Adolescents Than Over-The-Counter Dentifrices04/21/2016Brad Theurer
Vitamin D Intake Less Than 50 nmol/L May Result in Increased Susceptibility to Dental Caries in School-Age Children04/20/2016Olivia Card-Childers
400 mg Ibuprofen/1000 mg Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) Is Suggested Effective Dosage for Ibuprofen/Acetaminophen Combination Therapy in Postoperative Pain Reduction04/19/2016Lacey Brooke Key, RDH
Ascorbic Acid Supplementation Ineffective as Therapy for Periodontal Disease04/15/2016Maria Joseph
A Self-Administered Computerized Treatment Based on Systematic Desensitization Can Reduce Fear of Dental Injections in Fearful Patients04/14/2016Juliette Tran
MSG Intake May Increase Probability of Sleep Disordered Breathing and Snoring04/14/2016McKenzie Sorensen
Hemostatic Agents Reduce Bond Strength in Class V Restorations04/13/2016Mark Dean
Methamphetamine Use Is Associated with a Greater Incidence of Dental Caries04/13/2016Christopher Gibson
When Maintenance of Two Remaining Contralateral Mandibular Teeth Is Possible, Patients Report High Satisfaction with Tooth-Supported Direct Abutment Overdentures and Moderate Satisfaction with Removable Partial Dentures04/13/2016Arden Holbein
NovaMin (Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate) Dentifrices Reduce Dentinal Hypersensitivity More Than Potassium Nitrate Dentifrices04/13/2016Sarah Woolsey
In Conjunction With Zirconia Restorations, Resin Cements Exhibit Superior Qualities in Comparison to Other Luting Agents 04/12/2016Lauren Melendez
Implementation of Electronic Dental Records’ Effects on Cost Savings for a Private Dental Practitioner are Unclear Due to Lack of Research04/11/2016Abiel A. Saldivar
True Allergic Reaction to Amide Local Anesthetics Such as Lidocaine Is Confirmed by Immunologic Testing04/08/2016Robert H. Hermann
A Fixed Appliance Is More Effective Than a Removable Appliance for the Correction of Anterior Crossbite in Patients with Mixed Dentition04/08/2016Enrique Ramirez
Lasers as an Adjunct in Periodontal Surgical Therapy Do Not Result in Improved Outcomes for Patients04/07/2016Austin May
A Regimen of Postoperative Antibiotics and Chlorhexidine Rinses Can Increase The Success Rate of Implant Osseointegration Following Ridge Preservation 04/05/2016Michael Grant
Diuretics Contribute to Reduced Denture Retention04/05/2016Rachel Hain
Implant-Supported Mandibular Overdentures Provide a Better Oral Health-Related Quality of Life than Complete Mandibular Dentures in Very Old Patients04/04/2016Mina Back
Tooth Loss Is More Prevalent in Adults with Major Depressive Disorder04/04/2016Omar Salinas
Allicin-Containing Foods May Reduce Caries 04/04/2016Carter Hayes
Long-Duration Gum Chewing Is a Risk Factor in the Development and Exacerbation of TMD04/04/2016Jace Silcox
Dental Implants May Be Considered In A Young Patient with Ectodermal Dysplasia04/03/2016Jeanny Nguyen
A Combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Splint Therapy is More Effective in Reducing Resting Muscle Activity in Adult Bruxers Than Splint Therapy Alone04/01/2016Carissa Cerna
Dental Crowding as a Risk Factor for Caries Is Yet To Be Established Due to Insufficient and Contradictory Evidence04/01/2016Melody Tenorio
In Patients with Chronic Periodontitis, Scaling and Root Planing with the Adjunctive Use of Ozonized Water Subgingival Irrigation Is More Effective in Improving Clinical And Microbiological Parameters than Scaling and Root Planing Alone03/31/2016Emily Lao
Interdental Brushes Are As Effective As Floss In Removing Interproximal Plaque 03/31/2016James Craig
Implant Restorations Have a Probability of Developing an Open Mesial and Distal Contact That Can Be Detected 1 Month to 12 Years After Placement03/29/2016Chris Schuchart
Children With Caries In Their Primary Dentition Pose a Higher Risk of Developing Caries In Their Permanent Dentition03/29/2016Holly Ardoin
Patients With Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Have Lower Salivary Flow and a Higher Incidence of Dental Erosion03/29/2016Deana Smalls
Water Pipe Smoking And Conventional Cigarette Smoking Has Similar Harmful Effects On The Periodontium03/29/2016Monica Varela
Preliminary Results Suggest miR-139-5p Is a Viable Salivary Biomarker for Diagnosis of Tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma (TSCC) 03/28/2016Catherine Marie Walker
Problem-Based Learning May Lead to Better Student Performance Results03/25/2016Keely Long
Massage is Beneficial for Managing Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) Pain in Patients Who Have Sleep Bruxism03/24/2016Ernest Thomas
Smartphone Applications Are Available to Help Orthodontic Patients and Clinicians03/23/2016Dhea Patel
Clear Aligners are Effective in Controlling Some Orthodontic Tooth Movement 03/23/2016Reuel McIntyre
Periodontal Disease Is More Prevalent In Patients Who Have Sleep Disorders03/23/2016Christopher Jones
Oral Cryotherapy Reduces the Prevalence of Oral Mucositis in Adults Receiving Chemotherapy03/23/2016Kyle Gross
The Effect of Bleaching Agents on the Microhardness of Resin Composite Dental Restorative Materials Is Not Clinically Significant03/23/2016Matthew Acres
In A Xerostomic Patient, Fluoride-Releasing Restorative Materials Are More Successful At Preventing Future Secondary Caries Than Amalgam, Unless The Patient Has Good Oral Hygiene That Includes Daily Fluoride Gel Application, Making Both Fluoride-Releasing and Non-Fluoride-Releasing Materials Comparable 03/22/2016Alexis Keaton
Arginine-Fluoride Dentifrice Is More Effective Than Standard Fluoride Dentifrice In Preventing Dental Caries In Children At Risk Of Caries03/22/2016Eliana Melendez
The Use of Aloe Vera Mouthwash in a Healthy Adult Patient Does Effectively Reduce Plaque Index03/22/2016Talena Lorren
Sealing or Resin Infiltration of Non-Cavitated Proximal Carious Lesions Is An Effective Treatment Option For Prevention03/22/2016Nicholas Aboud
Salivary Biomarkers Are An Effective Method Of Detecting Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma03/22/2016Victoria Ruiz
Survival Rates for Implants Placed by Specialists or in Academic Settings May Be Higher Than for Implants Placed by General Dentists 03/22/2016Brian Ross
Cannabinoids Ease Chronic Nonmalignant Neuropathic Pain 03/20/2016Nikita Patel
For Pregnant Women With Periodontitis, Periodontal Therapy Does Not Reduce The Incidence of Pre-eclampsia03/19/2016Amsale Derese
Connective Tissue Grafting and Guided Tissue Regeneration Procedures Restore Root Coverage with Long Term Stability 03/18/2016Geethanjali Vipulanandan
The Use of Casein Phosphopeptide Amorphous Calcium Phosphate Fluoride (CPP-ACPF) Products Can Improve The Salivary Rate And Buffer Capacity in Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy Treatment03/17/2016Carlos Humberto Chapa
The Optimal Dose for Oral Midazolam in Order to Achieve Effective Sedation Levels in Pediatric Patients is 0.75mg/kg, as shown by a single trial of ninety patients.03/17/2016Julia Wiegand
Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics Treatment Does Not Result In Significantly Different Density Of The Periodontium Compared To Conventional Orthodontics 03/16/2016Wendi Parks
True Allergic Responses to Local Anesthetics (LAs) Are Rare, and Safe Alternative Anesthetics Can Be Used for Common Dental Procedures03/16/2016Matt Miller
Al2O3 Airborne Particle Abrasion of Milled Zirconia Copings for Improvement of Veneering Porcelain Bond Strength Not Currently Well Supported03/15/2016Alyssa-Joy Oviatt
Inadequate Evidence to Support a Correlation Between Maloccusion and Dental Caries Amongst Pediatric Patients03/15/2016Badi Misaqi
Association Between Depression and Periodontitis Neither Confirmed Nor Denied03/15/2016Truc-Vien Nguyen
Inconclusive Evidence Supporting a Significant Correlation Between Periodontal Disease and Tooth Loss with Esophageal Cancer Risk03/15/2016Tyler Orn
Desensitizing Products Containing CPP-ACP Have a More Sustained but Slower Effect Than Products Containing Potassium Nitrate 03/15/2016Annie Zheng
Autologous Blood Injection For The Treatment of Recurrent Mandibular Dislocation03/15/2016Marwan Fattouhi
Inconsistent Evidence Supports Adjunctive Use of Systemic Metronidazole in Chronic Periodontitis 03/15/2016Kate McKenzie, University of Manchester
Molar Intrusion Using Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs) Is a Viable Option for Closing Anterior Open Bites03/14/2016Adam Solomon
For Patients Who Receive A Mandibular Posterior Implant Restoration, A Higher Incidence of Loss of Proximal Contact Between Implant Restoration And Adjacent Natural Tooth Was Observed03/13/2016Ariel Marder
Regenerative Endodontic Procedures and Apexification Procedures are Viable Options for Treating Immature Teeth with Pulpal Necrosis03/13/2016Rose Duong
Dental Implants Safe for Immediate Loading in Controlled Diabetics03/13/2016Esther Atoyebi
Preoperative Administration of Celecoxib (Celebrex) is Effective for Managing Postoperative Pain In Third Molar Extractions03/13/2016Alexander Quante
Local Hemostatic Measures Are Enough To Control Bleeding In Implant Patients On Oral Anticoagulation Therapy03/12/2016Miranda Rodriguez
Recurrence Rates of Odontogenic Keratocysts Decreased With Aggressive Surgical Resection 03/12/2016Selina Fuentes
Effectiveness of Clear Aligners at Controlling Minor Anterior Intrusions is Comparable to Straight Wire Orthodontics03/12/2016Jason Poon
Pulse Oximetry Testing in Primary Teeth Seems to be as Accurate as Electric Pulp Testing 03/12/2016Shravik Sethi
Simple Maxillary Teeth Extractions Can Be Successfully Performed Without Including a Palatal Injection03/11/2016Christian Lopez
Children With Poor Academic Performance Have A Higher Caries Risk03/11/2016Alyse Davis
Using Fluoride Containing Adhesives for Bonding Orthodontic Appliances Reduces Loss of Minerals in the Enamel Adjacent to the Appliances 03/11/2016Aalia Farukhi
Orthodontic Treatment of Class II Malocclusion During Early Childhood Does Not Produce Better Clinical Outcomes, Compared to Treatment During Adolescence03/11/2016Keri Keller
Removal of Anterior Lingual Retention Causes Relapse in Post Orthodontic Treated Patients03/10/2016Patrick VanCura
Non-Syndromic Patients With Cleft Lip And/Or Palate (CLP) Tend To Have Higher Caries Prevalence Than Non-CLP Patients03/09/2016Patrick J. Kelly
The Use of Xylitol Products in Patients With Xerostomia May Relieve Symptoms of Oral Dryness and Discomfort03/09/2016Maria Shah
Surgical Treatment in Conjunction With Air Polishing Powder Reduces Inflammation Associated With Peri-Implantitis 03/08/2016Chris Ng
An Upright Maxillary Lateral Incisor Inclination May Predict Palatal Displacement of Maxillary Canine03/07/2016Amanda Mitchell
There Does Not Seem To Be A Causal Relationship Between Malocclusion And Non-Carious Cervical Lesions03/07/2016Andrew J. Higham
Prevention of Dry Socket After Tooth Extraction With Warm Saline Rinses03/06/2016Fauzia Dadarkar
Use of Piezoelectric Surgery for BSSO Does Not Reduce Incidence of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Damage Compared to Traditional Osteotomy 03/06/2016Josue Vega
Is There a Link Between Periodontal Disease and Oropharyngeal Cancer?03/06/2016Zachary Parker
Supplemental Vibrational Force Does Not Decrease Time to Reach Final Alignment in Orthodontic Treatment03/04/2016Satoko Hasegawa
In Patients Needing A Sinus Augmentation Procedure, The Use of A Membrane Was The Most Significant Factor for Obtaining Long Lasting Implant Survival 03/01/2016Troy Heisch
Zinc Oxide Can Potentially Reduce the Risk of Peri-Implantitis and Implant Failure03/01/2016Daniel Yates
Continuous Force Application Leads to More Root Resorption Than Intermittent Force Application in Adolescent Orthodontic Patients02/29/2016Maxwell Oldham
Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Therapy Does Not Improve Implant Survival for Irradiated Patients 02/27/2016Nessa Pathiyil
The Use of Waterpipe Smoking Can Produce Short-Term and Long-Term Effects on Cardiovascular Function02/27/2016Natasha Mathews
Electrolyzed Ion-Reduced Water Could Reduce Oral Counts of Periodontal Pathogens02/22/2016Brent Mowery
The 5-Year Clinical Survival Rate of Metal-Ceramic Fixed Dental Prostheses is Similar to That of Its All-Ceramic Counterpart02/20/2016Amine Kaddour-Djebbar
Splint Therapy is the Most Conservative Treatment for Idiopathic Condylar Resorption (ICR)02/16/2016Sandra Raouf
A Surgery-First Approach to Orthognathic Surgery Does Not Significantly Improve a Patient’s Quality of Life Compared to an Orthodontic First Approach 02/11/2016Chase Trejo
Use of Either Emdogain or Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft Shows Greatest Clinical Results When Combined with Coronally Positioned Flaps 02/09/2016Michelle N. Gutierrez
Biomechanical Preparation of the Canal Space is Unnecessary with Pulpal Regeneration Therapy12/31/2015Maryhen Arrieta
Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD) Supported Pontics Prevent Bone Resorption in Young Growing Patients with Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors12/10/2015Michael Schulte
Survival of Implant Supported Crowns is Significantly Higher Than That of Intentionally Replanted Teeth12/08/2015Hayrapet Sahakyants
Removing The Smear Layer With MTAD During Endodontic Treatment improves The Apical Seal12/08/2015Ahmad Al-Salman
CEJ Automated Probing System Is More Reliable Than Manual or The Florida Probe when Detecting Clinical Attachment Loss for Patients with Chronic Periodontitis.12/02/2015Esmera Celestino
Root Canal Therapy on Infected Teeth Can Be Done In Single And Multiple-Visits With No Significant Difference In Post-Operative Pain Or In Healing Rate 11/24/2015Constance Quintero
Use of MTA Over Geristore for Repair of Teeth with Furcal Perforations11/18/2015Nidhi Kotak, DDS
Mini Implants Have Lower Survival Rate but Superior Patient Satisfaction Compared to Standard Implants in Mandibular Overdentures11/16/2015S. Jade Wylie, DDS
Fluoride Reduces Dental Erosion 11/12/2015Elizabeth Allinson, DDS
Eucalyptol and Chloroform Have Same Effect for Cleaning Dentinal Tubules11/10/2015Claudia Vargas, DDS
Limited Evidence Suggests Oral Health Providers Should Observe Caution When Treating Post-Menopausal Women Taking Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) Drugs or Estrogen Modulating Agents 11/09/2015Isaac Morton, DMD
In Pregnant Women, Diagnostic Dental Radiation Does Not Increase the Incidence of Congenital Anomalies11/05/2015Reyhaneh Alimohammadi, DDS
Maxillomandibular Advancement (MMA) Surgery Is An Effective Second or Third-Line Treatment Modality For Morbidly Obese Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)11/03/2015Deborah Russell, DDS
TiO2 Nanotubes Affect Osteoprogenitor Cell Differentiation and Proliferation11/03/2015Phillip Garrett, DDS
Risk of Alveolar Destruction Post-Operatively Following Dental Extraction is Positively Correlated to Uncontrolled Diabetes11/03/2015Kelly Walsh, DDS
Weak Evidence Supports the Biocompatibility of Non-Zinc Containing Denture Adhesives?11/03/2015Fawzi Hijazi, DDS
The Use of a Barrier Membrane Does Not Affect the Percent Vital Bone Formation Following Maxillary Sinus Floor Augmentation Utilizing the Lateral Window Technique11/02/2015Patrick Corning, DDS
Guided Tissue Regeneration Techniques May Be Beneficial in Improving Outcomes of Surgical Endodontic Treatment of Large, Through-and-Through Periapical Lesions11/02/2015Mathew Dennison, DDS
Endodontic Re-Surgery Results in Success Rates That Are Similar to Initial Surgical Intervention When Modern Methods and Materials Are Utilized11/02/2015Darrell M. Curtis, DDS
Posterior All-Ceramic Crowns Have Higher Fracture Rate Than Anterior All-Ceramic Crowns10/28/2015Giang Tran, DDS
Transplanting Teeth with An Apical Foramen Size of 1mm Allows Revascularization10/28/2015Michael Schulte
Single Premolar-Sized Cantilevers on Implant Fixed Dental Prostheses Supported By Two or More Implants of Regular Diameter or Larger Create No Greater Risk of Implant Loss or Biologic/Technical Complication Than Implant Supported Fixed Dental Prostheses with Terminal Abutments10/28/2015Shawn P. Platt, DMD
Higher Insertion Torque Values Result in Better Success for Immediately-Loaded Single Dental Implants10/27/2015Sida Zeng, DDS
Use of Chlorhexidine Prophylaxis in Preventing Oral Mucositis for Pediatric Cancer Patients10/27/2015Haifa Alkhodier, BDS
Irrigation Devices Used in Endodontics such as EndoVac and EndoActivator Result in More Efficient Removal of the Smear Layer in the Root Canal System10/22/2015Lara Henderson, DDS
Risk of Failure for Fiber-Reinforced Resin Post and Cores Is Higher With Lack of Coronal Walls than With No Ferrule 10/22/2015William Slack, DDS
CBCT and CT Allow Identification of the Posterior Superior Alveolar Artery (PSAA) Canal, but Whether This Identification Alters Dental Implant-Related Treatment Planning and/or Treatment Outcome Is Uncertain 10/22/2015Lea Al Matny, DDS
For Patients Undergoing Open-Flap Debridement Surgery, There is No Significant Difference Between Dexamethasone and NSAIDs For Reducing Patient Perceived Pain10/21/2015Kelsey Rockey, DDS
The Effect of CBCT-Guided Treatment Planning on Dental Implant Survival is Not Yet Known10/20/2015Adeyinka Dayo, DDS
Dental Implant Guided Surgery is More Accurate Than Freehand Surgery10/20/2015Michael Syamken, DDS
Near Infrared Light Transillumination (NILT) and Bitewing Radiographs Display Similar Accuracy in Diagnosing Interproximal Carious Lesions10/20/2015Ryan Fort, DDS
Visual Inspection for Caries Remains The Clinical Diagnostic Standard10/20/2015Keaton Forrester, DMD
Buffered Lidocaine Does Not Improve the Inferior Alveolar Block Success For Mandibular Posterior Teeth With Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis10/16/2015Ruchika Joon, DDS
The Length of Obturation Affects The Prognosis of Non-Surgical Root Canal Therapy10/16/2015Abdulmajeed Al Shujaa, DDS
MDPB-Containing Bonding Agents Offer Short-Term Inhibition of Bacterial Growth10/16/2015Spencer Lee, DDS
Pre-Treatment of Enamel With Fluoride Prior To Orthodontic Bracket Placement Can Lower The Shear Bond Strength10/15/2015Shadzi Jebraeili, DDS
Oraverse (phentolamine mesylate) is Safe and Effective for Use in Pediatric Dental Patients10/15/2015Elizabeth May, DDS
Parathyroid Hormone (PTH) Increases The Rate of Orthodontic Tooth Movement in Rats10/15/2015Khaled AlSharif, DDS
In Systemically Healthy Patients with Gingivitis, Mechanical Plaque Control with The Adjunctive Use of Essential Oils Containing Mouthrinses (MMEO) Reduced Plaque and Gingivitis Greater Than Mechanical Methods (MM) Alone10/15/2015Shaimaa M. Al Harthi, DDS
Canine Substitution Can Be An Acceptable Treatment for Patients With Missing Lateral incisors10/14/2015Kelsey Kraft, DDS
A Positive Association Between Periodontal Disease and Chronic Kidney Disease is Evident, But Periodontal Treatment Effects Unknown10/14/2015Sarah Ringdahl, DDS
Silver Diamine Fluoride May Be Better Than Sodium Fluoride Varnish In Arresting and Preventing Cavitated Caries Lesions10/13/2015Shahad Abudawood, DDS
Er:YAG Laser Therapy is An Effective Alternative to Scaling and Root Planing When Performing Non-Surgical Therapy for Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis 10/13/2015Kandice L. Klepper, DDS
Decoronation Technique for the Treatment of Trauma-Based Ankylosis Results in Favorable Alveolar Ridge Preservation10/10/2015Amber Miller, DDS
Primary Wound Closure Versus Secondary Wound Closure Following Extraction of Mandibular Third Molars Causes a Statistically Significant Increase in Post-Operative Pain and Swelling 10/09/2015Alicia Casarez-Quintana, DDS
Sclerostin Antibody (Scl-ab) Treatment Can Result in Improved Clinical Outcomes Compared to No Treatment in the Regeneration of Periodontal Defects10/09/2015Michael Rediske, DDS
Diabetes Mellitus is Associated With Significant Reduction of The Success Rate of Endodontic Treatment of Teeth with Periradicular Lesions 09/26/2015Hayrapet Sahakyants
No Relationship Between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Premolar Extraction09/23/2015Megan Laughinghouse
Use of An Electronic Apex Locator May Lead To Significant Overestimation in Working Length During Endodontic Retreatment08/20/2015Robert J. Loftus
Weak Evidence Supports Using Saliva Viscosity as an Independent Indicator for Diagnosing Halitosis08/12/2015Patrisha Cortezano
Performing a Variety of Tasks May Help Dentists Maintain Hand Strength Throughout Their Careers07/09/2015Khushbu Malhotra
The Interaction of Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorhexidine Gluconate, Two Commonly Used Endodontic Irrigants, Forms a Potentially Harmful Precipitate That Causes Obliteration of the Dentinal Tubules and Discoloration of the Root Canal System06/29/2015David Quaid Faltys
Hypovitaminosis D is a Risk Factor for Periodontal Disease04/19/2015Kim Chi Nguyen
Polyphenols in Green Tea and Coffee Show Anti-Carious Effects 04/16/2015Mimi Law
In Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), There is a Greater Prevalence of Sleep Bruxism When Compared to Those Without Obstructive Sleep Apnea04/15/2015Ryan Ho
In Patients with Chronic Periodontal Disease, The Use of Biomimetic Ceramics for Intraosseous Defects was More Effective Than Open Flap Debridement in Improving Attachment Levels04/15/2015Peter Dang
The Addition of Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) to Open Flap Debridement (OFD) Aids in The Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis with Intrabony Defects04/15/2015William Travis King
Long-Term Skeletal Stability Following BSSO Advancement is Similar for Titanium and Biodegradable Fixation Systems04/14/2015Nguyen Lam
Practicing Clinical Dentistry Increases the Risk of Developing Musculoskeletal Disorders04/14/2015Madiha Khanani
Electric Toothbrushes Have Greater Efficacy in Removing Plaque Compared to Manual Toothbrushes in Children Between Four and Seven04/14/2015Jonathan Ha
Neem Powder is a Better Alternative to a Chemically Derived Mouthwash Against Dental Plaque04/14/2015Sharon Mathew
The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Diet Has Been Proven to Lower Blood Pressure and Is a Feasible Approach to Lessen Dental Complications in Patients With Hypertension and Cardiovascular Disease 04/13/2015Thien-An Ho
Laser Therapy Does Not Produce the Significant Benefits of Decreased Pocket Depth When Compared to Conventional Therapy for Peri-Implantitis04/13/2015Adam Martinez
Dental Implants Coated in Hydroxyapatite and Phosphate Materials Show the Potential to Achieve Greater Osseointegration and Increased Mechanical Stability Compared to the Uncoated Titanium Dental Implant04/13/2015Mason Rice
Titanium Ions May Contribute to Inflammation and Resulting Peri-Implantitis in Patients04/13/2015Austin Todd
TMD Signs and Symptoms Increase in Dental Students After 1 Year of Dental School, Especially in Women04/13/2015Clayton Wills
Retraction Cord Causes Less Gingival Inflammation Than Retraction Paste04/10/2015Roberto Olivares
Glass Ionomer Restorations May Be More Effective Than Resin Composites at Preventing Recurrent Caries in Class V Lesions Over a 5-Year Period04/10/2015Juan Balderas
Application of Oraqix (Lidocaine/Prilocaine Local Anesthetic Gel) Reduces Pain During Scaling and Root Planing04/10/2015Ngan (Nancy) Pham
For Healthy Adult Patients, Surgical Therapy for Peri-Implantitis Using Bovine Xenograft and Enamel Matrix Derivative (Emdogain) Will be More Effective in Achieving Positive Clinical Outcomes Than Emdogain Alone04/10/2015Ki Lee
Acellular Dermal Matrix Allograft is An Acceptable Clinical Substitute for Subepithelial Connective Tissue for Root Coverage Procedures 04/10/2015Shelby Bowman
Periodontal Therapy Does Not Reduce Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes04/10/2015Ai Ton
Patients that have Experienced Trauma From Whiplash are More Likely to Exhibit Temporomandibular Symptoms04/10/2015Thi Kim Ly Nguyen
Patients Suffering from Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) Symptoms Are Found to Have More Non-Functional Tooth Contact than Otherwise Healthy Individuals04/09/2015Natasha Impink-Hernandez
No Significant Differences in Long-Term Periodontal Health Status of Adults Who Have Undergone Orthodontic Treatment During Adolescence Versus Those Who Have Not04/09/2015Reuel McIntyre
A Longer Etching Time Does Not Affect the Retention of Fissure Sealants on First Permanent Molars and Second Primary Molars of Adolescents04/09/2015Aleka Zimmer
Endoscope-Assisted Open Reduction And Internal Fixation of Mandibular Subcondylar Fractures Is a Reliable and Comparable Technique to an Extraoral Surgical Approach04/09/2015Luke Tibbitts
Use of Bone Marrow-Derived Mononuclear Cell Concentrate as an Adjuvant to Maxillary Sinus Augmentation (MSA) Does Not Improve Bone Formation Over Conventional MSA with Acellular Bone Matrix Graft Alone04/09/2015Steven L. Farnsworth
Preoperative Continuation of Aspirin with Appropriate Hemostatic Measures Is Currently Recommended04/09/2015Sehee Han
Zirconia Crowns Cleaned with Zirconium Oxide Paste (Ivoclean) Prior to Cementation Have Increased Bond Strength to Resin Cement04/09/2015Kristan Rodriguez
Bulk-fill Resin Composites Can Potentially Be as Effective as Conventional Composite Restorations Even In Class 2 Preparations04/08/2015Carlos A. Bernal
The Incidence of Root Fracture is Similar Between Metal Post-Retained and Fiber Post-Retained Restorations04/08/2015Arif Karim
Tilted Implants Demonstrate Survival and Marginal Bone Loss That is Comparable to Axial Implants04/08/2015David Rice
Cavitation of Proximal Caries Lesions Can Be Determined More Accurately on Bitewing Radiographs When the Radiolucent Depth Is > 0.5 mm From the DEJ04/08/2015Nikhaar Keshwani
Evidence is Inconclusive with Regard to Efficiency of Tooth Movement When Ceramic Orthodontic Brackets Are Employed Versus Traditional Metal Orthodontic Brackets04/08/2015Darren Hallums
No Strong Evidence in Support of Either Chlorhexidine Mouthwash or Varnish in Preventing Dental Caries04/08/2015Marjan Malakouti
Zirconia With Aluminum Oxide Sandblasting Treatment Followed By MDP-containing Primer Has Greater Bond Strength Than Zirconia With No Surface Treatment04/08/2015Krishna Patel
Chlorhexidine-Thymol Varnish May Provide a Benefit in the Prevention of Root Caries in High Caries Risk Individuals with Poor Oral Hygiene04/08/2015Anisa Maredia
There Is No Conclusive Advantage for Single Tooth Implants over Fixed Partial Dentures in Replacing Congenitally Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors04/06/2015Michael Jimenez
Implant-Assisted Mandibular Overdentures Do Not Lead to More Bone Resorption in the Opposing Maxillary Ridge When Compared to Conventional Mandibular Dentures04/04/2015Antonella A. Botto
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) May Immediately Decrease Persistent Hypertension in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)04/04/2015Valeria Lomeli
Patient Satisfaction Levels are Generally High with Guided Flapless Implant Placement Surgery04/04/2015Marinee Cabrera
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Treatment (MSCT) May Alleviate Salivary Problems Associated with Sjogren's Syndrome04/04/2015Jason Kang
Acellular Dermal Matrix (AlloDerm) Employed in Palatal Fistula Repair May Improve the Rate of Fistula Closure04/04/2015Rubie Rakian
Adenoidectomy and/or Tonsillectomy has a Beneficial Role on Occlusion of Permanent Dentition in Preadolescent Children with Hypertrophic Adenoids and/or Tonsils04/03/2015Suzette D. Laing
Placing Dental Implants Using a Simplified Drilling Protocol Produces Comparable Heat to Conventional Sequential Drilling Protocols04/03/2015Nancy Carolina Wong
Restorations with Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer May Exhibit Greater Longevity than Resin Composites for Patients with Coarse Diets04/02/2015Daniel Nash
In a Patient with Gingival Recession, a Connective Tissue Graft Should be Combined with a Coronally Positioned Flap to Provide Best Long-Term Clinical Results04/02/2015Kyle Walker
Cyanoacrylate Stabilizers in Free Gingival Grafts04/01/2015Travis Miller
Survivability of Flapless Dental Implant Surgery Comparing: 3D Guided Navigation and Freehand Techniques04/01/2015Josh Rudin
Antimicrobial Herbal Toothpastes Are More Effective at Controlling Gingivitis in Adults Than Commercial Fluoride Toothpaste with No Antimicrobial Constituent04/01/2015Kelsey Beth Pena
The Anticariogenic Benefit of Topical Ozone as a Management Technique for Active Carious Lesions Has Not Been Demonstrated04/01/2015Andrew Chaney
Early Dental Management of Pediatric Patients with Ectodermal Dysplasia with Removable Partial and Complete Prosthesis Can Restore Orofacial Function, Development, and Esthetics04/01/2015Angeline Luna
Rheumatoid Arthritis Alone May Not Affect the Success of an Implant, but Combined with Connective Tissue Disorders, It Can Lead to Peri-Implant Tissue Discrepancies04/01/2015Karen King
Er:YAG Lasers Are Less Likely Than Rotary Burs to Cause a Patient Discomfort During Caries Excavation When No Anesthesia Has Been Administered04/01/2015Megan Fields
Wind Instrument Playing is Not a Major Etiologic Factor in the Occurrence of Malocclusion03/31/2015Lauren Flynn
Periodontal Therapy on HIV Patients Undergoing HAART May Provide Slight Benefit in Periodontal Health03/31/2015Mariam Ahmad
Immediate Implant Placement Provides Acceptable Esthetic Outcomes but may be Associated with Greater Frequency of Mucosal Recession03/31/2015Olivia Gassmann
Conventional Casting Restorations Have a More Precise Fit Than CAD/CAM Milled Titanium Restorations with Respect to a Single-Unit Implant Supported Crown 03/30/2015Indrajit Sehbi
High-Protein Diet Without Increased Calcium Intake Can Lead to Ridge Resorption and Osteoporosis in Women03/30/2015Maria Joseph
In Pediatric Patients, Use of Removable Orthodontic Appliances May Lead to an Increased Risk of Dental Caries03/30/2015Beatriz E. Fortanely
Use of Topical Tetracycline-Class Antibiotics Can Reduce Pain and Formation of New Ulcers and Increase Speed of Recovery in Patients with Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis03/30/2015Michele Schantz
Occlusal Changes from Obstructive Sleep Apnea Appliances Are Not Self-Limiting and Continue to Progress 03/30/2015Eduardo Vela
Root Canal Therapy Within 14 Days of Replantating an Avulsed Tooth Reduces Likelihood of Root Resorption03/30/2015Devon Fulbright
Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Aspirin are Effective as Adjunctive Therapy During Non-Surgical Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis03/30/2015Travis Quintanilla
Omega 3 Appears to be Effective in the Treatment of Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis (RAS)03/29/2015Jennifer Tran
Patients With HIV Do Not Experience Higher Dental Implant Failure Rates Than Patients Without HIV03/28/2015Stephanie Jones
Periodontal Therapy Does Not Improve A1c Levels in Diabetic Patients with Periodontal Disease 03/27/2015Justin Felkner
Interruption in Use of the New Class of Direct Thrombin Inhibitors and Factor Xa Inhibitors is Not Indicated for the Anticoagulated Patient Undergoing Simple Dental Procedures03/27/2015Craig Harrison
The Difference in Survival of Dental Implants Placed via Guided Surgery is Not Statistically Significant Compared to Free-Handed Placement 03/27/2015Monica Lynott
Does Immediate Implant Placement Result in More Soft Tissue Recession Than Conventional Implant Placement for Patients Requiring Tooth Extraction in Esthetic Areas?03/27/2015Rebecca Sonick
Most Herbal and Citrus Fruit Teas Have a Low Erosive Potential03/27/2015Byan Zaidan
Physically Active Young Adults are More Susceptible to Decreased Salivary Flow Rate and Dental Erosive Wear Than Sedentary Young Adults03/27/2015Lizanne Holloway
Silver Nanoparticle (AgNP)-Containing Resin Bonding Systems Significantly Reduced the Viability of Caries-Related Bacteria and Plaque Biofilms03/27/2015James D. Oei
More Evidence Required to Determine the Long-Term Skeletal Expansion of Bone-Borne Palatal Expanders 03/26/2015Collette Edwards
Topical Application of Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 May Promote Periodontal Regeneration in a Patient with Periodontitis03/26/2015Audrey Rakian
Anticoagulant Drugs Do Not Increase Risk of Postoperative Bleeding after Implant Placement03/26/2015Varun P. Joseph
Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) Does Not Decrease Bacterial Load More Than Conventional Therapy in Systemically Healthy Patients with Chronic Periodontitis with No Evidence Currently Available for Diabetic Patients with Chronic Periodontitis03/25/2015Traci Cowan
Success Rate of Single Molar Implants is Similar to Root Resections in Patient with Furcated Molars03/25/2015Vincent Hsu
Patients with Temporomandibular Joint Disorders are More Likely to Have Previously Suffered Cervical Hyperextension-Flexion Trauma 03/25/2015Lisa Robertson
Exposure to Gluten, Used in the Manufacture of Dental Materials, Can Exacerbate Celiac Disease 03/24/2015Taylor Robison
Lactobacillus Salivarius Containing Probiotics May Have Benefits Similar to Xylitol in Decreasing Caries Risk03/24/2015Alexandria Gibbs
Er:YAG Lasers Provide Little to No Improvement in Pocket Depth of Peri-implantitis03/24/2015Michelle Gutierrez
Large Anterior Overjet Increases Risk of Traumatic Dental Injury03/24/2015Austin Paul Farmer
No Difference in Class V Restorative Performance Success Using Either The Rubber Dam or Cotton Roll Isolation Techniques 03/22/2015Tiffany Chung
For a Patient with Closed Lock and Bruxism, Arthrocentesis Plus a Stabilization Appliance is More Effective Than Arthrocentesis Alone in Increasing Range of Motion03/22/2015Gabriela Aranda
Implants with Microthreaded Collars Show Significantly Less Crestal Bone Loss Than Machined-Collar Implants03/20/2015Casey Cazes
Limited Evidence to Support Surgical Intervention Accelerates Tooth Movement and Reduces Treatment Time03/20/2015Jeffrey M. Marrs
All-Ceramic Crowns Can Serve as Removable Partial Denture Abutments in Certain Clinical Situations03/19/2015Jay Patel
A Biopsy Is Necessary to Distinguish Pathological Findings Around Impacted Third Molars03/17/2015Kristin Goodwin
Ferric Sulfate Provides the Same Clinical and Radiographic Results as Formocresol When Used for Primary Tooth Pulpotomies03/17/2015Kim Do
Sugar Substitutes May Reduce Tooth Demineralization in High Caries Patients03/17/2015Huy Le
There Is Insufficient Evidence to Support the Use of Systemic Antibiotics to Prevent Postoperative Endodontic Flare-Ups03/17/2015Aimy Tran
For Patients Taking Nonbisphosphonate Medications such as Xgeva, Avastin, or Sutent, Medication Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw (MRONJ) Following Dentoalveolar Surgery Occurs at a Rate Comparable to that of Patients Taking IV Bisphosphonates03/16/2015Trevor Hamilton
The Cardiovascular Health Benefits of Using Oral Appliance Therapy for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Typically Outweigh the Risks of Tooth Movement and Malocclusion 02/26/2015Corbin Clifton
Preemptive Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs May Increase the Success Rate of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Blocks in Mandibular Posterior Teeth with Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis02/25/2015Gary Middleton
Replacing Missing Molars with Removable Prostheses Does Not Reduce or Prevent TMD Pain02/22/2015Monica Attia
Antibiotic Prophylaxis with Bone Grafting Procedures Reduces Risk of Postoperative Complications02/17/2015Brian Schweers
Zirconia Based FDP May Be An Alternative to Conventional PFM with Veneers That are More Compatible in Terms of Co-Efficient of Thermal Expansion01/22/2015Azma Ahmed
Cone Beam Computed Tomography Is Effective in Acquiring Anatomical Image Equivalence to a Full-Mouth Series with a Similarly Effective Dose12/12/2014Michael Morchat, DDS
Polished Zirconia Crowns Wear Opposing Enamel Less Than Glazed Zirconia Crowns12/12/2014James Michael Womack, DDS
Silorane-Based Composite Resin Bonding System Is More Resistant to Chemical and Enzymatic Degradation In Vitro than Traditional Methacrylate System12/11/2014Stephen Lambert, DDS
Micro-Computed Tomography is As Good As Histologic Sectioning as a Gold Standard for in vitro Determination of Proximal Caries Depth12/09/2014Scott Makins, DMD
Endodontic Microsurgery has Higher Success Rate Than Traditional Endodontic Surgery12/07/2014Priyanka Joshi
Thymoquinone Has Anti-Tumor Effects on Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Mice12/05/2014Debbie R. Lee, DDS
The Use of Corticotomies Can Effectively Reduce Treatment Time in Adult Patients12/04/2014Carson Phillips, DDS
Surgical and Nonsurgical Treatment Have Comparable Stability in the Treatment of Anterior Open-Bite Malocclusion12/03/2014Kevin Farnsworth, DDS
Composite Resin with an Epoxy-Based Monomer System May be less Susceptible to Failure Than Traditional Methacrylate-Based Resins12/02/2014Wesley Shute, DDS
The Success and the Survival Rates of Titanium-Zirconium (Ti-Zr) Implant are Consistent with Those of Titanium Implants12/02/2014Saba Ghazal, DDS
Antibiotics Were More Effective Against Resistant Bacteria when Combined with Biologically Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles12/01/2014Hannah C. Drew, DDS
Patient Satisfaction Ratings are Similar for Lingualized Balanced Occlusion and Cross-Tooth Cross-Arch Balanced Occlusion12/01/2014Ryushiro Sugita, DDS
Maxillary Protraction and Maxillary Advancement Osteotomy Have Similar Long Term Stability11/28/2014Hesham Al Saigh
Increased Post-Operative Complications in Type 2 Diabetes Patients with Higher Hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C) Levels Undergoing Mandibular Overdenture Implant Surgery11/26/2014Daniel I. Sabra
Maxillary Bone Anchored Maxillary Protraction Achieves Greater Maxillary Advancement Compared to Facemask/RME Therapy11/26/2014Kristin Saunders
Medicament/Irrigant Selection and Concentration are Important to the Survival of SCAP and the Success of Regenerative Endodontic Treatment11/26/2014Kevin R. Kunz, DDS
More Heat is Produced with Guided Dental Implant Surgery11/25/2014Amanda G. Hughart, DDS
Comparison Studies Show Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) Digital Intra-oral Detector Out-Performing or Having Similar Overall Image Quality Then a Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Detector11/25/2014Salim Aqil, DDS
Rubber Dam Usage Increases Success When Placing Prefabricated Posts in Endodontic Treated Teeth11/25/2014Lilley Gharavi, DMD
Patients with Amalgam Restorations Are Not at a Significantly Greater Risk for Developing Health Complications Than Those With Composite Restorations11/25/2014David Quaid Faltys
Ridge Preservation with DFDBA Yields More Vital Bone Compared to FDBA; Both Materials Yield Similar Clinical Ridge Dimensions Following Healing11/23/2014Blaine Calahan, DDS
Cancellous Freeze-Dried Done Allograft (FDBA) Offers No Improvement in Clinical Healing Compared to Cortical FDBA When Used for Ridge Preservation11/20/2014Randy Demetter, DDS
Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) with Voxels < 0.2 mm3 have Superior Sensitivity to Diagnose Vertical Root Fractures, Despite No Greater Specificity than Periapical Radiography11/20/2014Jeffrey M. Adcock, DDS
Composite Resin Sealants Are More Cost- and Time-Effective Than Glass Ionomer Sealants11/20/2014Mark Lewis, DDS
Full Cuspal Coverage Restorations Improve the Long-Term Survivability of Endodontically Treated Posterior Teeth11/19/2014Kelly Ramey, DDS
Head and Neck Radiation Treatment is a Risk Factor for Implant Failure11/19/2014Catherine Tatum, DDS
Immediate Post Space Preparation Leads to Less Micro-leakage in the Root Canal System Compared to Delayed Post Placement11/18/2014Petrina Gerogianni, DDS
Biodentine is an Effective Alternative to Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) in Pulp Capping and Direct Pulp Capping Procedures11/18/2014Brandon Pitcher, DDS
Teriparatide Treatment Can Result in Improved Clinical Outcomes Compared to Placebo in the Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis11/18/2014Rebecca Neitzke, DDS
Maxillomandibular Advancement (MMA) Is The Best Primary Surgical Intervention For Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Patients Who Do Not Comply With Or Tolerate CPAP10/27/2014Luke Tibbitts
Osteoperforations Such As Propel Orthodontics Micro-Osteoperforation Appliance Accelerate Orthodontic Tooth Movement With Minimal Surgical Intervention 10/21/2014Luke Tibbitts
Periodic Application of 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish is Effective in Reducing Root Caries09/16/2014Janet Garcia
Gabapentin Is as Effective as an Occlusal Appliance in Controlling Nighttime Masticatory EMG Activity09/16/2014Supriya Patel
Oral Appliances for Obstructive Sleep Apnea May Cause Transitory Symptoms of Temporomandibular Disorder09/08/2014Akshay Thusu
Clinical Trials Show Sonic Toothbrushes To Be More Efficacious Than Manual Toothbrushes in Overall Plaque Removal09/08/2014Emily Holland
Electronic Cigarettes May Have a Lower Potential to Cause Harm in Comparison to Traditional Tobacco Cigarettes09/08/2014Sarah Maye Whitehead
Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy Can Reduce the Reinfection Rate of Helicobacter pylori in Patients Suffering from Peptic Ulcer Disease09/02/2014Dana Paladino
No Significant Difference in a Comparison of Floss Picks to Traditional Floss for Interproximal Plaque Removal in Adults09/02/2014Lindsey Nicholson
Two-Visit and One-Visit Endodontic Treatments for Necrotic Teeth with Apical Periodontitis Have Similar Success Rates08/18/2014Ryan Gonzales
Laser Doppler Flowmetry and Pulse Oximetry are the Most Accurate Pulp Vitality Test after Trauma 08/09/2014Emese Tokos
Long-Term Success Rate May be Greater for Patients with Extraction and Implant Compared to Apical Surgery08/01/2014Shayan Salim
Insufficient Evidence Supporting the Efficacy of Intentional Replantation as a Modality of Endodontic Retreatment Over Extraction and Implant Placement07/23/2014Amana Farrkh
Laser Use Reduces Post-Endodontic Re-Treatment Pain and Neuropeptide Production in Patients with Symptomatic Apical Periodontitis07/21/2014Shauna Jones
Oil Pulling as an Effective Adjunct to Brushing in Reducing Plaque-Induced Gingivitis07/21/2014Jeffrey Holt
Traumatized Anterior Tooth with Pulpal Calcification Can Be Treated with an Esthetic Restoration and Radiographic Follow-Up07/10/2014Leigh Veilleux
Patients Undergoing Orthognathic Surgery Exhibiting No Presurgical Signs/Symptoms of TMD Pose a Risk of Developing TMJ Disorders Post Surgically06/27/2014Luke Tibbitts
In Patients with Moderate Malocclusion, Orthodontic Treatment Provides No Significant Improvement to Periodontal Health 06/25/2014Teresa Nguyen
Cast Posts Provide Higher Fracture Resistance Than Fiber Posts, but Greater Risk of a Non-Restorable Outcome06/25/2014Mohammad M. AlJameel
For Post-Dental Extraction Pain, Co-therapy with Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen is More Effective in Pain Management than Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen Alone06/25/2014Sammy Houari
Lateral Condensation Technique Allows Better Control of the Working Length Compared to Vertical Technique but Both Techniques Have Similar Overall Results 06/25/2014Talal T. Al-Rasheed
No Significant Difference Was Found in Success or Failure Rate Between Cement-and Screw-Retained Prostheses 06/25/2014Adel S. Alqarni
There is Conflicting Evidence Regarding the Use of Low-Level Laser Therapy of Alveolar Bone to Accelerate Orthodontic Tooth Movements06/25/2014Abdulmohsen Alqasir
Endodontically Treated Roots with Ketac-Endo Sealer are Stronger and More Resistant to Vertical Root Fracture Compared to Roots Sealed with AH Plus Sealer06/25/2014Saad S. Al-Otaibi
Over-the-counter Splints Used for Bruxism Have More Potential for Adverse Effects Than Splints Made and Adjusted by the Dentist06/24/2014Mohamad K. Alhadlaq
There is No Difference Between Cement-Retained and Screw-Retained Implant Supported Crowns in Developing Marginal Bone Loss, but Screw Retained Crowns May Have a More Favorable Soft Tissue Response06/24/2014Saad Almujel
Using Papilla Base Flap Results in Significantly Less Recession of the Papilla than Sulcular Full-Thickness Flap After Endodontic Surgery for Apical Periodontitis06/24/2014Shreya Ruxmohan
Transmucosal Dental Implant Placement with Bone Augmentation Shows No Difference in Bone Levels or Soft Tissue Indices from Submerged Dental Implant Placement with Bone Augmentation06/24/2014Abdulaziz A. Alblaihess
Clinician-Administered Topical Fluoride Applications During Treatment with Fixed Orthodontic Appliances Prevent the Development of White Spot Lesions05/17/2014Karim Allahdina
The Use of Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Liners Does Not Significantly Reduce Dentinal Hypersensitivity05/13/2014Daniel Beruvides
For Patients with Chronic Periodontitis, Non-surgical Therapy is more Effective than no Periodontal Treatment in Reducing Serum hs-CRP Levels05/12/2014Kelly Cooper
No Increased Risk of Root Resorption of Endodontically Treated Teeth During Orthodontic Treatment05/09/2014Cameron Lamb
Limited Evidence to Support the Incremental fill Technique is More Effective Than the Bulk fill Technique05/09/2014Oanh Hutson
Periodontal Disease Prevalence Is Significantly Higher In Patients With Down Syndrome Compared To Age Matched Patients In The General Population.05/06/2014Marissa Stewart
Tramadol/Acetaminophen Tablets Provide Rapid, Effective, and Dose-Dependent Analgesia Following Dental Surgery05/05/2014Joshua Thiel
Needle Fractures During Local Anesthetic Delivery for Dental Procedures is a Rare Occurrence05/05/2014Eric Mediavilla, DDS
Effectiveness of an Audiovisual Video Eyeglass Distraction Technique on Pain Associated with Injection of Local Anesthesia for Children04/28/2014Steve Ragsdale
Increased Horizontal Stability After Mandibular Setback Surgery in Patients with Skeletal Class III Malocclusion with Pre-Surgical Orthodontics04/15/2014Hooman Abdolisereshki
No Significant Difference in Relapse of Anterior Crowding in Class I and Class II Malocclusions Treated with or without Premolar Extractions and Retained with Hawley Retainers 04/09/2014Mylinh Duong
Motor Driven Instrumentation Causes Dentinal Cracking04/06/2014Ethelyn Thomason, DMD
Articaine (4%) Does Not Improve Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block Success Compared to Lidocaine (2%) for Mandibular Molars with Irreversible Pulpitis04/04/2014Loc V. Tran
Sealants are More Effective in Preventing Dental Caries Than Periodically Applying Fluoride Varnish to a Child’s First Molars04/04/2014Shantal White
Limited Evidence to Support the Use of Tooth-Colored Bonded Restorative Materials as Replacements for Stainless Steel Crowns (SSCs) After Pulpotomies on Primary Molars04/03/2014Atish K. Patel
Tooth Surface Loss in People with Gastroesophgeal Reflux Disease is Much Greater Than Those Without This Disorder04/03/2014Catherine Garza
Effectiveness of a Fixed Functional Appliance When Compared to Headgear in Treating Class II Malocclusion04/03/2014Komal Suri
It Remains Unclear Whether Elevated HbA1c in Diabetic Patients Undergoing Surgery Increases Post-Surgical Infection Risk04/02/2014Li Hsing Loh
Orthodontic Retention with Fixed Mandibular Retainers is not Detrimental to Periodontal Health in Patients with Good Oral Hygiene 04/02/2014Linh Quach
Currently Available Radiometers Are Not An Adequate Way for Clinicians to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Their Curing Lights04/01/2014Mark Williamson
Dental Anxiety in Adult and Child Population is Positively Correlated with Tooth Decay 04/01/2014Scott Fischbuch
Patients with Type I or Type II Diabetes Exhibit More Dry Mouth Symptoms and Xerostomia Compared to Non-Diabetics04/01/2014Florestella Ruiz
Green Tea Extract Helps to Improve the Clinical Outcome of Non-Surgical Therapy (Scaling and Root Planing [SRP]) in the Treatment of Patients with Chronic Periodontitis04/01/2014Casey McGill
Comparing "Streptococci" DNA on the Salivary Residue of a Bite Mark with That From a Suspect’s Teeth Could Possibly Be an Option to Identifying the Biter Within Reasonable Certainty03/31/2014Jaime R. Gomez, II
Regular Toothbrushes are Better Than Finger Toothbrushes for the Removal of Plaque Throughout the Complete Primary Dentition03/31/2014Jennifer Rosales
The Pass/Fail Grading System Increases Student Satisfaction and Alleviates Stress Without Decreasing Performance03/31/2014Marii Malagayo
Osteoporosis Has No Significant Impact On Dental Implant Osseointegration03/31/2014Max Buchwald
Application of Fluoride Varnish at Least Every 6 Months Reduces the Occurrence of Dental Caries in Adults at High Caries Risk03/30/2014Marjan Malakouti
Direct and Indirect Bonding of Orthodontic Brackets Display No Difference in Bond Failure Rate03/28/2014Derick Mayberry
The Supplemental Use of Chlorhexidine with Scaling and Root Planning Therapy, When Treating Diabetic Patients, does not Significantly Improve Periodontal Outcomes as Compared to Scaling and Root Planning Alone03/28/2014Peggah Hemmat
Preventive Dental Programs Initiated During Pregnancy are Effective in Reducing the Incidence of Severe Early Childhood Caries in Children03/28/2014David Q. Faltys
Extraction of Mandibular Third Molars Does Not Minimize Lower Arch Crowding03/28/2014Charles A. Reyes
Adhesive Resin Cements are More Effective Than Glass Ionomer Cements at Lessening Post-Operative Sensitivity After the Placement of a Full Coverage Crown03/27/2014John Luke Covalt
A New Prosthesis Alone May Not Improve a Patient's Nutritional Status03/27/2014Charles Majdalani
For Healthy Patients with an Asymptomatic Tooth Fracture Limited to the Enamel, There Is a Lack of Evidence to Suggest That Placing a Full-Coverage Restoration Upon First Observation Is More Effective at Increasing the 10-year Prognosis of the Tooth Than Waiting Until Symptoms Develop03/27/2014Susie DeKoch
Myofunctional Orthodontics May or May Not Produce a More Stable Result Than Traditional Orthodontics03/26/2014Ray Caesar
Dental Caries Prevalence is not Significantly Higher in Autistic Children Compared to Non-Autistic Children03/26/2014Bridget Espanol
Electronic Cigarettes Are an Effective Cessation Reduction Tool for Dental Patients Who Smoke03/26/2014Alexandria Tami
Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Use in Routine Orthodontic Evaluation Exposes Patients to Higher Levels of Radiation Than Lateral Cephalometric Radiography and/or Digital Panoramic Radiography03/25/2014Bethany Flanders
Drug Addiction Exacerbates Daytime Clenching and Sleep Bruxism 03/25/2014Tyler Martini
Studies Regarding Non-Reversible Procedures Completed by Dental Therapists Have Overall Shown to be Acceptable 03/25/2014Colby Richey
Dental Implants Placed Following Grafting in Areas with Severe Bone Resorption Can Be Successful03/25/2014Ryan Chenausky
In The Era of Increased Fluoride Usage, Between-Meal Snacking May Not Be a Significant Risk Factor for Dental Caries03/24/2014Jaclyn T. Vu
Uncontrolled Diabetic Patients May Benefit From Prophylactic Antibiotics Prior To Dentally Invasive Treatment03/24/2014Minda Gray
Supplemental Intraosseous Anesthesia Improves the Success Rate of Inferior Alveolar Nerve Blocks in Molars with Irreversible Pulpitis. 03/24/2014Scott Thayer
Which Implant Overdenture has a Better Prognosis in Edentulous Maxilla: 4 Implant or 6 Implant Supported Overdenture? 03/24/2014Brad Seddighzadeh
Lower Concentration H2O2 Tooth Whitening Products Do Not Significantly Reduce Post-treatment Dentinal Hypersensitivity and Provide Clinically Similar Color Change Compared to Higher Concentration Products03/23/2014Ibrahim Houari
Insufficient Evidence to Prove the Efficacy of Piezocision-Assisted Orthodontic Treatment03/23/2014Michelle Clinton
In An Immature Tooth With Pulpal Necrosis, Regenerative Endodontics and MTA Apexification Methods Are Viable Treatment Options03/22/2014Pooja Sukumar
Antioxidants Play a Preventative Role in Patients At-Risk for Oral Cancer03/22/2014Allie Cearley
In Patients with Feeding Tubes, Dentists Should Consider Pre-Medicating to Reduce the Chances of Aspiration Pneumonia During Invasive Dental Treatment03/22/2014Mariam Ahmad
Use of SLS-Free Dentifrices is Beneficial for Patients with Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis03/21/2014Michael Stapleton
Weight Reduction by Dietary and Lifestyle Modifications Is Effective in reducing Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Indices Among Obese OSA Subjects03/20/2014Maxim Mossman
Administration of an Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block in the Region of a Developing Third-Molar May Lead to Third-Molar Agenesis03/18/2014Khurram Lalani
Epinephrine Use With Local Anesthesia in Post Myocardial Infarction Patients03/17/2014David Flanders
It Is Unclear Whether Desensitizing Toothpastes Containing Stannous Fluoride Cause a Greater Reduction in Hypersensitivity Compared to Toothpaste Containing Potassium Nitrate Following Bleaching Treatment03/17/2014Brenna Sura
Fortification of Juices with Calcium Helps Decrease the Risk of Dental Erosion03/17/2014Tanvi G. Patel
Risk of Severe Apical Root Resorption During Active Phase of Orthodontic Treatment Can be Predicted 03/14/2014Hooman Abdolisereshki
In a Healthy Adult, The Incomplete Removal of Caries When Compared to The Complete Removal of Caries May Result in Reduced Fracture Resistance of Restored Posterior Teeth03/13/2014Aida Ghazvini
In a Patient Requiring Endodontic Therapy, The use of N2-Sargenti Paste Proves to be Much More Cytotoxic in Comparison with Other Endodontic Sealers03/13/2014Elan Lee
Use of Probiotics to Reduce the Level of Streptococcus Mutans in the Oral Environment03/13/2014James Kang
For Patients with Pulp Necrosis of Immature Permanent Teeth, Revascularization is More Effective Than Ca(OH)2 or MTA Apexification in Increasing Root Length and Width as Well as Improving Overall Survival Rates03/13/2014Taj Ibrik
In a Healthy Adult Requiring a Composite Restoration, SonicFill is More Effective at Reducing Polymerization Shrinkage Compared to Bulk Fill Flowable Composites03/13/2014Eulogio Munoz
In Class II Restorations, Silorane-Based Composite Resin Had No Advantage Over Methacrylate-Based Composite Resin03/13/2014Sylvia S. Lewiz
Local Periodontal Care Around Mandibular Second Molar After Third Molar Extraction Decreases Probing Depth Around Periodontally Involved Second Molars03/12/2014Hiral Patel
Laser-Activated Irrigation is More Effective Than Traditional Irrigation at Removing Endodontal Bacterial Colonies03/12/2014Ramon Ray
Resin Composite Restorations May be Promising Esthetic Alternatives to Stainless Steel Crowns in Pulpotomized Primary Molars03/12/2014Roger Flippen
An Operative Microscope Better Aids in The Success of Surgical Endodontic Therapy Than The Use of Loupes Alone03/12/2014Kristin Aulds
Unsealed Mandibular Premolars are Less Susceptible to Occlusal Caries Than Unsealed Permanent Posterior Teeth03/11/2014Andrea Bakke
Hand-wrist Analysis is Slightly More Effective in Predicting Peak Growth Velocity Than Cervical Vertebral Maturation03/09/2014Calvin Tardy
Hydroxyzine may be an Acceptable Treatment Option for Children with Sleep Bruxism03/09/2014Robert Krantz
Presence of Periodontal Disease in Pregnant Women Increases the Risk of Developing Preeclampsia 03/08/2014Artesha Porter
Smokers with COPD as Compared to Smokers Without COPD Have No Significant Difference in Oral Health 03/06/2014Krupa Patel
A Partial Pulpotomy is an Effective Treatment for patients with Complicated Crown Fractures (CCFs) of Young Permanent Incisors 03/06/2014Benjamin Hanks
Survival Rates of Mini Dental Implants are Comparable to Standard Sized Implants for Prosthesis Support03/06/2014Tanner Hunsaker
Hydroxyapatite (HA) Coating on Titanium Implants Increases Osseointegration in the Osteoporotic Animal Model03/04/2014Jason Jones
Energy Drinks Cause Enamel Erosion at Much Higher Degrees Than Other Drink Options03/03/2014Alisha Hernandez
Resin-Modified Glass Ionomer Cement May Be More Effective Than Amalgam at Reducing the Amount of Enamel Demineralization/Recurrent Caries Occurring at the Margins of Class II Restorations in Primary Molars02/28/2014Rodolfo Cereceres
Flap-Less Microsurgery May Be a Suitable Alternative to Open-Flap Esthetic Crown Lengthening Surgery02/28/2014Daylon Galvan
Systemic Plus Local Therapy Provides No Significant Difference In The Successful Management Of Bleeding In A Patient With Type 1 von Willebrand Disease Compared to Local Therapy Alone 02/28/2014Chris Felicetta
Simulation-based Training is Consistently Associated with Large Effects on Desired Training Outcomes02/28/2014Mai Luk
Implant Surface Coating Suggests a Positive Influence on Osseointegration02/28/2014Michael Young
Sonicare Air Floss is an Effective Plaque Remover02/27/2014Briana Schulte
Flowable Resin Composites Reduce Microleakage When Applied As a Liner02/26/2014Courtney Schwind
Occlusal Overload May Contribute to Late Implant Failure in Patients with Anterior Dental Implants02/26/2014Harrison Luke
Traditional Composites are Comparable to Bulk Fill Composites for Strength and Effectiveness02/25/2014Davis Omido
Anesthetic Success Rate is Highest Using the Gow-Gates Mandibular Conduction Block in Terms of Alleviating Patient Dental Pain02/25/2014Suzzane Horani
Patient Satisfaction is Achieved Whether Mandibular Implant Overdentures Contain 2 or 4 Implants 02/25/2014Suzzane Horani
Clindamycin Exhibits No Statistical Difference in Preoperative Compared to Postoperative Administration For The Prevention of Dry Socket02/25/2014Maritza Flores
In Patients in Need of Dental Implants, Scalloped Implants Will Cause More Marginal Bone Loss Compared to Non-Scalloped Implants 02/25/2014Veronica Lai
Essential Fatty Acids and Fat-Soluble Vitamins May Increase Salivary Flow in Patients with Primary Sjogren's Syndrome02/25/2014Jessica Xia
No Significant Difference in Velopharyngeal Function Between Conventional Orthognathic Surgery and Maxillary Distraction for Advancement of the Maxilla in Cleft Lip and Palate Patients02/25/2014Jeff Penner
Direct Resin Composite Restorations on Posterior Teeth Requiring Cusp Replacement Have a Similar Success Rate to Indirect Resin Composite Restorations 02/25/2014Adam Furman
Laser Activated Teeth Whitening Systems May Cause a Greater Rise in Intrapulpal Temperature Compared to Other Heat-Activated Bleaching Techniques, Potentially Resulting in Pulpal Damage 02/24/2014Katarzyna Szozda
Atraumatic Restorative Treatment Has Demonstrated Similar Levels of Survival Rate and Efficacy When Compared to Conventional Amalgam Fillings 02/24/2014Nathaniel Galloway
Perceived Oral Quality of Life Predicts Nutritional Status in the Elderly02/23/2014Steven Reed
Tranexamic Acid Can Decrease Surgical Blood Loss That Results From Various Orthognathic Surgical Procedures02/20/2014Kyle Trobough
Patients Over 60 years of Age Do Not Exhibit Reduced Dental Implant Success 02/20/2014Randy Middleton
Patients Surgically Treated Via Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF) for Mandibular Condyle Fractures Have Less Postoperative Pain Than Patients Treated Closed with Maxillomandibular Fixation (MMF)02/17/2014Jason Jones
Non-ablative Laser Treatment of Minor Aphthous Ulcers Reduces Pain and Healing Time Equally Compared to Topical Steroids and Better Compared to Placebos02/13/2014Brian Schweers
Platform Switching is Ineffective in Perserving Marginal Bone01/11/2014Rozee Rattani
Application of Melatonin to Implant Sites Increases Osseointegration of Dental Implants in Animal Studies01/07/2014Kelsey Anne Rockey
Limited Evidence Supports Advantage of Splinting Short Dental Implants in Posterior Partially Edentulous Patients 11/14/2013Diana Cole
Bone Condensing Technique is a Good Alternative to Bone Drilling Technique to Achieve Primary and Secondary Stability of Implants in the Posterior Maxilla11/09/2013Laura N. Ogas
For Patients Requiring Posterior Class II Restorations with Gingival Terminations in Dentin, Glass Ionomer Provides Superior Marginal Adaptation Compared to Resin-based Composite11/08/2013Helen Oboro-Onuora
Preoperative Discontinuation of Warfarin for Dental Surgery Not Indicated for Most Patients11/06/2013Amana Farrkh
Coronectomy of 3rd Molars is Associated with Less Inferior Alveolar Nerve Damage Than Complete Tooth Extraction, When Potential Nerve Complications are Present 10/31/2013Andrew Newman
Low Level Evidence Shows Tongue Scraper Plus Tooth Brushing Use is More Effective in Reduction of Oral Malodor and Reduction of Bacteria for 4 Days Than The Use of Mouth Rinse or Tooth Brushing10/21/2013Courtney Saenz
Younger Members of the Dental Profession are More Likely to have Burnout Syndrome10/11/2013Sasha Nouri
A Prophylactic Single Dose of 200mg Ibuprofen or 20mg Tenoxicam Administration Before Endodontic Treatment Reduces Postoperative Pain at 6 Hours After Treatment10/04/2013Ali T. Alaqla, BDS
Die Accuracy is Similar for Full-Arch Custom Impression Trays and Dual Arch Plastic Trays for Single Tooth Fixed Restorations09/24/2013Marina Protopopova
Low Level Evidence Suggests Chlorhexidine Gel (0.2%) is a Better Alternative to Chlorhexidine Rinse (0.12%) in Preventing Dry Socket in Third Molar Extractions When Both are Applied Post-Operatively09/09/2013Olubunmi Osunfisan
The NAM (Nasal Alveolar Molding)appliance is effective in providing symmetrical nasal outcomes in complete unilateral cleft lip and palate.09/03/2013Divya Nagaraj
Use of In-Office Fluoride Varnish Treatments are More Effective in Treating Symptoms of Dentin Hypersensitivity Than Desensitizing ToothPaste08/29/2013Lauren Gallegly
Ostell Resonance Frequency Analysis Device is Effective for Measuring Primary Implant Stability08/29/2013Vincent Ho
Effective Interventions Involving Physical Therapy and Oral Exercises to Reduce Symptoms Associated with TMD08/21/2013Alejandro J. Trevnio
Insufficient Evidence Available to Support the Use of OraRisk HPV Salivary Diagnostic Test08/20/2013Michael Hosking, DDS
Cone Beam Computed Tomography is accurate in identifying multiple canals in the mesiobuccal root of maxillary molars.08/18/2013James Cullen, DDS
Use of Corticosteroids Before the Extraction of Third Molars to Reduce Post-Operative Edema08/16/2013Faiza Baig
Morphology of Mandibular Inferior Cortex in Panoramic Radiograph Can Help Diagnose Osteoporosis in Post Menopausal Women 08/16/2013Mohammed Alsaati, DDS
Pre-Operative Use of Cone Beam CT to Evaluated Location of Mandibular Canal Before Third Molar Extractions08/14/2013Cohl Brazil
Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) can be useful in diagnosing Horizontal Root Fracture (HRF)08/13/2013Ali Alaqla, BDS
Comparing the accuracy of detecting pulpal vitality among different diagnostic tests in children.08/08/2013Andrew Nguyen
Patients with Cracked Tooth Syndrome, The Bite Test is Not Conclusively More Effective Than Transillumination in Diagnosing Tooth Fractures08/07/2013Tim C. Tran
2D Cephalometry Is More Reliable Compared to 3D Cephalometry08/07/2013Meredith Key
Logicon Caries DetectorTM (a computer-assisted caries diagnostic tool) may provide improved sensitivity for detection of caries that extends into dentin.08/07/2013Martina Parrone
Detection of HIV Antibodies Through Oral Fluid Samples is a Reliable Method to Diagnose HIV+ Individuals in Communities with High HIV Prevalence08/06/2013Aimee Villamayor
Autofluorescence in the Early Detection of Oral Carcinoma08/06/2013Francisco Gallardo
Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Improves Detection of External Root Resorption 08/06/2013Ryan Noel Reyes
Pilot Data Suggests Use of Ultrasound Will Be Effective in Diagnosis of Incomplete Crown Fracture in The Future08/06/2013Dionte R. Moncrief
The Use of CT Has Been Shown to be Superior in Determining the Relationship of The Maxillary Third Molar to The Maxillary Sinus 08/06/2013Sara Shayan
Use of Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) for the Diagnosis of TMJ Dysfunction08/06/2013Mohamed Elnazer
Lateral Cephalometric Radiograph Analysis in Children Over the Age of Six is an Effective Diagnostic Method for Adenoid Hypertrophy08/06/2013Jaanki Patel
In a patient with occlusal caries, a laser fluorescent device can be used as an adjunct to radiographic imaging to detect dentin decay.08/06/2013Inna Piskorska, DDS
Chewing discs demonstrate significant diagnostic potential for xerostomia.08/06/2013Benjamin Pass
Evidence Suggests a Pulse Oximeter is More Accurate Than Cold Testing in Diagnosing Pulp Necrosis but Dental Adaptors are not Commercially Available at This Time08/06/2013Jelena Seibold, DDS
Electrical Pulp Testing Has Not Been Shown to Be Superior to Cold Test in Diagnosing Pulp Vitality 08/05/2013Sara Fayazi, DDS
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) May Offer a Great Non-Invasive Method for Early Caries Detection08/05/2013Ahmed Afify
Use of Ultrasound Testing for Interproximal Caries Causes Increased False Positive Results Compared With Bite Wing Radiography08/05/2013Paul Russell
In Vitro Study Shows Cone Beam Computed Tomography is the Most Reliable Diagnostic Technique for Detecting Horizontal Root Fractures08/04/2013Shiva Toghyani
When Placing Implant Crowns, Both Metal and Ceramic Abutments Provide Excellent Functional and Esthetic Service08/03/2013James Moore
ViziLite Plus TBlue System is Not a Replacement for Comprehensive Oral Screening Examinations with Surgical Biopsy/Definitive Histopathology08/03/2013Erin Wyrick
Resonance Frequency Analysis at Implant Placement is not Able to Predict Implant Failure in Immediately Loaded Implants 08/02/2013Andrew Verrett
Salivary Diagnostics Use in Patients at Risk of Periodontal Disease Progression 08/02/2013Christopher Walker
MyPerioPath test does not substitute for conventional risk factor analysis in the identification of at risk periodontal patients. 08/02/2013Blake Hoedebecke
Real time PCR is More Accurate Than Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (Evalusite Test™ Kit) at Detecting Known Periodontal Pathogens08/02/2013Shelrethia Battle-Siatita, DDS
Digital Shade-Matching Systems Have Not Been Shown to Be More or Less Accurate or Precise Than Chair Side Visualization08/01/2013E. Matthew Lamb
Patients Suffering From Dental Trauma May Have Altered Responses to Vitality Tests and Extended Follow up is Recommended08/01/2013James Ball
Whitening Strips are Better Than Toothpastes for Reducing Yellowness, But The Results Might Not be Clinically Significant08/01/2013Jacqueline Platta
Apex Locator Gives Similar Results as Periapical Radiograph for Working Length Determination in Endodontic Treatment08/01/2013Wan Zaripah Wan Bakar
CoaguChek XS Should Not Replace Laboratory Plasma INR Tests Prior to Large Dental Surgeries07/31/2013Jane Chadwick, DDS
Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) Can be An Adjunct in Diagnosing Anklyosis in The Primary Dentition07/31/2013Jeremiah Whetman
Salivary Biomarker Testing Can Be Useful Together with Assessment of Clinical and Radiographic Parameters in the Diagnosis of Chronic Periodontitis in Adults 07/31/2013Sathya Mahendrarajah
Remineralizing Agents Can Effectively Prevent and Reduce White Spot Lesions Caused by Orthodontic Treatment07/26/2013Neda Borna
Fluoride Retention Greater if no Post Brushing Water Rinsing Routine is Used07/25/2013Amelia Stoker
CHX Mouthwash is More Effective in Plaque Removal Than an Essential Oil or Listerine Mouthwash07/22/2013Caroline DeVincenzi
Whitening at Home: Strips vs Gels07/22/2013Elizabeth Ann McElhinney
Locally Delivered Anti-Microbials Combined with Scaling and Root Planning Improves the Management of Chronic Periodontal Disease Compared to Scaling and Root Planing Alone07/22/2013Saffa Alani
Low level Evidence about Tea Consumption and Oral Cancer Incidence07/11/2013Christopher Alex Louie
Longitudinal Efficacy of At-Home Teeth Whitening Systems07/08/2013Crystal Kelso
Alcohol Consumption Increases the Incidence of Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer07/05/2013John Waite
Receiving a Fluoride Varnish Semiannually Reduces Caries Incidence in Children07/05/2013Peter Wagner
Topical Tacrolimus is Equally Effective in Treating Patients with Oral Lichen Planus (OLP) as Compared to Topical Clobetasol06/10/2013Pallavi Parashar
The Most Frequent Dental Therapies Used to Treat Bruxism by General Dentist are More Conservative Than Dental Specialists in The Management of Bruxism 05/29/2013Ronald N. Brown, DDS
Topical Aloe Vera is effective in treating Recurrent Minor Aphthous Stomatitis05/22/2013Meenachi Sellappan
Evidence is lacking to recommend 10% n-docosanol versus Penciclovir in treating patients with Recurrent Herpes Labialis (RHL)05/21/2013Meenachi Sellappan
Positional Therapy May Be Useful for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Patients Undergoing Orthodontic Dental Treatment05/13/2013Katie Bemis
Dental Students’ Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) in Their Clinical Environment05/13/2013Ronald N. Brown, DDS
Insufficient Evidence supporting the use of Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Solid Organ Transplant Patients Prior to Dental Treatment05/08/2013Amana Farrkh
Myofunctional Therapy May Reduce the Severity of Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea05/07/2013Tessia Lamison
Magnifying Loupes Can Effectively Reduce Poor Posture Among Dental Professionals 05/07/2013Ronald N. Brown, DDS
Esthetic Perception of Direct Composite Veneers are Preferred over Porcelain Veneers05/07/2013Danny Sluyk
Individuals Suffering From Diabetes Are More Susceptible to Root Caries But Not Coronal Caries Compared to Those Without Diabetes05/07/2013Sana Khimani
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Management with Home Monitoring04/23/2013Ronald Verrett, DDS
Complete Prostheses Worn at Night May Aggravate the Apnea-Hypopnea Index in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea04/22/2013Kelsey Rockey
Equivocal Results for Hyoid Bone Position and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Severity04/18/2013Joseph Ryan
Enamel Erosion Occurs More Frequently in Bulimic Patients Than in Anorectic Patients 04/18/2013Candace DeFratus
All Active Mandibular Advancement Devices Improved Polysomnographic Indices04/13/2013Roger Arredondo, DDS
There Is No Difference In The Rates Of Third Molar Post-Operative Inflammatory Complications Between Patients With 600mg Clindamycin, and Patients Without Antibiotics04/08/2013Matthew D. Grace
Dentifrices Containing 8% Arginine and Calcium Carbonate Have More Effect on Dentinal Hypersensitivity Relief Than Dentifrices Containing Potassium Nitrate When Used Over 8 Weeks04/08/2013Eojin Hwang
Fissure Sealants Arrest Caries Progression in The Primary Dentition With Non-Cavitated Occlusal Caries04/08/2013Brian Benito
Dentists’ Are Not At Risk of Hearing Loss Due to High Speed Drill Noise04/08/2013Ronald N. Brown, DDS
Mandibular Implant-Supported Overdentures Do Not Significantly Improve Masticatory Performance Over Conventional Complete Dentures In Diabetic Patients with Average Residual Ridge Heights04/04/2013Daniel B. Eaddy
For Child Patients With Anxiety In The Dental Office, The Use Of Nitrous Oxide Augments The Sedative Effects Of Orally Administered Diazepam04/03/2013Christina Gonzalez
Rotation-Oscillation Toothbrush More Effective In Plaque Removal Than Sonic-Powered Toothbrush04/03/2013Derrick Lin
In Patients With Peri-Implantitis, Access Flap Surgery May Be More Effective Than Mechanical Debridement In Terms Of Clinical Attachment Gain Although Both Treatments Lead To Improved Clinical Parameters04/03/2013Lorraine Bautista
Patients With Sjogren’s Syndrome May Have A Reduced Dental Implant Survival Rate04/03/2013Shaun Sigurdson
No Statistical Difference Between Class II Nano-Hybrid and Hybrid Resin Composite Restorations Over Six Years04/01/2013Ryan Ward
Light-Cured Resin-Based Sealants Have a Significantly Higher Long-Term Retention Rate than Fluoride-Containing Light-Cured Resin-Based Sealants04/01/2013Karim Allahdina
Lithium Disilicate Porcelain Is Weaker Than Zirconia When Comparing Fracture Toughness Of Dental Crowns04/01/2013Michael Salas
A Full Coverage Appliance Outperforms The Partial Coverage NTI Appliance At Relieving TMD Symptoms Without Creating Complications Associated With The Use Of A Partial Coverage Appliance04/01/2013Ryan Angwin
Vitamin E in Combination With Aspirin Can Pose Potential Postoperative Bleeding04/01/2013Soulmaz Heydari
Children with Sleep Apnea or Mouth Breathing have Similar Facial Development and Mandibular Growth04/01/2013Luis C. Yepes, DDS
In Adult Dental Patients, Weak Evidence Suggests That Using A Caries Risk Assessment To Guide Treatment Planning May Result In Lower Caries Incidence04/01/2013Evan Adams
No Clinical or Statistical Difference Between Porcelain and Composite Restorations for Fractured Maxillary Incisor03/27/2013Eileen Kwee
Limited Evidence to Support The Concept That The I-Bar Clasp Partial Removable Dental Prosthesis (PRDP) For Kennedy Class I and II Conditions Is Clinically More Effective Than The Circumferential Clasp Design03/27/2013Walter C. Daniels, DMD
In Adult Patients, Diabetes Mellitus Type II may be an Influence in the Success of Root Canal Treated Teeth03/27/2013Mayra Fuentes
Posterior Ceramics are less affected by bruxism with a greater longevity than posterior direct composite resins.03/25/2013Maya M. Garcia
Both Surgical and Non-Surgical Therapies Provide Similar and Limited Levels of Improvement of Peri-Implantitis03/25/2013Jason Kim
The Use of Research Evidence in Public Health Policy Decision Making Has Not Been Documented03/21/2013Leigh Martin
Ostectomy with Apically Positioned Flap Most Effectively Maintains Post-Surgical Gingival Crest Positions Compared to Gingivectomy03/21/2013Natalie Garza
Antibacterial Composite Resins Show Potential For Minimizing Secondary Caries03/21/2013Robert Simon
4% Articaine (1:100,000 epi) Is More Effective At Pulpal Anesthesia Than 2% Lidocaine (1:100,000 epi) In Local Infiltration Anesthesia03/21/2013Shih-Jye Yei
Moderate Levels Of Alcohol Consumption May Or May Not Be A Risk Factor For Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome03/21/2013Austin Webb
Stable Osseointegration of Implants with Rough Surface 03/21/2013Azin Zamani
Risk of Developing Alveolar Osteitis Post-Operatively Following Dental Extraction is Positively Correlated to Smoking 03/21/2013Omar El-Kweifi
Implant Placement May Lead to Post-Surgical Neuropathy03/19/2013Nicoleta Ene
In an Orthodontic Patient, There is no Significant Difference in Tooth Movement When Using Either a Mandibular Fixed Retainer or a Removable Retainer 03/19/2013Mellina Delgado
Low Level Evidence shows Rapid Maxillary Expansion is Effective in Treating Children with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome03/19/2013Zheng Xu, DDS
Limited Evidence Supports Association Between Obstructive Sleep Apnea And Post Traumatic Stress Disorder03/18/2013Sarah Percy
Pulp Testing May Demonstrate Pulp Vitality Effectively In Patients With Full Coverage Restorations03/18/2013Mary Grace Camp
Cone Beam Computed Tomography Units Can Be Useful In Detecting Buccal Recurrent Caries03/18/2013Phillip Garrett
Adenotonsillectomy First Line Surgical Treatment For Obstructive Sleep Apnea In Children03/18/2013Michael Hosking, DDS
Portable vs. In-Lab Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Disorder For the Frail Elder Patient03/15/2013Melanie Taverna, RDH
Does Dycal Stimulate Secondary Dentin Formation More Efficiently When Compared To Ultrablend Plus When Treating A Direct Pulp Exposure03/15/2013Brenda Rodriguez
Patients With Sleep Bruxism Are More Sensitive To And Show Signs Of Higher Levels Of Mental And Physiologic Stress03/15/2013Nicholas Cox
Professional School Students Are Less Likely To Have TMD Pain Than Undergraduate Students Shown in a Study of Saudi Arabian Women03/12/2013Ryan M. Fort
Inconclusive Evidence for Measuring the Impact of CPAP Treatment on Glucose Markers for Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Diabetes03/12/2013Carol A. Nguyen, RDH, MS
Exposure to Secondhand Tobacco Smoke Increases The Risk Of Developing Oral Cancer03/11/2013Mabel Macaden
Salivary Bacteria Levels Of Lactobacillus and Streptococcus Mutans Is Not A Reliable Indicator Of Caries Risk Of An Individual Patient03/11/2013Kevin Clark
For Adult Patients with High Suspicion of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Home-Based Testing Gave Similar Results, As In-Laboratory Testing in Diagnosing for The OSA03/09/2013Ju Ri Hur
Both The Expiratory Positive Airway Pressure And The Mandibular Advancement Device Been Shown To Reduce The Apnea-Hypopnea Index, But The Two Trials Could Not Be Compared On Effectiveness03/08/2013Megan Laughinghouse
Crestal Bone Levels Resulting From Flap And Flapless Dental Implant Surgery03/08/2013David C. Brockbank
Whitening Mouth Rinse Is More Effective At Tooth Whitening Than Whitening Toothpaste03/08/2013Susannah Payne
Survival Rate of Metal-Ceramic Crowns as Opposed to a Zirconia-Ceramic Crown03/08/2013Kuntal Patel
Improvement Seen in Socket Preservation And Bone Resorption In Post Extraction Patients Treated With Bovine Bone Mineral And Porcine Collagen03/08/2013Irena Maredia
In-Vitro Evidence Shows That Milk May Be A Better Medium Than Coconut Water for Storage of Avulsed Teeth When Immediate Re-implantation Is Not An Option03/07/2013Sheela Farooque
Limited evidence to show safety of Resin-Modified Glass Compared to Conventional Glass-Ionomers03/07/2013Caitlyn Ploch
Antibiotics Help Improve The Clinical Outcome of Non-Surgical Therapy (Scaling and Root Planing [SRP]) in The Treatment of Periodontitis in Smokers03/07/2013Vy Pham
Combining Botulism Toxin Pre-Treatment with Laser Therapy Improves Skin Aging03/07/2013Thomas Lloyd
Stannous Containing Fluoride Dentifrice is Effective in Reducing Oral Malodor03/07/2013Naila Zafer
CAD/CAM Fabricated FPDs Have Higher Fracture Strength Than Directly Fabricated FPDs03/07/2013Keyur Bhagat
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate Superior to Calcium Hydroxide in Pulpotomized Primary Molars03/07/2013Kyle King
STOP-Bang Questionnaire Is The Most Sensitive Questionnaire For Diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea03/07/2013Ellis Shwarts
Unclear If Administration of Amifostine Reduces the Symptoms of Xerostomia Following Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer03/07/2013Bryan Rathke
Low level Evidence Shows That the Cross Sectional Area of the Oral Pharynx Measured with Cone Beam Computed Tomography Can Distinguish Obstructive Sleep Disordered Patients From Patients Without That Condition03/07/2013Stephen R. Matteson, DDS
There Is No Evidence That Powered Tooth Brushes Pose Any More of A Threat To Oral Soft Tissue Than Manual Tooth Brushing Techniques in Adults or Children03/06/2013Chris Wilson
Greater Skeletal Stability in Maxillary Distraction of Cleft Treated Patients Compared to Conventional Osteotomy03/05/2013Jack Hua
Efficacy of Maxillomandibular Advancement in Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea03/04/2013Alexander Ling
For A Patient Undergoing Tooth Extraction Before Implant Placement, Ridge Preservation May Be More Effective In Maintaining The Alveolar Ridge Than Normal Healing03/04/2013Johnny Trinh
An Implant Apicoectomy Is An Acceptable Treatment For Continuing The Survival Of An Implant Presenting With A Periapical Lesion03/04/2013John Vogel
Children With Obstructive Sleep Apnea Receiving Dental Procedures Under General Anesthesia are at Increase Risk For Respiratory Complications During Recovery?03/04/2013Maria Jose Cervantes Mendez, DDS
Amalgam Versus Resin Composite Restorative Materials to Prevent Secondary Caries Via Antibacterial Properties03/03/2013Kyle Poupart
Bone Quality and Quantity Should Be Considered Before Placing Dental Implants on Postmenopausal Women 03/03/2013Monica Momin
Hank’s Balanced Salt Solution is a Better Interim Medium than Milk for Avulsed Teeth03/03/2013Jerin J. Jacob
Diagnostic Evaluation of Temporomandibular Joint Osteoarthritis using Cone Beam Computed Tomography Compared With Conventional Radiographic Technology03/01/2013Arthur Gonzalez
Articane Provides Longer Lasting Anesthesia in Buccal Infiltration Compared to Lidocaine on Healthy Teeth 03/01/2013Roberto Benavides
Resin-modified Glass Ionomer Restorations Are An Adequate Treatment for NCCLs, but Coronal Advancement Flaps Should Be Considered in the Treatment Plan 03/01/2013Christopher Lewis
Acupuncture Therapy Beneficial For Migraine 03/01/2013Alexandria Tami
Mercury Leakage from Amalgam Restorations due to Carbamide Peroxide03/01/2013Shingmei Chang
Comparison Studies Between a CAD/CAM Complete Denture And a Conventional Complete Denture03/01/2013Jieun Park
Efficacy of Guteraldehyde As Pulpotomy Agent in Primary Molars03/01/2013Kevin Coppola
Incidence Of OSA May Increase During Pregnancy03/01/2013Concepcion Barboza, DDS
Amelxanox Tablets Is More Effective Than Placebo In Reducing Pain And Ulceration Size In Treatment Of Patients With Recurrent Minor Aphthous Stomatitis 03/01/2013James McPherson
There Is No Direct Link Between Asthma and Dental Caries but Associated Secondary Factors May Increase Caries Incidence03/01/2013David Anderson
Povidone-Iodine Administered During Periodontal Therapy May Yield a Small Reduction of Pocket Depth in Patients With Chronic Periodontitis03/01/2013Stacye R. Joyner
1.5 to 2 mm of Coronal Dentin Needed for a Crown Buildup03/01/2013Ian Sport
Botulinum Toxin Type A Is More Effective Than No Treatment At Reducing Pain Frequency And Severity Due To Trigeminal Neuralgia02/28/2013Lauren Roper
Xylitol Chewing Gum May Reduce Enamel Erosion If Chewed Concurrently With The Presence Of An Acidic Agent02/28/2013Sarah McMahan
There Is No Conclusive Evidence That Porcelain Veneers Placed On Anterior Teeth Greatly Increase The Risk Of Developing Gingivitis 02/28/2013Adam Pfeifer
The Use Of A Mandibular Advancement Device Decreases Systemic Hypertension In Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea 02/28/2013Alicia Casarez-Quintana
Elevated Gingival Crevicular Fluid (GCF) Antibody to Aggregatibacter Actinomycetemcomitans in Aggressive Periodontal Patients02/28/2013Monique Garcia
Efficacy of Chlorhexidine Varnish In Treating Root Caries of Geriatric Patients02/28/2013Benjamin Vuong
Corticotomy-Assisted Orthodontics May Reduce Treatment Time For Patients With Palatally Impacted Canines02/28/2013Peyton Cometti
The Current Evidence Is Inconclusive In Identifying Herpes Virus Infection As A Determinant For The Pathogenesis Of Chronic Periodontitis02/28/2013Steven Meier
Increased Risk Of Dental Caries In Children That Consume A Diet High In Fermentable Carbohydrates02/28/2013Christina Mueller
Dentin Sensitive Toothpaste Does Effectively Reduce Tooth Sensitivity 02/28/2013Hien Nguyen
Treatment Outcome For Avulsed And Replanted Permanent Teeth 02/28/2013Ashley Hutto
There may not be any clinically significant difference in facial profile change when comparing first premolar extractions to second premolar extractions.02/28/2013Kyle Meason
In-vitro Evidence Shows that using Bioactive Bonding Agents May Help Prevent White Spot Lesions Following Orthodontic Treatment 02/28/2013Ross Williams
Bruxism Will Decrease The Survival Rate Of A Posterior Implant02/28/2013Walkiria Rivera
Rapid Palatal Expansion Does Not Appear To Cause Buccal Gingival Recession In Adolescent Patient, But May Predispose Patient To Future Gingival Recession02/28/2013Cameron Critchfield
Coffee Drinkers May be at a Lower Risk of Getting Oral Cancers 02/28/2013Puja J. Bhakta
Oximeters Are The Preferred Diagnostic Method For Pre-Testing Patients Suspected of Having Moderate To Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea 02/28/2013Stephanie Lomeli
In A Patient Suffering From Chronic Closed Locked TMJ, There Are No Statistical Differences In Postoperative Pain Or Maximal Incisal Opening Values In Comparing Arthroscopic Lysis And Lavage Techniques With Arthroscopic Operative Surgery02/27/2013Viren Abreo
In A Previously Irradiated Patient, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy May Be More Effective Than Antibiotic Therapy In Preventing Osteoradionecrosis Following A Dental Extraction02/27/2013Kelsey Parsons
Idoxuridine 10% Gel Appears Equally Effective As acyclovir 5% Cream In Treating Herpes Labialis 02/27/2013Amir Ashtiani
Low-Level Laser Therapy Reduces The Frequency Of Radiotherapy-Induced Oral Mucositis Occurrences More Than Diligent Oral Hygiene Alone02/27/2013Warrin Witten
In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes, Lifestyle Change Is Very Effective In Reducing Cardiovascular Disease02/27/2013Elizabeth Allinson
Tobacco Users Are Not More Susceptible To Dental Caries Than Non-Users02/26/2013Matt Hannan
Patients With Periodontitis Are More Likely To Have Implant Failure02/26/2013Roberto Olivares
Extracting Deciduous Canines And First Molars May Prevent The Ectopic Eruption Of Impacted Permanent Maxillary Canines02/26/2013S. Jade Wylie
Hydrogen Peroxide Gel May Be Beneficial As A Conjunctive Treatment To Scaling And Root Planing To Enhance Reduction Of Pockets Depths In An Adult With Periodontitis02/25/2013Cheryl Pezzotti Hansen
Dental Caries Is Associated With Both High And Low Body Mass Index02/25/2013Eunjin Suh
Grindcare Units Reduce Electromyographic Activity In Muscles Of TMD Patients During Sleep02/25/2013Ami Jadav
For Patients With Dental Pain, Combination Therapy With Ibuprofen And Acetaminophen Is More Effective In Producing Analgesia Than Monotherapy With Ibuprofen Alone02/25/2013Michael Zhang
Pulpal Calcifications Will Form In Patients Treated With Long-Term Systemic Steroids More Frequently Than In Patients Treated With Short-Term Systemic Steroids02/25/2013Supriya Patel
Effect of Micro-Etching On The Retention Of Dental Fixed Prosthesis 02/25/2013Camille Daryapayma
Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Maxillomandibular Advancement Surgery Results in a Reduction of the Apnea Hypopnea Index02/21/2013Hanna Lindskog
Having An Angle Class II Malocclusion Is Associated With A Higher Incidence Of Obstructive Sleep Apnea02/20/2013Niraj Patel
Dentists’ Awareness of Correct Working Postures In Reducing Pain Associated With Musculoskeletal Disorders02/19/2013Ronald N. Brown, DDS
Clinical Signs and Symptoms Alone Lack Validity to Diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Pediatric Patients02/19/2013Gino R. Garza
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Is Not As Effective In Treating Childhood Obstructive Sleep Apnea As Adenotonsillectomies Due To Poor Patient Adherence02/19/2013Kevin Lin
Limited Evidence Exists Regarding Long Term Compliance Of Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD ) For Adult 02/18/2013Ann Sue von Gonten, DDS
Low Reliability Of The Self-Assessment Of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Using Questionnaires02/18/2013Simone Janner
Patients With Chronic Allergic Rhinitis Are At A Higher Risk For Developing Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome Than Non-Atopic Individuals02/16/2013David Faltys
Intensive Patient Education And Social Support Significantly Improves CPAP Therapy Adherence In Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Patients02/14/2013Aida M. Solivan-Ortiz
Extraction orthodontic treatment may or may not cause a decrease in posterior airway size, with no association shown to sleep apnea.02/11/2013Ann Larsen, DDS
Oral Appliance Therapy and Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Demonstrate Similar Improvements in the Treatment of Mild/ Moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea01/02/2013Marisol Kusbel
Early orthodontic treatment with Rapid Maxillary Expansion in children with Obstructive Sleep Apnea may become an alternative treatment to surgery10/25/2012Meenakshi Vishwanath
A retrospective comparison study of the effectiveness of Hawleys vs. Vacuum Formed Retainers demonstrated that both appliances are equally effective.08/17/2012Alessandra Chacon
Excellent Implant Survival Rate After Placement in Fresh Extraction Sockets 08/13/2012Pete Holden
Low-Level Laser Therapy: An Efficient Method for Controlling Pain in Orthodontic Patients08/12/2012Kaveh Najibfard
Protrusive Splint Therapy (PST) Reduces Pain For Patients With Temporalmandibular Disorder (TMD) 08/10/2012Vu Le
Cone-Beam Computed Tomography vs. PA’s at Detecting Small Periapical Lesions08/09/2012Douglas Steffy
Comparing the Accuracy of Digital Radiography (DR), MDCT and CBCT in Detecting Vertical Root Fractures (VRF)08/09/2012Mohammed Barayan
Fluoride releasing properties of glass-ionomer sealants may have no additional benefit in preventing secondary caries in children over properly applied resin based materials.08/08/2012Stephanie Trahan
Initial Endodontic Treatment Has Similar Long-Term Survival Rate Compared to Single-Tooth Implants08/08/2012Vanessa Chrepa, BDS
Rapid PCR is an Effective Way to Identify A. Actinomycetemcomitans in Humans08/08/2012Eirleen Hyun
Changes in Temporomandibular Disorders (pain and clicking) after Orthognathic Surgery: A Meta-Analysis08/08/2012Enas Bsoul
Long-term Clinical Outcomes of Anterior Screw-Retained and Cement-Retained Implant Restorations are Equivalent08/08/2012Damian Black
Cone Beam Computed Tomography Accurately Reproduces Three Dimensional Facial Imaging for Anthropometric Measurements in Comparison to Direct Manual Technique08/07/2012Ketu Lincoln
Similar Success of Immediate, Early and Conventionally Loaded Implants08/07/2012Ashley Reyes
Resorbable Membranes are Clinically Superior to Non-resorbable Membranes in the Treatment of Class II Furcation Defects Using Guided Tissue Reneneration (GTR)08/07/2012Bradley DeGroot
Bisphenol-A Exposure From Dental Sealants Is Minimal and Does not Cause Increased Morbidity or Mortality08/07/2012Russell Johnson
Preliminary Evidence Suggests Preexisting Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is as Accurate as The Electronic Apex Locator (EAL) in Measuring Endodontic Working Length08/07/2012Kaaki Muhannad
Favorable Stability of Correction of Posterior Cross-Bite with Conventional Maxillary Expansion08/07/2012Adam Gordon
Placement of A Diatoric May Help Retain Anterior Acrylic Denture Teeth 08/07/2012Christine Fortmann
Daily Use of Xylitol Gum by Children Over a Period of Time Can Have Long Term Caries Reducing Effects Even After the Gum is No Longer Used08/06/2012Brent Winward
Use of self-etch primer in orthodontic patients with fixed full-arch appliances reduces bonding time but shows a tendency for higher risk of bonding failure compared to the conventional acid-etch technique.08/06/2012Ejvis Lamani
Studies Suggest Nickel Free Brackets Produce a Reduction in Allergic Symptoms in Cases of Orthodontic Patients Displaying Nickel Sensitivity08/06/2012Camaron Martin
Application of Dentin Bonding Agent to Prevent MTA-Related Tooth Discoloration in a Regenerative Endodontic Treatments08/03/2012Obadah Austah
Enamel Matrix Derivative (EMD) Regenerative Treatment in Cases of Severe Bone Loss Can Improve the Prognosis of That Tooth and Provide an Additional Treatment Option Rather Than Extraction and Tooth Replacement08/03/2012Lisa J. Shoff
Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is superior to conventional 2-D imaging at diagnosing a Vertical Root Fracture (VRF) in endodontically treated teeth. 08/03/2012Jonathan Fu
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate is not Superior than Super Ethoxy-Benzoic Acid as Root-End Filling Materials in Endodontic Microsurgery08/03/2012Jongsung Kim
The Use of Botulinum Toxin for Treatment of Gummy Smiles08/03/2012Kirk Sutton
Adjunctive Statin Therapy Improves Clinical Parameters in Initial Phase Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis 08/02/2012Kayleigh Eaves
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) Successful for Pulpotomy Treatment08/01/2012Zeena Alsalman
In IV Sedation Used for Dental Surgery, Neither Fentanyl or Nalbuphine More Effective As An Analgesic07/26/2012Tyler Borg
Root Resorption Associated With Orthodontic Tooth Movement05/22/2012Josh Lee
The Sof-Lex Disk Polishing Technique Provides A Smoother Surface On Microhybrid Composites Than The Astro-brush Silicone Polishing Technique05/07/2012Alejandro J. Trevino
Strong Evidence of Correlation Between Enamel Defects with Celiac Disease05/02/2012Luciana Torres
Oral Cancer Risk Is Higher If Betel Nuts Are Chewed With Tobacco Compared To Chewing Betel Nuts Without Tobacco04/26/2012Devish H. Patel
Survival Rate For Single Tooth CAD/CAM Restorations as Compared to Conventional Dental Restorations is Inconclusive04/26/2012Jordan Felkner
Taking Bisphosphonates For Osteoporosis Increases The Risk Of Osteonecrosis Of The Jaw Only Slightly04/26/2012Diego Bonilla
Carbamide Peroxide Gel is as Effective as Hydrogen Peroxide Gel for Teeth Whitening 04/26/2012Lindsey Fraser
Relief Of TMD Pain In Patients Diagnosed With PTSD: Modifications Of Traditional Occlusal Appliances 04/26/2012Emily L. Moers
TMJ Injection Of Local Anesthetic And Corticosteroid Is Effective In The Management Of Limited Mouth Opening For A Patient With Acute TMJ Disc displacement (closed-lock)04/26/2012Luong Nguyen-Hoang
Potassium Nitrate Sodium Fluoride Toothpaste Reduces Tooth Bleaching Sensitivity04/26/2012Matthew Carraway
Exposure to Secondhand Smoke May Increase Caries Risk in Children04/25/2012Amber O'Connor
Occlusal Splint Is More Effective Than Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation In Reducing Pain Due To Acute TMJ Disc Displacement Without Reduction04/25/2012Hoang Doan
Septic Arthritis of the Temporomandibular Joint; An Uncommonly Reported Entity 04/25/2012Stephen Siedow
Clinically Significant Data to Prove Chlorhexidine Ineffective in Caries Prevention04/25/2012Travis Walding
Fluoride Is More Effective Than Xylitol At Preventing Caries04/25/2012David Wallach
Zirconia Crowns Show Similar Failure Rate But More Extensive Occlusal Wear Than Gold Crowns04/25/2012Mustafa Shinta
The Anti-TNF Agents Entanercept and Infliximab Not Efficacious For Sjogren’s Syndrome04/25/2012Zeena Alsalman
No Strong Evidence Exists For The Use Of Mouth Guards To Prevent Concussions04/25/2012J.C. Reagan
Pre-Heating Resin Composite Does Not Result In Restorations With Less Polymerization Shrinkage04/25/2012Nadijah Tamimi
No Statistical Difference in Temporary Restorative Material in Preventing Bacterial Microleakage Following Endodontic Treatment Between Cavit and IRM04/25/2012Justin Acap
Oral Contraception and Estrogen Replacement Therapy Are Not Linked To TMD Severity04/24/2012London Ham
LED Curing Lights Provide A Greater Composite Micro-hardness Than QTH Curing Light Systems 04/23/2012Neil Bealka
New, Low Protein, Powder Free Latex Gloves Can Be Routinely Used Without Increasing The Risk Of Latex Allergy In Dental Students04/23/2012Carson Phillips
Team-Based Learning May Promote Active Learning04/21/2012Momal Umrani
Surgical Implant Guides Produce Implants with Acceptable Survival Rates04/20/2012Brian Hutchings
Dental Preventive Treatments Can Reduce The Risk Of Developing Osteonecrosis Of The Jaw In Cancer Patients Receiving IV Bisphosphonate04/20/2012Yen-Han Yang
A Low Level of Physical Activity May Be A Risk Factor For Periodontal Disease Development04/19/2012Nicole Nellis
Addition of Tricolsan in a Dentifrice Provides More Effective Control of Plaque and Periodontal Health Than Conventional Fluoride Dentifrice04/19/2012Hieu Nguyen
A High BMI is Associated with Periodontal Disease; However, it Remains Unclear as to the Exact Extent of the Magnitude of the Association04/19/2012Dana Matlock
The Reduction Of The Adverse Effects Of Ketamine When Combined With Midazolam During Anesthesia04/19/2012Salimah Shariff
Minimal Evidence to Demonstrate the Effects of Dental Lasers and Their Effects on the Dental Pulp04/19/2012Lorena Ray
Which Technique Provides Better Zygomatic Implant Stability–Exteriorized Or Branemark? 04/19/2012Ashley R. Tello
Efficacy Of Tooth Movement Of Clear Plastic Aligners Vs. Traditional Brackets And Archwires04/19/2012Christopher R. Burton
Fentanyl Pectin Nasal Spray Reduced Oral-Cancer Related Pain04/19/2012Marisol Kusbel
Limited Effectiveness of Using Tongue Scrapers To Reduce Halitosis Compared To Traditional Brushing04/19/2012Austin McIntyre
Replacement Therapy in Aphthous Stomatitis Patients04/19/2012Chelsea Padgett
A Comparison of 3 Surgical Techniques [Laser Excision, Scalpel Gingivectomy and Periodontal Flap] to Treat Calcium Channel Blocker Induced Gingival Overgrowth Favoring Laser Excision04/19/2012Veronique Smith
Nanofilled Composite Demonstrated Less Surface Roughness Compared To Nanohybrid Composites After Clinical Use04/19/2012Kristy Hong
Fibroblast Growth Factor, Palifermin, May Reduce Incidence Of Oral Mucositis In Head And Neck Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiochemotherapy Treatment04/19/2012Matthew Simmons
Alcohol Based Sugar Helps Prevent Carious Lesions04/18/2012Diane P. Banks
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate As Direct Pulp Capping Cement Is More Effective In Calcified Bridge Formation And Reduction Of Pulp Inflammation Than Dycal and Ca(OH)204/14/2012Sonia El-Kweifi
Chlorhexidine Rinse Treatment Improved Patients’ Outcome When Combined With Scaling And Root Planning 04/13/2012Han Truong Hayslett
Topical Administration of Diclofenac is as Effective as Systemic Administration in Alleviating Ailments of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder04/13/2012Ross Pickei
Success Rates For Both Narrow-Diameter Dental Implants And Standard-Width Implants are Comparable04/13/2012Sarah Chilmeran
High Consumption of "Sugar Free" Chewing Gums Containing Sorbitol May Present A Small Cariogenic Risk, While Xylitol Gums Are Non-Cariogenic04/13/2012Matthew Boothe
Amalgmbond And Threaded Pins Provide Equivalent Rates Of Retention Separately And Greater Retention In Combination04/13/2012Kyle Halberstadt
No Significant Effects of Inter-proximal Enamel Reduction Found on Caries Risk Assessment in Orthodontics04/13/2012Neha Patel
Patients At High Caries Risk Due To having Poor Oral Hygiene Would Benefit Equally In Plaque Reduction From Using Triclosan Containing or Stannous Fluoride-Containing Toothpastes04/13/2012Ahmad Rabata
Does The Quadhelix Outperform The Xpansion Arch? 04/13/2012Holly Marabella
Ping On, An Herbal Ointment, May Be More Effective Than Placebo For Reducing Pain And Severity Of TMD Pain In Adult Patients 04/13/2012Tess Simmons
The Prevention of Nerve Hypersensitivity with Preoperative Dipyrone and Dexamethasone04/13/2012Amir Hassan
Mouth breathing and Posterior Cross-Bite04/13/2012Joseph Ryan
There Is Insufficient Evidence To Attribute Periodontal Disease To Low Serum Ascorbic Acid04/13/2012Matt Orsatti
Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy And/or Radiotherapy Are At A Greater Risk Than Healthy Controls For Caries, DMFT, Plaque Index Increase And Gingival Index increase.04/13/2012Stacey Carawan
ViziLite As An Aid To Oral Cancer Detection and Diagnosis04/13/2012B. John Nikmard
Proclination Of Lower Incisors During Orthodontic Treatment Does Not Cause Gingival Recession04/13/2012Rachel Lowery
No Significant Difference Between The Failure Rates Of Zirconia And Other All Ceramic Systems For Single Tooth Full Coverage Crowns04/12/2012Travis McAlister
Long Term Success of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Calcium Hydroxide in Direct Pulp Capping 04/12/2012Amar Patel
Limited Evidence On Soft Tissue Oral Wound Healing In Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Following Oral Surgical Procedures04/12/2012Ulysses Joseph Vargas
Cement-Retained Implant Supported Metal Ceramic Crowns Are More Effective At Resisting Fracture Than Screw-Retained Implants04/12/2012Zade Faraj
Mini Dental Implants: Approved for Long-Term Fixed and Removable Prostheses04/12/2012Chase Nesloney
6.5% Hydrogen Peroxide and 10% Carbamide Peroxide Effectively Treat Tetracycline-Stained Teeth 04/12/2012Matthew Davenport
Longevity of Single Tooth Restorations Fabricated Using the CAD/CAM System is Similar to that of Traditional Laboratory Techniques.04/12/2012Hardik Chodavadia
Antibiotics Are An Ineffective Treatment For Preoperative Pain Relief04/12/2012Spencer Rowan
TMD Education And Self-Management Instruction Is The First Choice For Patients With Myofascial Pain 04/12/2012Xingkun Liu
Z100 Is Not Superior To Any Other Composite Resin Material In Posterior Class 1 Restorations04/12/2012Tina Desai
The Effectiveness Of MTA vs Calcium Hydroxide As Direct Or Indirect Pulp Capping Agents04/12/2012Chungmi Jo
Treatment of TMD Pain With Occlusal Splint vs. Physical Therapies04/12/2012Laura Jo Clarke
Weak Evidence that Combining Oral Irrigation With Brushing Improves Gingival Health04/12/2012Wendell Dela Cruz
Tooth Pastes Containing Potassium Remain An Effective Standard In Reducing Dentin Hypersensitivity, Although Newer Products May Be More Effective04/11/2012Garrett Klingsporn
No Conclusive Evidence That Light-Activated Bleaching Results In Greater Whitening Than Tray/Non-Light Activated Bleaching04/11/2012Alvin D. Nguyen
Glove Selection in Reducing Postoperative Complications of Non-Surgical Dental Extractions: A Comparison of Clean Non-Sterile Gloves and Sterile Surgical Gloves04/11/2012James Bartee
Electrical Stimulation Via Biofeedback May Be Effective In Reducing Temporalis Electromyographic (EMG) Activity Associated With Tooth-Grinding Or Clenching During Sleep04/11/2012Nikhil R. Reddy
Self-care Treatment Without Intraoral Splint Appliance Is Comparable To Self-Care Treatment With Intraoral Splint Appliance In Treating Patients With TMD04/11/2012Khoa Nguyen
Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) Is Not An Effective Treatment For Temporomandibular Disorder Pain 04/09/2012Sang Do
No Evidence to Support Orthodontics As An Effective Treatment For Temporomandibular Disorders04/09/2012Aaron Glick
Teeth Whitening Does Not Increase Susceptibility to Dental Caries04/09/2012Akshay Thusu
Polymer Burs Remove Less Sound Dentin and are as Effective as Carbide Burs in Caries Removal04/09/2012Rebeka Andrade
Cameriere Method Outperforms The Willems Method And The Demirjian Method In Accurately Assessing A Child’s Chronological Age04/09/2012Stormy Laing
Use Of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 Increases Osseointegration Of Dental Implants At The Time Of Surgical Implant Placement 04/06/2012Sara T. Phillips
Electric Hand-Pieces Produce Less Heat Than Air Turbine Hand-Pieces 04/06/2012Shachi Khatri
Relationship Between Osteoporosis and Periodontal Disease Has Not Been Established04/06/2012Sherry Gutierrez
Isolite System Reduces Application Time of Pit and Fissure Sealants Compared to Cotton Roll Isolation04/06/2012Judy Philip
Induced Hypotensive Anesthesia During a Le Fort Osteotomy Decreases the Need for a Blood Transfusion04/05/2012Karissa Rumple
OralCDx Brush Test Should Not Replace Surgical Biopsy in Oral Cancer Examinations04/05/2012Shane Juber
Evidence Suggests Preoperative Antibiotic Use Reduces Dental Implant Failures04/05/2012Sarah Lee Clegg
Valacyclovir Prophylaxis Prevents Recurrent Herpes Simplex Virus 04/04/2012Sukhman Kaur
Insufficient Evidence to Support Improved Plaque Index with Powered Toothbrushes in Orthodontic Patients04/04/2012Leslie Jean
Oral Manifestations in Patients With Anexoria and Bulimia04/03/2012Jennifer Chau
Cone Beam Computed Tomography May Provide Evaluation of Alveolar Bone Loss Equivalent to, Or Better Than, Intraoral Radiography04/03/2012Margarita Lanternier
Clinical Exam with Finger Palpation Better than Magnetic Resonance Imaging For Diagnosing Disc Displacement 04/02/2012Michael Tong
Salivary Stimulants and Saliva Substitutes Are Equally Effective in Terms of Patient-Perceived Comfort in Patients with Xerostomia04/02/2012Tara Eisenrich
Human Bone is Preferable to Bovine Bone in Socket Preservation Grafting03/30/2012Danielle Larivey
Smoking Tobacco Does Not Increase Incidence or Severity of TMJ Pain03/26/2012Trey Patterson
Dental Water Jets Are More Effective For Plaque Control In Adolescent Orthodontic Patients Than Manual Brushing And Flossing03/19/2012Kristi Johnson
Metallic Orthodontic Appliances Should Be Removed Prior To MRI Imaging03/15/2012John P. Hatch, PhD
Lidocaine and Benzocaine are Equally Effective in Reducing Pain from Injection of Needles03/14/2012Courtney Deane
For Preventing Caries Around Restorations in High Caries Risk Patients, Resin Modified Glass Ionomers may be the choice02/24/2012Aaron Glick
Amalgam May Not Be More Stable Than Composite Resin When Used As Rest Seat02/12/2012Anwar Khan
Limited Evidence Supports Using The Altered Cast Impression Technique For Partial Removable Dental Prostheses (PRDP)01/05/2012Walter C. Daniels, DMD
Platelet-Rich Plasma Increases The Rate Of Initial Bone Formation In Sinus Grafts 12/19/2011Gregory R. Caldwell, DDS, MS
A Positive Association Exists Between Primary Implant Stability And Mineral Bone Density Calculated With CBCT’s12/19/2011Gregory R. Caldwell, DDS, MS
Rehabilitation Of Atrophic Posterior Maxilla With Zygomatic Implants11/22/2011Shane Mullane, DDS
Eminectomy for Chronic Dislocation of the Mandible Results in Improved Outcomes Compared with Mini-Plates: Low Level Evidence10/26/2011Taoufik Faddoul, DDS
Information Gained From 3D Imaging Can Influence The Orthodontic Treatment Planning For Retained or Ectopically Erupting Maxillary Cuspids10/12/2011Miriam Robins, DDS, MS
Maternal Smoking Increases The Risk For Craniocynostosis And Oral Clefts10/10/2011Allen Pratt, DDS
Alveolar Bone Grafting With rhBMP2 May Benefit Patients Undergoing Surgical Correction of Cleft Lip/Palate10/08/2011Demitri Villarreal
Periodontal Regeneration In Class II Furcations Is More Effective Than Open Flap Debridement10/08/2011Natalie A. Frost
Pre-Surgical Infant Orthopedics (PSIO) And Naso-Alveolar Molding (NAM) Show Promise For Obtaining Normal Anatomy Of The Nose And Lip In Patients With Cleft Lip And Palate10/08/2011Ryan Sheridan, DDS, MS
Clinically-Significant, Long-Term Skeletal Changes From Rapid Maxillary Expansion Can Be Expected In Adolescent Patients Prior To Their Pubertal Growth Spurt10/08/2011Christopher Escott, DDS
Mandibular Distraction: A Successful Treatment Technique To Correct Skeletal Growth In Neonates With Severe Pierre Robin Sequence10/07/2011Natalie A. Frost
Fabrication of Surgical Guides for Miniscrew Implant Placement in Orthodontics is more Accurate using Cone-beam CT10/07/2011Glenn Terry
No Clear Best Treatment for Oral Lichen Planus10/07/2011Shane Mullane
Soft Tissue Profile Changes Occur From Late Adolescence To Late Adulthood In Persons With No History Of Orthodontic Therapy10/07/2011Joshua Parker
Predicting Growth Patterns In Younger Individuals Is Important For Timing Implant Placement10/07/2011Evan Grodin, DMD
Patients With Cleft Lip, Alveolus And Palate May Be Predisposed To Periodontal Disease, Especially In Teeth Adjacent To The Cleft 10/07/2011Katherine Maldonado Alfandari
Primary Tooth Trauma Is Associated With A High Incidence Of Developmental Defects In The Permanent Successor10/07/2011Matthew Dietrich
VELscope Is Not Able To Identify Pre-Cancerous And Cancerous Oral Lesions09/30/2011Miriam Robins, DDS
Early Expansion Therapy Eliminates Facial Asymmetries In Patients With Functional Unilateral Posterior Cross-Bite (FUPXB)09/30/2011Jeff Shao
Periodontal Disease May Be A Predictor For Peri-Implantitis 09/24/2011Evan Grodin, DMD
Implant Retained Mandibular Over-dentures Show Higher Patient Satisfaction Than Conventional Dentures When Meeting Pre-Treatment Expectations09/23/2011Cynthia Dominessy, DDS
Preliminary Evidence Suggests CBCT Is Accurate For Identifying Orthodontic Landmarks09/23/2011Mohannad Hashem
Conscious (Moderate) Sedation Can Be Used Safely On Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea09/22/2011Demitri Villarreal
Inspection Of Pulp Chambers Of Double Teeth (Fused Or Geminated)Is Key To Diagnosis And Appropriate Endodontic Treatment 09/22/2011Nikita B. Ruparel
Adding Bone Graft or Membrane to Enamel Matrix Derivative Does Not Result In A Clinically Significant Improvement In Treatment Outcome for Infrabony Defects09/22/2011Michael Hoge
No Current Evidence to Suggest That Teeth Closer To A Surgically Corrected Cleft Lip And Palate Are At Increased Risk For Periodontitis09/22/2011Patrick Galloway
Management Of Infants With Pierre Robin Sequence09/22/2011Ashley N. Harris
Enamel Matrix Derivative (Emdogain) Reduces Attachment Loss In Patients With Intra-Bony Periodontal Defects09/21/2011Patrick Galloway
Limited Evidence Suggests An Association Of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes With Mothers Who Have Periodontal Disease09/21/2011Patrick Galloway
Adding EDTA Root Conditioning Does Not Increase Likelihood Of Greater Clinical Attachment Gain Following Enamel Matrix Derivative (EMD) Treatment Of Periodontal Intrabony Defects09/16/2011Shannan Johnson
Serum C-Reactive Protein Levels Cannot Be Used To Accurately Assess The Extent Or Severity Of Periodontal Disease09/16/2011Michael Hoge
No Significant Feeding Aids/Interventions Have Been Determined to Positively Affect Growth Patterns of Babies With Orofacial Clefts09/16/2011Cynthia Dominessy, DDS
No Evidence To Compare Polymerization Shrinkage And Sensitivity With Incremental-Fill vs. Bulk-Fill Composites 09/16/2011Sarah Norman
Impact Of Bisphosphonates On Implant Failure Is Unclear 09/16/2011Katherine Maldonado Alfandari
Platelet Rich Plasma Does Not Improve Bone Engraftment Rates Over Bone Grafting Alone In The Sinus09/16/2011Katherine Maldonado Alfandari
980 NM Diode Laser Adjunct To Scaling And Root Planing (SRP) Does Not Significantly Reduce Pocket Depth In Periodontal Patients As Compared With SRP Alone09/15/2011Mohannad Hashem
In a Laboratory Study Using Extracted Teeth, Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Is As Effective As Bite Wings In Detection Of Proximal Decay09/15/2011Mohannad Hashem
Functional Appliances May Minimally Increase Mandibular Skeletal Growth09/15/2011Christopher Escott
Zirconia-Based FDPs Show Survival Rates Similar To Those Of Metal-Ceramic FDPs09/15/2011Matthew Checketts
Resorbable and Non-Resorbable Membranes Are Both Effective in Producing Positive Clinical Outcomes Following Grafting of Intrabony Defects09/15/2011Shannan Johnson
The Incidence Of Sodium Hypochlorite Accident During Endodontic Treatment Has Not Been Reported09/15/2011Julie Berkhoff
Chlorhexidine Is Not Superior To Sodium Hypochlorite As A Root Canal Disinfectant During Root Canal Therapy For Apical Periodontitis09/15/2011Julie Berkhoff
Tooth Discoloration Is A Risk Associated With Regenerative Endodontics09/09/2011Allen Pratt
Water-Lift Balloon System For Sinus Augmentation Results In Less Perforations Than Traditional Lateral Approach With Piezoelectric Surgery09/09/2011Natalie A. Frost
Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) and Multi-slice Computed Tomography (MSCT) Show Equal Ability to Detect the Fine Structures of the Mandibular Nerve09/09/2011Glenn Terry
Denture Wearers Are Not Able to Generate Bite Forces Similar to Individuals with Natural Dentition09/09/2011Matthew Checketts
A Patient Undergoing Oral Bisphosphonate Therapy For Less Than Five Years Can Receive Dental Implant Therapy09/08/2011Ryan Sheridan
A Two Implant Retained Mandibular Over-Denture Will Improve Oral Quality Of Life, But Benefits to General Quality Of Life Are Still Uncertain09/08/2011Ryan Sheridan
Overfilling Of Root Canal Materials Into The Mandibular Canal Shows High Incidence Of Paresthesia09/08/2011Matthew Dietrich
Non-Surgical Endodontic Treatment Is Not Associated With An Increased Risk Of Bisphosphonate Induced Osteonecrosis09/08/2011Matthew Dietrich
Weak Evidence Supports a Possible Correlation Between Mandibular Posturing for Sibilant Articulation and Abnormal Dental Occlusion09/01/2011Jeff Shao
Retrograde-Filling with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate After Endodontic Surgery Exhibits High Success Rates08/23/2011Nikita B. Ruparel
Best Attachment For An Implant-Supported Over-Denture Is One Retained By Two Implants With A Single Bar08/03/2011Cynthia Dominessy
Self-Care Therapy Can Provide Relief Of TMD Pain Equal To Splint Therapy08/02/2011Glenn Terry
Twin-Block Appliance Outperforms Dynamax Appliance For Class II, Division 1 Malocclusion07/08/2011Taoufik Faddoul
Digital Radiography And Film Radiography Are Similar In Accuracy Of Detection Of Dental Caries07/08/2011Tom A. Samuel
Nocturnal Bruxism Managed With A Sleep Apnea Appliance07/07/2011Solmaz Shir
Four Percent Articaine Administered For Routine Dental Procedures May Or May Not Increase The Risk of Paresthesia Compared To 2% Lidocaine07/07/2011Joseph Curtis
Efficacy of Botulinum Toxin In Treating Myofascial Pain And TMD07/07/2011Erica Williams
Asymptomatic Impacted Third Molars In The Middle Aged Patient07/07/2011Niraj Patel
Perform Bleaching Before Placing Composite Restorations07/07/2011Hoda Ghanizadeh
The Restoration of Endodontically Treated, Single-Rooted Fracture Resistance is Similar with Cast and Direct Posts and Cores for Endodontically Treated Teeth07/07/2011Hoda Ghanizadeh
Dental Procedures Do Not Raise The Risk Of Infection Of Prosthetic Hip Or Knee Joints07/07/2011Joseph Curtis
CBCT Superior To Panoramic Radiography In Displaying The Proximity Of The Inferior Alveolar Canal (IAC) To Impacted 3rd Molars07/07/2011Taoufik Faddoul
Combined PDGF And Beta-TCP Is Superior To Beta-TCP Alone In Treatment Of Osseous Defects06/14/2011Blake Hoedebecke
Bonding of Scotchbond Multi-Purpose Vs Self-Etching Systems In Restoring Class V Lesions06/09/2011Brandon Pitcher
Lack of Evidence Suggests Caution in Using Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation in the Pregnant Dental Patient06/02/2011Nicole Lane
Direct Composite Restoration is Equivalent to Full Cast Coverage for Endodontically Treated Premolars 06/02/2011Vi Linh Hoang
Endodontic Retreatment or Endodontic Surgery for Teeth with Failed Non-surgical Root Canal Therapy?05/30/2011Hanna Lindskog
Treatment of Sclerotic Dentin for Maximum Bond Strength05/25/2011Starr Morgan Mayen
Conventional Single Tooth Fixed Partial Dentures (FPD) vs. Resin-Retained Fixed Partial Dentures05/24/2011Justin Bonner
Limited Evidence to Compare of Bond Strength of Composite Resin to Sclerotic Dentin and Normal Dentin05/24/2011Steven Mayen
Ridge Preservation: Can We Preserve Bone For Implant Placement?05/23/2011W. Kelly Henderson
Non-surgical Endodontic Therapy Success In The HIV Positive Patient Population05/18/2011Tom A. Samuel
Which Lasts Longer: Implant or FPD?05/17/2011J. Christian Francis
Occlusal Appliances Used By Patients With Obstructive Sleep Apnea May Cause Occlusal Changes05/16/2011Caroline Corrigan
Divine Proportions In The Growing Face05/12/2011Josh Lee
Ideal Core Build-Up Material As An Interim Restoration05/09/2011Vidhi Sheth
Local Antibiotic Use As An Adjunct To Scaling And Root Planning For Periodontitis05/06/2011Angela Coomes
Prognosis Of MTA Apexification Versus Calcium Hydroxide Apexification05/05/2011Phuong Quang
Comparison of Antibacterial and Toxic Effects of Clorhexidine and Sodium Hypochlorite Root Canal Irrigants in Primary Teeth05/05/2011Kathleen Goodwin
Prevention Of Orofacial Clefts05/05/2011David Meister
The Long-Term Survival Rate of Transplanted Maxillary Impacted Canines is High But The Long-Term Success Rate is Low05/05/2011Cassandra Zirbel, DDS
One Or Two Non-Compression Mini-plates Produce Equally Good Occlusal Outcomes in Patients With Fracture Of The Mandibular Angle05/05/2011Boulos Bechara, DDS
Oxaprozin and Naproxen Sodium Post-operatively Reduce Pain After Removal of Impacted Third Molars05/05/2011Boulos Bechara, DDS
No Difference between MTA Vs. IRM as Retrofill Material05/05/2011Eric Brown
Saliva Contamination May Not Reduce the Success Rate of Orthodontic Bracket Bonds with Self-Etching Primer05/05/2011Gaurang Chaudhary
Dental Implants Are Successful In Patients With Osteogenesis Imperfecta05/05/2011Amy Mason
Warm Gutta Percha Versus Cold Lateral Condensation In Root Canal Therapy05/03/2011J. Christian Francis
Nitrous Oxide Or Oral Midazolam 04/28/2011Celina Garza
Cone Beam CT Is Superior To Multi-Slice CT For Implant Site Measurements04/28/2011Taoufik Faddoul
Simulation Of Natural Tooth Shade In Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal Vs. Zirconia Crowns04/28/2011Salimah M. Shariff
Orthodontics and Temporomandibular Disorder: A Meta-Analysis04/28/2011Joowon Cho
The Effects Of Thumb Sucking On Malocclusion04/28/2011Sanam Safahieh
Risk of Flourosis in Children from Water Fluoridation is Dose Dependent04/28/2011Dipali Patel
Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy Is As Effective As Surgical Periodontal Therapy In Treating Patients With Furcation Involvements04/28/2011Namhee Lee
Proximal Contact Maintenance Between Implant Supported Fixed Prosthodontics And Adjacent Teeth04/28/2011Matthew Smith
Fractured Endodontic Instrument has No Effect On Healing04/28/2011Eric Brown
Subantimicrobial-Dose Doxycycline (SDD) Periodontal Therapy Reduces Serum Biomarkers Of Systemic Inflammation And Can Increase High-Density Lipoprotein04/28/2011Dunia Korous
Lack of Evidence for Effectiveness of Antibiotics for SBE Prophylaxes Prior to Invasive Dental Treatment04/28/2011Ahmed Sabbah
Does Polishing An Amalgam Restoration Intraorally Improve The Marginal Integrity Of The Restoration?04/28/2011Matt Sager
Stem Cell Therapy May Reverse The Detrimental Effects Of Periodontal Disease Compared To Current NSPT Standard Of Care Practices04/28/2011Janette Jurek
Liver Toxicity In Patients Using Acetaminophen04/28/2011Aanchal Chandra
Long Term SARPE in Retained Or Removed Impacted Third Molars04/14/2011Sarah L. Shin
A Prophylactic Dose Of A Cox-2 Inhibitor is Better Than Ibuprofen In Preventing Post-Endodontic Pain 12-24 hours Post Pulpectomy04/14/2011Khiem Doan
There Is No Significant Difference Between The Longevity Of A Directly Placed, Fine Particle Hybrid (Filtek Z250) Resin Composite And Ceramic Inlays When Restoring Posterior Teeth04/14/2011Shinyoung Kang
Prosthodontic Treatment Versus Occlusal Splints in Reducing Chronic TMD Symptoms for Patients with Disk Displacement without Reduction04/14/2011Corey Jones
Restoration Materials In Dry Mouth Patients 04/14/2011Meagan D. Garcia
Dental Air Abrasion Versus High Speed Rotary Instrumentation In Caries Preparation04/14/2011Joseph Barnes
Intermittent Low-Dose Parathyroid Hormone [rhPTH(1-34)] Is Useful As Adjunctive Therapy For Bisphosphonate-Related Osteonecrosis Of The Jaw (BRONJ)04/14/2011Chris Porter
Insufficient Evidence To Compare Longevity Of Ceramic Restoration vs. Amalgam For Restoring Posterior Teeth 04/14/2011Annie Yi Han
Newly Marketed Low Shrinkage Dental Resin Composites: Filtek LS vs. Venus Diamond For Posterior Occlusal Restoration04/14/2011Peter Pham
Fluconazole and Clotrimazole Mouth-Paint Effective Medications for Patients with Denture Stomatitis04/14/2011Daniel Min
Polishability Of Nanofilled Resin Composites Compared To Microfilled Resin Composites04/12/2011Kennon L. Koenig
Equal Efficacy Of Occlusal Splints Fabricated In Centric Relation Or Maximum Intercuspation In Temporomandibular Disorders Patients04/12/2011Yunyi Ding
Topical Fluorides Are More Effective Than Community Water Fluoridation In Preventing Caries04/12/2011Amy Cadenhead
Minimal Risk Of Severe Type 1 Hypersensitivity Reaction To Third Generation Cephalosporin In Patients Who Experience Type 1 Hypersensitivity Reaction And Allergy To Penicillin 04/12/2011Joshua Gruber
Distraction Osteogenesis As An Adjunct To Tracheotomy In Micrognathic Infants04/12/2011Joseph Curtis
Longevity Of Resin Composites Compared To Glass Ionomers04/11/2011Sul Ki Yi
Similar Clinical Performance Of Direct Resin Composite Restorations And Indirect Composite Inlays04/08/2011Amir Hassan
Fracture Resistance Of Large Amalgam Bonded Restorations Compared To Smaller Restorations04/08/2011Christopher Balser
Effectiveness of Sodium Hyaluronate Treatment for TMJ Pain04/08/2011Travis F. Graham-Wyatt
Laser Doppler Flowmetry May Provide Additional Information For Treatment Planning In Patients Suffering From A Traumatic Injury To Their Teeth Compared To Other Methods Of Pulp Testing04/07/2011Jennifer Vanscoy
The Accuracy Of Mechanical Torque Devices For Implants Used In Dental Offices04/06/2011William Middleton
Therapeutic Use Of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators For Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Pain Relief04/05/2011Jin H. Choi
Comparison of Computed Tomography (CT) and Odontogram in Forensic Identification04/05/2011James Womack
Dietary Counseling In Caries Prevention Ineffective04/04/2011Meredith Key
Carbides Chosen Over Diamonds When Using Self-Etch Bonding Agents04/04/2011My Hanh Bui
The Use Of Retention Devices To Decrease Relapse After Orthodontic Treatment 04/04/2011David Chon
Dietary Bioflavonoid Supplementation and Dental Caries04/04/2011Benjamin Green
Hypnosis And TMD Pain Management04/01/2011Nazanin Ghahremani
Xerostomia And Its Effects On Dental Restorative Materials04/01/2011Blaine Wieck
Smoking Marijuana In Relation To Periodontal Disease04/01/2011Sharmin Ara
Imaging Comparison Of Sjogrens Syndrome04/01/2011Jefferson Cowling
Class IV, Bevel Or Chamfer?04/01/2011Brent DeSutter
Intraoral Electrostimulation May Be Effective In The Short Term For Relieving Symptoms of Xerostomia04/01/2011Arwa Banjar
Submandibular Gland Transfer For The Prevention Of Post-Radiation Xerostomia04/01/2011Reza Rahgozar
No Effect Of Breast Feeding On Early Childhood Caries04/01/2011Joetta Stewart
Gluma versus Dentin Bonding Agents to Treat Dentin Hypersensitivity03/31/2011Ross Jackson
Efficacy Of Conservative Therapy, Arthrocentesis, And Arthroscopic Surgery On Reducing TMJ Pain03/31/2011Cohl Brazil
Patients On Calcium Channel Blockers Should Be Monitored For Enamel Demineralization03/31/2011Andrew Knudson
The Effect Of Root Canal Treatment Of A Primary Tooth On The Permanent Tooth03/30/2011Eric Brown
Use Of Povidone Iodine In The Prevention and Management Of Early Childhood Caries03/30/2011Maritza Chavez
Marginal Accuracy Of Zirconia vs. Porcelain Fused To Metal03/30/2011Brad Schafer
Disinfection By Triple Antibiotic Paste During Regenerative Endodontic Treatment03/30/2011Jay Erickson
Composite Restorations Have a Higher Frequency of Repair Compared to Amalgam Restorations When Placed in Posterior Permanent Teeth in Pediatric Patients03/30/2011Mary Ruth Cacho
Similar Clinical Performance of Nanofilled, Packable, and Microhybrid Composite Resins in Class I Preparations of Molar Teeth03/30/2011Winston Faltine
Psychologic Characteristics Such As Anxiety Appear To Have A Significant Impact On The Prevalence Of TMD03/30/2011Manvir Anand
Efficacy Comparison Between Closed-Joint Surgery And Open-Joint Surgery In Treatment Of Pain And Limited Opening In TMD Patients With Disc Displacement without reduction03/30/2011Whitney McBrayer
OptiBond SOLO Adhesive Has Less Microleakage Than Amalgambond Plus03/30/2011Chad Riggs
Treatment Of A Root Fragment In The Maxillary Sinus03/30/2011Daniel McKee
Doubtful Link Between Hepatitis C Infection & Presence Of Hyposalivation03/29/2011John Tunnell
Orthodontic Treatment On Endodontic Treated Teeth03/24/2011Alyssa Segelquist
The Effect Of Placing Sealants After Fluoride Treatment On Bond Strength03/24/2011Joshua Peng
Efficacy Of Periochip In Treating Chronic Periodontitis Is Controversial03/24/2011Sarah Kinard
ZOE Pulpectomies In Primary Teeth To Not Increase Discoloration Of Permanent Successors, But May Alter Their Eruption By 20%03/24/2011Nick Schulte
White Spot Lesions Due to Orthodontic Treatment03/24/2011Ryan Noel Reyes
Surgicel Is Associated With Increased Incidence Of Dry Sockets03/24/2011Courtney Parsley
Oral Patch Treatment for Xerostomia 03/24/2011Justin Lai
The Effectiveness Of Xylitol In Reducing Caries03/24/2011Semyee Park
Effect Of Acid And Laser Etching On Shear Bond Strength Between Resin Composite And Resin Modified Glass Ionomer In The Sandwich Technique, an In Vitro Study03/24/2011Jason Peck
Comparison Of Skeletal And Conventional Anchorage Methods In Conjunction With Pre-Operative Decompensation Of A Skeletal Class III Malocclusion03/24/2011Boulos Bechara
Comparison Of Products Used For Intracoronal Bleaching03/23/2011Katrina Fisher
Using A Noise Canceling Audio Device As A Means To Help Calm A Dental Patient With Anxiety03/23/2011Janelle Baumgarten
Zirconia Ceramic Versus Aluminum Oxide As Implant Materials03/23/2011Jue Sea
Laser Frenectomy Post-Operatively Less Uncomfortable Than Scalpel Frenectomy03/23/2011Stephanie Stokes
Single-Visit And Multiple-Visit Endodontic Therapy Do Not Differ In Effectiveness When Evaluated By Pain Or Radiography03/22/2011Riyadh Althumairy
Periodontal Disease Possible Risk Factor For Ischemic Stroke03/21/2011Victoria Balderas
Sinus Augmentation Versus Short Implants03/18/2011Elise Woody
Etching with 30-40% Phosphoric Acid Not Needed With Clearfil SE Bond Self-Etching Adhesive System03/18/2011Alejandro J. Trevino
Reduced Implant Efficacy In Diabetic Patients with Poor Glycemic Control Compared with Patients with Good Metabolic Control03/18/2011Vanessa Twining
Tartar Control Toothpaste Effectively Reduces Calculus Formation03/18/2011Christopher J. Vogt
The Link Between Periodontal Disease And Coronary Heart Disease 03/17/2011Cassie Allison
Comparison Of Endodontic And Fixed Partial Denture Treatment03/17/2011Gustavo Leal
Oral Health Beliefs in Hispanics 03/17/2011Amani Zayed
No Evidence To Support Botulinum Toxin As A Treatment For Bruxism In Children03/17/2011Roshan Patel
Formocresol Vs Direct Pulp Capping with Calcium Hydroxide in Primary Teeth03/15/2011Jennifer Valent
Do Adult Women Have A Higher Caries Prevalence Than Adult Men?03/15/2011Sarah Pacha
Glass Ionomer Restorations Of Root Surface Caries Are More Resistant To Recurrent Caries Than Amalgam In Fluoride Users03/15/2011Judy Suh
Partial Coverage Occlusal Appliances Are Effective In Maintaining Occlusal Harmony03/15/2011Dustin Patrick
Use of Inter-dental Brush with Toothbrushing Reduces Plaque and Periodontal Inflammation Better Than Toothbrushing Alone03/15/2011Hieu Nguyen
Implant Therapy In Children With Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia Does Not Have A Significant Effect On Craniofacial Growth03/15/2011Nicole Vazquez
CBCT Is More Accurate For Craniometric Measurements Than Standard Cephalometric Imaging03/15/2011Margarita Lanternier
No Controlled Studies Comparing Neuromuscular Full-Mouth Rehabilitation To Conservative Therapy For TMD 03/15/2011Ji Youn Han
Effectiveness Of Electric Toothbrushes In Orthodontic Patients 03/07/2011Esperanza R. Martinez
Lateral Posterior Open Bite Due To Primary Failure Of Eruption (PFE) Is Caused By PTH1-R Gene Mutations And Leads To Futile Orthodontic Treatment02/24/2011Rachel Weber
There Is Insufficient Evidence For The Efficacy Of NuCalm Technology In Preventing/Treating Anxiety In Dental Patients11/18/2010S. Thomas Deahl, II, DMD, PhD
Post-Orthodontic Space Retention In Congenitally-Missing Maxillary Lateral Patients11/16/2010Jaime Rivera, DDS
Advantages Of Self-Ligating Bracket Systems11/16/2010Jaime Rivera, DDS
Panoramic Radiographs And Diagnosing Mandibular Asymmetry11/16/2010Cassandra Zirbel, DDS
Stability of Treating Open Bite with Maxillary Posterior Intrusion Using Absolute Anchorage Vs. Surgical Correction11/15/2010Cassandra Zirbel, DDS
Implant Restorations For Congenitally Missing Second Premolars In The Growing Patient11/12/2010Jaime Rivera, DDS
Meta-Analysis of the Treatment-Related Factors of External Apical Root Resorption11/11/2010Josh Lee
Implants Should Not Be Placed In Children Or Adolescents Until Jaw Growth Has Ceased09/21/2010Caroline Corrigan
Surgical Versus Non-Surgical (Skeletal Anchorage) Treatment of Adult Anterior Open Bite09/20/2010Kimberly Tong
Mouthrinses with Chemotherapeutic Agents are Effective Treatments For Halitosis09/16/2010Nicole Nakashima
Hematopoietic Disruption Due to Chronic Nitrous Oxide Exposure05/14/2010Matthew Popp
Short and Long Implants05/12/2010Shelly Verma
Chlorine Containing Water Line Disinfectants/Cleaners Used in Dental Offices Release Mercury05/12/2010Tom A. Samuel
Dental Fluorosis In The Primary Dentition Associated with Flouride Exposure05/12/2010Brian Hill
Home Tooth Whitening May Cause Short Term Tooth Sensitivity05/11/2010Brooke Kennedy
Biofeedback, Acupuncture And Possibly Massage Are Beneficial For TMD 05/10/2010James Payne
School-Based Sealant Programs And Caries Incidence 05/10/2010James Fischer
Occlusal Splints Are A Suitable Treatment Option For Patients With A Mild Form Of Sleep Apnea05/06/2010Travis Whitson
Do Endosseous Implants Have Success in Patients With Type II Diabetes Mellitus?05/05/2010Kris Koelker
Accelerated Orthodontic Tooth Movement in Young Patients05/03/2010Dennis Tran
Acupuncture Therapy is Comparable to Splint Therapy for Short Term Results for Temporomandibular Disorder05/03/2010Xiaoxu Zhu
Occlusal Splints And The Effects On TMD05/03/2010Francisco Rubio
Prenatal Fluoride Supplements Do Not Prevent Dental Caries In Offspring05/03/2010Juli Royston
Benzyl Alcohol more Effective Alternative Anesthetic Compared with Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride05/03/2010Wilmer Paul Orjuela
Amalgam and Resin Composite Fillings Show Equal Failure Rates in Small Posterior Restorations while Amalgam Shows Better Survival than Composite if used for large posterior restorations.04/30/2010Lourdes Willhite
Listerine is Effective in Treating Recurrent Aphthous Lesions04/30/2010Corey Jones
Combating Xerostomia04/15/2010Sarah Raymond
Similar Longevity of Bonded Amalgam Restorations and Conventionally Retained Amalgam Restorations over 2 Years04/14/2010Ryan Robbins
Dental Extractions And Anti-Thrombotic Drug Therapy Management04/14/2010Lacie Dennis
Tobacco Smoking Negatively Affects Implant Survival 04/14/2010Ryan Allison
Conventional loading dental implants have a higher success rate than immediate loading implants04/14/2010Sarah Norman
Use of Immediate or conventional loading of implants for implant retained overdentures produces Similar Clinical Results04/14/2010Richard Shuman
Anxiety Management In Endodontic Patients04/12/2010Kara Page
Effect Of Control Of Periodontal Disease On Uncontrolled Type II Diabetics 04/12/2010Allison Furini
No Reliable Evidence To Show Improved Longevity Of Direct Composites vs. Porcelain Veneers04/12/2010Lauren Edwards
The Efficacy Of Low-Level Laser Therapy In Treating Periodontitis04/08/2010Shaheen Popatia
No Effect of Malocclusion on temporomandibular disorders04/08/2010Blake Hoedebecke
A Greater Incidence Of Post Local Anesthesia Soft Tissue Trauma Occurs In Children Less Than 4 Years Of Age Compared To Other Children04/08/2010Analisa Villegas
Mothers Who Chew Xylitol Sweetened Gum Help Reduce Dental Caries In Their Children04/08/2010Lyna Vuu
Antibacterial Effectiveness of Intracanal Medicaments04/08/2010Tiffany Simon
Similar Success of Bonded Amalgam vs. Pin-Retained Restorations for Complex Amalgams Restorations04/07/2010Mohammad Arsalan Khan
Alveolar Implants Used For Canine Retraction 04/07/2010Cami Martin
Optimal Post-Bleaching Time Before Placement of Composite Resin Restorations04/07/2010Perry Bushong
The Clinical Results Of Indirect Pulp Capping On Cariously Exposed Pulp04/05/2010Nina Dinh
Similar Survival Rates Of Bonded Amalgam And Non-bonded Amalgam Restorations04/05/2010Yen Hong Lai
Post Material Affects Stress Distribution, Thus Resistance To Fracture In Endodontically Restored Anterior Teeth 04/02/2010Aissa Longoria
Dental Amalgam Has A Lower Failure Rate In Restoring Dental Caries Compare To Composite04/02/2010Hoda Ghanizadeh
Using Mouth Guards To Reduce The Incidence And Severity Of Sports-Related Oral Injuries04/02/2010William Shipley
Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Restorations Placed in Non-Carious Cervical Lesions Have Similar if Not Better Retention Rates Than Resin Composites04/02/2010Jarred Price
Working Die Made From Metal Dual-Arch Tray and Plastic Dual Arch Tray04/02/2010Nasim Salim
Longevity of Dental Amalgam and Resin Composite is Comparable04/02/2010Erica Williams
Incomplete Removal Of Dental Caries Results In Reduced Pulpal Damage With No Effect On Caries Progression04/02/2010Andy Tran
Periodontal Therapy Effective in The Treatment of Cyclosporin A-Related Gingival Hyperplasia04/02/2010Mary E. Kuruvilla
Home Use Of A Dental Water Jet For Treatment Of Gingivitis04/01/2010Ricardo Lucio
Similar Longevity Of Gold Inlays Compared To CAD/CAM Ceramic Inlays04/01/2010Shannon Dobelbower
Hard Versus Soft Occlusal Splints04/01/2010Karen Lin
Improved Bone Growth With Bone Morphogenetic Protein 204/01/2010Trent Tompkins
Tooth Bleaching: Safety and Efficacy Of In-Office Versus At-Home Treatment 04/01/2010Kimberly Tong
Preoperative Antibiotics To Prevent Infection In Diabetics: An Expert Opinion04/01/2010Carly Klassen
Pain In Subepithelial vs. Free Soft Tissue Grafts 04/01/2010Hanna Lindskog
Nd:YAG Laser Treatment for Dentin Hypersensitivity in Adults is Possibly More Effective Than Potassium Nitrate-Containing Toothpastes04/01/2010Nghi Tran
Botulinum Toxin reduces Nocturnal EMG and Symptoms in Patients with sleep Bruxism04/01/2010Christen Kartaltepe
Alleviation of Xerostomia Symptoms with the Use of Biotene Products 04/01/2010Vi Linh Hoang
Pit And Fissure Sealant Retention04/01/2010Mai Phuong Nguyen
Effects Of Pre-Heating Resin Composite On Adaptation And Adhesion To Teeth04/01/2010Todd Butler
Relaxation Training To Control Mild Fear Of Dental Treatment04/01/2010Thomas Stewart
Endothelin-1 Concentration is Related to Pain Threshold in a Cancer Pain Mouse Model04/01/2010Jennifer Adicks
The Effect Of A Total Etch Adhesive System Versus Calcium Hydroxide In Pulpal Protection Of Primary Molars04/01/2010Ryan Konkright
Dentist-Prescribed Overnight Bleaching is More Effective than Over-the-counter Methods for Vital Tooth Bleaching03/31/2010Alexandra M. Forney
The Effectiveness of Stannous Fluoride in Treating Dentinal Sensitivity03/31/2010Brandon Pitcher
Efficacy of acupuncture treatment in patient with xerostomia03/31/2010Chia-ling Hsu
It is Unclear Whether or Not Periodontal Therapy Will Affect the Outcome of Pregnancies03/31/2010Niraj Patel
Implants And Type II Diabetes03/31/2010Jason Lee
Beveling of Proximal Cavo-Surface Margins Reduces Microleakage03/31/2010Adrian Bernal
No Long Term Difference In Outcome Between Root Canal Therapies and Single-Tooth Implants03/31/2010Sung Kim
Periodontal Healing Impaired After Extraction of impacted Third Molars in Patients Older Than 25 Years03/31/2010Nicole Nakashima
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate: A Superior Alternative To Formocresol03/31/2010Adam Lankford
Self-ligating Brackets Lead To Less Plaque Accumulation Compared To Elastomeric Ring-Ligated Orthodontic Brackets03/31/2010Kat Shao
Resin Composite Build Up03/31/2010William Henderson
Remineralizing White Spot Lesions With Fluoride Alone Or Fluoride And Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate03/31/2010Christina Pena
Efficacy of Casein Phosphopeptide-Amorphous Calcium Phosphate(CPP-ACP)in Remineralizing Demineralized Tooth Structure03/31/2010Justin Bonner
Applying Adhesive Techniques Over Darkened Dentin Can Decrease Bond Strength03/30/2010My Hanh Bui
Stainless Steel Crowns vs Amalgam In Pediatric Patients03/30/2010Yusif Mohammad
Implant Supported Fixed Partial Dentures Have a Higher Success Rate Than Tooth Supported Fixed Partial Dentures03/30/2010Alejandro Martinez
Comparison Of Surgical Techniques In Treating Gingival Recession03/30/2010Sahegin Charolia
Direct versus indirect pulp capping in maintaining pulp vitality03/30/2010Chad Riggs
Ibuprofen Does Not inhibit orthodontic tooth movement Shown In Animal Studies03/30/2010J. Christian Francis
Weak Evidence for acyclovir use for primary herpetic gingivostomatitis03/30/2010Anil Gajraj
Treating Oral Candidiasis with oral antifungal agents03/29/2010Quyen Nguyen
Comparison of Endodontic Sealers With Or Without Bactericidal Effect03/29/2010Clayton Paul Windham
Prophylactic Removal of Impacted Third Molars03/29/2010Rebecca Davenport
Inconclusive Evidence on Causal Relationship Between Alcohol-Containing Mouthwash and Oropharyngeal Cancer03/29/2010Starr Morgan Mayen
Use Laser Fluorescence Only As An Adjunctive Aid In Diagnosing Noncavitated Carious Lesions03/29/2010Steven Mayen
The Effect of Mandibular Fixed Orthodontic Retainers on The Development of Dental Caries03/26/2010Maegan Elam
Extraction Socket Preservation Techniques Decrease Post-Operative Bone Loss03/26/2010Melissa Rooks
Wear Resistance of Filtek Supreme Versus Z10003/26/2010Amy Williams
Teeth Whitening: in-office or over the counter?03/26/2010Zynab Pearose
Resin-Based Composite Inlays Perform Marginally Better Than Porcelain Inlays03/26/2010Steven Hogan
Use Of Direct Composite Vs. Glass Ionomers On Gingival Margin03/26/2010Solmaz Shir
Weak Evidence Indicates That Anxious Patients Prefer A Male Dentist To A Female Dentist03/26/2010Laura Samuelsen
Fluoride Varnish Effective for Caries Prevention03/26/2010Rosie Tran
Opalustre More Effective For The Removal Of Enamel Fluorosis Stains Than PREMA03/26/2010Ana A. Salinas
Results of Immediate Implant Placement into Infected Extraction Sites03/25/2010Blake Johnston
Evidence supports that toothpaste with arginine, calcium carbonate and fluoride is effective at treating dentin hypersensitivity03/25/2010Aubrey Kendall Chitwood
No Evidence to Support Current Recommendation for Use of Radiographic Screening for Caries at Recall Visits03/25/2010Chris Patterson
No Significant Differences in Survival Among Immediate, Early or Conventional Implant Strategies02/23/2010David Earnest
Sealants protect permanent premolars and molars from carious lesions02/23/2010Tim Jennings
No Difference Between Soft, Hard, Or No Occlusal Splint After Arthrocentesis For TMD In Short-Term Outcome02/17/2010Elena Koshman
Open Versus Closed Surgical Exposure of Palatally Impacted Canines01/28/2010Jarod Oliver
DIAGNOdent Provides A More Sensitive, But Less Specific Diagnostic Method Than Visual Detection01/28/2010Weiqiang Loke, DDS
Bonding Of Orthodontic Brackets Can Be Affected By Certain Methods Of Tooth Bleaching01/28/2010Kelly McKenna, DDS
Oral Appliances are Effective for the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea01/28/2010Yves K. Smith, DDS
The use of chiropractic therapy in the treatment of cervical pain01/26/2010Tom Laster
The daily use of a fluoridated mouth rinse may reduce the demineralizing effects of xerostomia caused by age in geriatric patients’ teeth01/26/2010Michael Davis
Single-Tooth Implants Vs. Tooth-Supported Fixed Partial Dentures Cl01/20/2010Christen Kartaltepe
Stability of periodontal architecture created by crown lengthening surgery01/20/2010Christen Kartaltepe
The use of dental amalgam in a posterior dental restoration exhibits slight superiority in the overall success of the restoration when compared with resin bonded composites01/20/2010Christen Kartaltepe
Retention of large amalgam restorations with amalgam pins and Amalgambond01/14/2010Erin E. Williams
Treating TMD Can Relieve Non-Otologic Otalgia01/13/2010Bahman Norouzinia
Comparing The Application Method Of Different Peroxide-Containing Tooth Whitening Systems01/13/2010Amber Todora
Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Provides Clearer Identification Of The Mandibular Canal Than Digital Panoramic Imaging In Pre-Surgical Dental Implant Assessment01/13/2010Christen Kartaltepe
Digital Dental Impressions Effective In Producing Clinically Acceptable Crowns01/13/2010Christen Kartaltepe
Adjunctive use of minocycline with traditional non-surgical periodontal therapy in patients with chronic periodontitis produces increased attachment01/13/2010Christen Kartaltepe
Enamel Defects from using a dental probe to detect carious lesions01/13/2010Christine Manning
Rotation of Canines Should Not Be Attempted With Invisalign if more than 15° of Rotation is Needed01/13/2010R. Bryn Cooper
Ibuprofen Is Recommended For The (Short-Term) Pain Management Of The Orthodontic Patient 01/13/2010Jared D. Roberts
Pulpal health status of primary teeth capped indirectly with dentin bonding agents vs. CaOH01/12/2010Sameh Ahmed
Herbal mouthwash more effective than OTC mouthwash and may be as effective as chlorhexidine rinse01/08/2010R. Bryn Cooper
Use of total etch systems in resin composite treatments superior to self-etching Systems for bond strength01/08/2010Mohammed Moridnia
Effectiveness of the Miswak (Chewing stick) on plaque reduction and gingival health01/08/2010Mohammad Arsalan Khan
At Home Tooth Whitening Strips Are Most Likely As Effective As At-Home And In-Office Bleaching Treatments in Dental Patients01/07/2010David S. Harris
Electromyography Is Not Recommended For Diagnosis Of Temporomandibular Disorders01/07/2010Reagan A. Bonner
Effectiveness of Simplified Adhesive Systems01/07/2010Daniel C. Brawley
Pin-Retained and Bonded Amalgam Restorations Show Similar Clinical Failure Rates01/07/2010Seth Larson
Role of Phentolamine Mesylate in Reversal of Local Anesthesia for Adult Patients01/07/2010Mohammed Ahmed Subhani
Two-Visit Endodontic Treatment Versus One-Visit Endodontic Treatment For Necrotic Teeth With Periapical Periodontitis01/07/2010Nicholas Sager
Posterior Composite Restoration Longevity not Affected by Isolation Method01/07/2010Mason Konkle
Young Patients Showing Signs And Symptoms Of Bruxism Are More Likely To Demand TMD Treatment In Adulthood01/07/2010Steven Garlick
Improved Longevity of Large Amalgam Restorations in the Posterior teeth of Children Compared with Composite Restorations01/07/2010Emily Whittington
Treatment with acyclovir five times daily may reduce the duration of primary herpetic oral lesions 01/07/2010Christi Wengler
Use Of Emdogain In The Treatment Of Gingival Recession01/07/2010Ashley Jackson
Chlorhexidine Applications Improve Oral Health of Patients with Down Syndrome01/06/2010Sheridan Bunch
Fiber Posts Do Not Provide Greater Fracture Resistance for Endodontically Treated Molar Teeth Compared to No Post01/06/2010Jeff Shao
The Use of Powered Toothbrushes Versus Manual Toothbrushes for Gingivitis01/06/2010Yasamin Yazhari
Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) is a Good Alternative Wound Dressing Than Formocresol (FC) for Pulpotomies in Primary Teeth01/06/2010Rachel Foster
Oral Irrigation Is Effective When Used In Addition To Tooth Brushing As An Alternative To Flossing01/06/2010R. Bryn Cooper
Orthodontic Extrusion or Surgical Procedures Acceptable for Dental Implant Site Preparation01/06/2010Matthew Kolar
Smoking and Dental Implant Treatment01/04/2010Gregory R. Caldwell
Occlusal Splints and Sleep Bruxism12/22/2009J. Christian Francis
Orthodontic Appointment Intervals12/22/2009J. Christian Francis
Chlorhexidine Does not Reduce Caries Incidence In School-Based Programs Compared with Regular Fluoride Use and Oral Hygiene12/10/2009Robert B. Alexander
Pharmacological Dental Anxiety Management with Ketamine and Midazolam in Uncooperative Children12/08/2009Adepeju Aworinde
No Evidence To Support Or Refute Use of 6-Month Dental Check-Ups12/07/2009Laura T. Ouch
Soap and Water Vs Alcohol-Based Hand Hygiene Products12/07/2009Sara E. McLin
Open Gingival Embrasures Between Maxillary Central Incisors (Black Triangles), Following Orthodontic Treatment in Adults11/20/2009Vishnu Raj, DDS
Once Per Week Self-Monitoring Of Blood Glucose Is Sufficient To Maintain Glycemic Control11/19/2009Peter M. Pedalino, DDS
Pit and Fissure Sealants for Preventing Dental Decay in Permanent Teeth of Children and Adolescents11/19/2009Christopher Jones, DDS
Influence of Infection At The Time of Root Filling on The Outcome of Endodontic Treatment of Teeth with Apical Periodontitis11/11/2009Marc Pacheco, DDS
Improved Sensitivity of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography for Periapical Lesion Detection Compared with Periapical Radiography11/11/2009Patrick Miklos, DDS
Pulse Oximetry is More Reliable (but currently less practical) for Determining Pulp Vitality than Cold Testing11/11/2009Steven J. Schmoldt, DDS
Single-Visit and Multiple Visit Endodontics Provide Same Healing Rates in Healthy Patients11/11/2009Steven J. Schmoldt, DDS
Dental Implants in the Diabetic Patient11/11/2009Peter M. Pedalino, DDS, MS
In the Primary Care Setting, the Value of Adjunctive Aids for Oral Cancer Examinations Remains Unanswered11/11/2009Deana Cook, DDS, MS
Systemic Metronidazole Is An Effective Adjunct To S&RP In Generalized Aggressive Periodontitis Patients11/11/2009Deana Cook, DDS, MS
Efficacy Of Caries Detector Dye To Diagnosis Caries For Removal Of Dentinal Caries11/11/2009Sarra Cushen, DDS
Retention of Resin Based Sealants Compared With Glass Ionomer Sealants to Prevent Dental Caries In Children11/11/2009Sarra Cushen, DDS, MS
Immediate vs. Early vs. Conventional Implants11/11/2009Vinh D. Doan, DDS, MS
Dental Implants Safe For Immediate Loading When Used For Orthodontic Anchorage11/11/2009Ashley Smith, DMD
Digital Models Are As Accurate As Plaster Models Even For Space Analysis11/11/2009Kelly McKenna, DDS
Inconclusive Effectiveness Of Healozone In Managing Pit And Fissure Caries 11/11/2009Weiqiang Loke, DDS
The Continued Use of Dental Sealants for the Prevention of Dental Caries in the Permanent Teeth of Children and Adolescents11/04/2009Patrick Miklos, DDS